Doral Art & Sip: Music, Culture, Art and Cocktails 7/27/19

Doral Art & Sip: Music, Culture, Art and Cocktails
Saturday, 07/27/2019 – 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
CityPlace Doral
3450 NW 83RD Avenue,
Doral, Florida 33166
Cost: Free

CityPlace Doral continues new cultural series. In partnership with ReEnvision Art Gallery, CityPlace Doral announces the next installation of Doral Art & Sip, a monthly art and culture-infused event.

During the next lively event, on Saturday, July 27th, locals and visitors are invited to stroll through CityPlace Doral amidst art displays, live painting, music, and culture. In addition guests can see one of a kind vehicles with an Exotic Car Exhibit.

Featured Artist: David Banegas, Miriam Wimmer Stranberg, Alex Pineco, Alain Georges, Keyani Watkins, Ginartepunto and more!

Beats by the best DJ Mezmriz.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind is proud to present Workshop in Miami, FL 7/15/19

Healthy Body Healthy Mind is proud to present Workshop in Miami, FL
Monday, 07/15/2019 – 11:00 am – 05:00 pm
Miami, FL
600 Brickell Key Dr,
Miami, Florida 33131
Cost: Free

Healthy Body Healthy Mind.Com came into existence for the sole purpose of helping people find a healthy way to live their lives. Living a healthier life doesn’t just mean having a healthy or gym-sculpted body or lifting 200 pounds in the box or running 5 miles without going out of breath.

“It is not just your physical fitness but your mental well being as well that comprises your overall health.”-
It might seem like our nutrition or our exercise regime may not be the reason for our inner happiness but this is where we fail to understand the importance of good health.
Healthy Body Healthy Mind.Com strictly believes in and wants its readers to know that only a healthy body can house a healthy heart and mind. You know how our previous generations always used to say, “Health is wealth;” their appreciation for good health wasn’t in vain.
At Healthy Body Healthy Mind.Com we believe and encourage our readers to follow strict laws of health from the start. Parents are motivated to help their children cultivate these habits from a very young age.
Rising early is one of such habits. There is a reason why nights are dark and days are bright. Nights are meant for us to sleep and rest and days are for work. Our body too finds it natural to follow this one rule but the problem begins when we try to alter this behavior. You will witness all kinds of problems right from back pain to acidity to aching eyes and stiffness and lethargy when you try to alter your natural body clock. And with time these conditions worsen.
How can we forget regular exercise? We at Healthy Body Healthy Mind.Com always want our readers to be religiously dedicated to any kind of physical activity they enjoy the most. Participate in something that doesn’t just help you break a sweat but your mundane routine as well.
Try as much as you can to avoid alcoholic beverages and anything that intoxicates or makes you subdued in any way. Also practice staying away from junk and processed foods.
At Healthy Body Healthy Mind.Com we will always be by your side when you want to take your first steps to a better and healthier you.

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami 5/1/19, 5/2/19, 5/3/19, 5/4/19, 5/5/19, 5/6/19, 5/7/19, 5/8/19, 5/9/19, 5/10/19

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami
Wednesday, 05/01/2019 – 05/10/2019 08:00 am – 10:00 pm
CIC Miami
1951 NW 7th Ave #600,
Miami, Florida 33136
Cost: Free

10 Days of Connection is a community-led initiative to promote kindness and inclusion in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. From May 1-10, participants are invited to attend connection experiences hosted by more than 100 local organizations, and are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone to forge new connections across lines of difference.

In recent years, people have become increasingly divided across lines of difference. Incidents of hate have increased, and tolerance for differing ideas has decreased. For ten days each year, we challenge the entire community to break down silos and engage in acts of connection, to build empathy, to increase understanding, and to refocus on our shared humanity.

Join in! Our community will be stronger when we all commit to focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us. A full calendar of events is available at

Join the conversation by following @ConnectMiami on Facebook, @10dofc on Twitter and Instagram, and by using the hashtag #10DaysOfConnection to share your experience. Learn more at.

For more information visit,

For additional information and/or questions contact:
Joan Marie Godoy
(786) 327-3634

Unity+Inclusion Summit 3/7/19

Unity+Inclusion Summit
Thursday, 03/07/2019 – 12:00 pm – 07:00 pm
500 Startups Miami
111 NE 1st Street,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: $20-$50

Unity + Inclusion Summit (Miami, Florida)
Join 500 Startups on March 7th at our one-day event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and the tech community to talk about the current state and future of diversity & inclusion (across disabilities, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and lifestyle) in tech.

Through keynotes, panels, and workshops, we’ll address topics including access to capital, building diverse teams and workplaces, growth marketing, and the 500 Startups Seed Program. The day will include keynotes, panel discussions, lunch, snacks, and post-event reception. Plus, a chance to enjoy 1:1 office hours with sponsoring organizations. Sign-up details coming soon!

Registration: 12:00 PM—1:00 PM

Program: 1:00 PM—5:30 PM

Reception: 5:30 PM—7:00 PM

Laura Gonzalez, CEO, The Venture City
Gabriela Sabate, CEO, Health Semantics
Laura Maydon. Executive Director, Endeavor Miami
Kim Stone, EVP Sales & Business Dev., Miami Heat
James Jones, Co-founder, Court Buddy
Eileen Higgins, Commissioner, Miami-Dade County
Brandon Andrews, Shark Tank
Nico Berardi, Board Member, Miami Angels
Ana Paula González, Head of Miami, 500 Startups
Silvina Moschini, Co-Founder and President, TransparentBusiness
Jackie Baumgarten, Co-founder, Boatsetter
Sanket Parekh, Managing Partner, Secocha Ventures
Satish Movva, Founder & CEO, CarePredict
Mark Kingdon, Founder, Quixotic Ventures
Rebekah Monson, Founder, WhereBy.Us
Tiffany Apczynski, VP of Public Policy, Zendesk
Todd Lienart, Director of Social Impact, Zendesk
Conrad Egusa, CEO, Publicize
Morgan Cooper, Director, Breezy HR
Rebecca Danta, Managing Director, Miami Angels
Felix Rodriguez, CEO, Back

+More TBA!

The FilmGate Interactive Media Festival 11/30/18 – 12/6/18

The FilmGate Interactive Media Festival
November 30 – December 6, 2018
Silverspot Cinema
300 Southeast 3rd Street, #100
Miami, FL 33131
Tickets: $10 – $200
Register on Eventbrite

The FilmGate Interactive Media Festival brings fans, creators, investors, and reporters to Downtown Miami to the benefit of the interactive media industry and our local creative community. The sixth edition of the FilmGate Interactive Media Festival will take place in Downtown Miami during Art Basel Week 2018, November 30 – December 6. Connect with innovators in journalism, filmmaking, virtual and augmented reality, games and interactive art. Join talks with The Washington Post, Magic Leap, Vice, Vox Media, and more. Explore a sensory playground of 59 VR & AR experiences including the groundbreaking “Spheres,” produced by Darren Aronofsky.

Other festival locations:
Mana Contemporary
Downtown Media Center

#JaguarElectrifies Experience 11/8/18

JaguarElectrifies Experience
Sunday, 11/08/2018 – 11/11/2018 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Mana Wynwood
318 NW 23rd Street,
Miami, Florida 33127
Cost: Free

JOIN US FOR the #JaguarElectrifies Experience and you’ll be among the very first to drive the New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE SUV. This four-day event is jam-packed with custom interactive experiences:

Take a street drive in your choice of the newest Jaguar models, including the electric Jaguar I-PACE, as well as the Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE.

Experience the performance of an electric vehicle in the Jaguar I-PACE on a SmartCone closed course that offers a million possible routes in one drive.

Enjoy an interactive, futuristic exhibit curated by WIRED

Create the ultimate selfie in the Electric Lounge utilizing an ultra-high-speed camera

Invite your friends and family to join you for this unforgettable experience

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. Event details below.

Miami Blockchain Golf Classic 12/5/18

Miami Blockchain Golf Classic
Wednesday, 12/05/2018 – 09:00 am – 09:00 pm
International Links Miami – Melreese Country Club
1802 NW 37th Ave,
MIAMI, Florida 33125
RSVP / Register
Cost: $299

Miami Blockchain Golf Classic.
produced by CEO Golf Club

About Blockchain Events Company: We curate events to enhance the knowledge of Blockchain as a technology and to engage investors to look at this new technology and participate in the growth. Our boutique events bring over 150 people with panels and fire chat sessions. The format is non-aggressive and attendee participation is a must which removes the fear about investing in this sector.

About BLOCKCHAIN GOLF CLASSIC: This event was designed to engage blockchain companies with investors on the golf course to start a dialogue. This is a great way to interact with each other and do business in a fun atmosphere.

Expected attendees: Over 100 investors Blockchain companies: 50-60 CEO’s

Event Details: Participants will get be greeted for a lunch session, dinner, cocktails and lots of prizes.

Special Tickets: If you want to be matched with investors on the golf course let us know. We have six (6) company presentations. Please contact us if you want to be a presenting company.

If you are interested in any other type of sponsorships, please call me at 516.205.4757 if you are interested in any of these opportunities.

You can email me directly at

Media Partners: Blockchain Americas Summit | Wall Street Research | ICO Rating | ICO Holder | IDACB | Battle of the Cryptos | Etheralabs | CryptoIQ | Downtown Miami-Brickell Chamber of Commerce

Elite Media Coaching Workshops- College & Adult Class 9/15/18

Elite Media Coaching Workshops- College & Adult Class
Saturday, 09/15/2018 – 10:00 am – 02:00 pm
Studio 4028
4028 NE 6th Ave. Suite B,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Cost: $250

Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a broadcast host or the next great video blogger? Elite Media Coaching, South Florida’s premier media master class, will be teaching four workshops for aspiring hosts of all ages in September and December 2018 at Studio 4028 in Fort Lauderdale. During the four-hour workshops, Dave Aizer, one of South Florida’s most recognizable personalities with over 20 years of experience, will teach aspiring broadcast hosts and video bloggers the ins and outs of broadcast media.

Students will get hands-on training on how to improve their camera presentation by learning how to have poise and confidence in front of the camera, find their voice, work with a co-host, read a teleprompter and more. Additionally, students will be provided with their own demo reel at the end of the workshop.

Aizer is an award-winning television host, producer, writer and public speaker who has hosted for the CW, Nickelodeon, CBS and Spike TV. Aizer is currently a host, head writer and executive producer for WSFL-TV CW. He will use his extensive experience in the business to help students become more comfortable in front on the camera, as a public speaker and as an effective communicator.

Classes are $250 per person.

For more information and to book your spot in one of the workshops, please visit

Elite Media Coaching Workshops- Middle & High School Class 9/16/18

Elite Media Coaching Workshops- Middle & High School Class
Sunday, 09/16/2018 – 10:00 am – 02:00 pm
Studio 4028
4028 NE 6th Ave. Suite B,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Cost: $250

Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a broadcast host or the next great video blogger? Elite Media Coaching, South Florida’s premier media master class, will be teaching four workshops for aspiring hosts of all ages in September and December 2018 at Studio 4028 in Fort Lauderdale. During the four-hour workshops, Dave Aizer, one of South Florida’s most recognizable personalities with over 20 years of experience, will teach aspiring broadcast hosts and video bloggers the ins and outs of broadcast media.

Students will get hands-on training on how to improve their camera presentation by learning how to have poise and confidence in front of the camera, find their voice, work with a co-host, read a teleprompter and more. Additionally, students will be provided with their own demo reel at the end of the workshop.

Aizer is an award-winning television host, producer, writer and public speaker who has hosted for the CW, Nickelodeon, CBS and Spike TV. Aizer is currently a host, head writer and executive producer for WSFL-TV CW. He will use his extensive experience in the business to help students become more comfortable in front on the camera, as a public speaker and as an effective communicator.

Classes are $250 per person.

For more information and to book your spot in one of the workshops, please visit

Bark in the Park 6/9/18

Bark in the Park
Saturday, 06/09/2018 – 11:00 am – 04:00 pm
Margaret Pace Park
1745 N Bay Shore Drive,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

Join Home61 with your furry family for a day of real estate knowledge & fun activities.

Home61 will be hosting Bark at the Park at the beautiful waterfront Margaret Pace Park located at 1745 N Bay Shore Dr from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, June 9th.

Home61 will be answering your questions regarding home value, equity, how to sell your home, when it’s time to move, and so much more. Talk to our experts about your home and the current real estate market.

For the furry members of your family, there will doggy obstacle courses, sports, and doggy treats. The park also has a large field for soccer, basketball courts, and sand volleyball courts.

Teach your dog some new tricks and spend the day with dog lovers at the park!

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami 5/1/18 – 5/10/18

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami
Tuesday, 05/01/2018 – 05/10/2018 08:00 am – 10:00 pm
Various locations throughout South Florida
1951 NW 7th Ave #600,
Miami, Florida 33136
Cost: Free

10 Days of Connection is a community-led initiative to promote kindness and inclusion in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. From May 1-10, participants are invited to attend connection experiences hosted by more than 130 local organizations, and are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone to forge new connections across lines of difference. A full calendar of events is available at

Join the conversation by following @ConnectMiami305 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and by using the hashtag #10DaysOfConnection to share your experience. Learn more at

For any additional questions please contact:
Joan Marie Godoy
(786) 327-3634

Miami Jets Turbine Power 9/22/18

Miami Jets Turbine Power
Saturday, 09/22/2018 – 09/23/2018 09:00 am – 06:00 am
13210 SW 132nd Ave, Ste 5,
Miami, Florida 33187
Cost: $5 donation

September 22nd and 23rd 2018
Aero Modelers of Perrine (AMPS) invites You, Family & Friends To our 2nd Annual “Miami Jets”.

———— Miami Jets————–
Miami, FL — The 2nd Annual Miami Jets is scheduled for August 22nd-23rd, 2018, at the AMPs Aero Club in the South Florida Area.
The remote control jet show features many pilots, an aerobatic jet show. Planes at this event include F-15, F-16, F-18 Super Hornet, BAE Hawk, and many planes to see, as well come see the 14-foot-long F-104 Star Fighter.
Sport Jet aerobatic show including high speed passes and 9G with the jets flying from 100-200mph, scales vary from 1/8 to 1/3 Scale, amazing replicas of the real Jet Fighters and all day fun of flying jets.
Food and drinks will be offered at the event a $5 Donation will be per car to help the club for future maintenance , Miami Jets flying starts from 9am till 7pm Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23rd.

20044 SW 168th St, Miami, FL 33187
GPS : 25°36’13.3″N 80°31’10.9″W
For More Info:
Marvin Alvarez CD#2372

Cryptoconomy Summit 3/28/18, 3/29/18

Cryptoconomy Summit
Wednesday, 03/28/2018 – 03/29/2018 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
Tampa Convention Center
333 S.Franklin Street, Tampa,
Tampa, Florida 33602

Cryptoconomy Summit brings industry thought leaders from around the world to you, all under one roof. With a sterling lineup of speakers, you get the chance to gain valuable insights from the very best in the world. Topics include Money, Trade Business, Cryptocurrency, Profitability, Market, Bit Banking, and more!

Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer 3/12/18

Global Summit on Oncology & Cancer
Monday, 03/12/2018 – 03/14/2018 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Holiday Inn Singapore
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium 317 Outram Road Zip-169075,
Singapore, Florida 169075

ConferenceSeries LLC invites everyone all through the world to the “Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer” scheduled on March 12-14, 2018 at Singapore which consolidates Keynote talks, Oral presentations, Poster sessions and Exhibitions.

Global Cancer is a gathering which provides an opportunity to meet and interact with oncologists, pathologists, haematologists, professors, researchers discussing on the cause of the tumor, its prevention, diagnosis, advanced methodologies and innovative techniques for the treatment of various malignancies. This International conference serves as a platform to explore the frontiers in oncology research on a worldwide scale and the focuses incorporate bosom disease, bone tumor, thyroid malignancy, gynaecologic oncology, haematology, cancer biomarkers, pharmacology of cancer and lot more.

31st Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration Conference: Mobilizing Neurons to Rehabilitate 8/13/18

31st Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration Conference: Mobilizing Neurons to Rehabilitate
Monday, 08/13/2018 – 08/14/2018 09:00 am – 08:00 pm
JW Marriott Hotel Dubai Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Hamarain Centre Deira | PO Box 16590 | Dubai | UAE
JW Marriott Hotel Dubai, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Hamarain Centre, Deira | PO Box 16590 | Dubai | UAE,,
Dubai, Florida 16590

Neurology Meeting welcomes you at Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration Conference going to be held in Dubai, UAE during August 13-14, 2018 which unites brief keynote presentations, speaker talks, exhibitions, Symposiums, workshops. Neurogenetics 2018 is the Neurology meetings which will be most visited by all the eminent Neurologists, Neuro educators, fiery inspectors, postgraduates, affiliations, business meanders under a solitary rooftop. This Neurology conference will assist to framework organization, B2B teaming up amidst specialists and academicians. Neurology Conferences promotes awareness against risk factors and advancements about the Neuro care. This Neurology meeting lay a platform for postgraduate education and scientific work in the fields of Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurogenetics and Neurodegeneration research in Neurology and paediatric Neurology.

National Technology Day 1/6/18

National Technology Day
Saturday, 01/06/2018 – 12:00 am – 11:59 pm
123 HostGator Way,
Miami, Florida 33137
Cost: free

Celebrate National Technology Day with HostGator. Technology Day honors all of the achievements technology has given us throughout time. Now it’s time to make your own contribution to the world of technology with your own website!

Visual Artists Website Workshop 11/4/17

Visual Artists Website Workshop
Saturday, 11/04/2017 – 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm
Warehouse 4726
4726 SW 75 Avenue,
Miami, Florida 33155
Cost: $25

While you’re busy making work the big event, is your website ready for Art Basel and Miami Art Week? When someone asks to see your work, will you be ready?

This 2 hour workshop is designed for visual artists in Miami who are in need of a website that is affordable, easy to manage, and professional. Through this workshop, you can have a beautiful, customized website ready in time for December. Limited to just 5 people. Register today!

2017 South Florida Monster Jam® Triple Threat Series East 8/5/17

2017 South Florida Monster Jam® Triple Threat Series East
Saturday, 08/05/2017 – 08/06/2017 01:00 pm –
BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL
1 Panther Pkwy,
Sunrise, Florida 33323
Buy Tickets
Cost: $20

Tickets for Monster Jam®, the most adrenaline charged, action-packed motorsports experience delivering edge-of-your-seat excitement, are on-sale now for the BB&T Center. Tickets for Monster Jam Triple Threat Series East are affordably priced for the whole family with seats starting at $20 and are available at the BB&T Center box office, all Ticketmaster retail outlets, online at or by phone at 800-745-3000. MetroPCS and Your South Florida Chevy Dealers are proud local sponsors of the event.

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series East, will be performing at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Fla. on:
Saturday, Aug. 5 at 1 p.m. *Pit Party from 10:30 a.m. – noon
Saturday, Aug. 5 at 7 p.m.
Sunday, Aug. 6 at 1 p.m. *Pit Party from 10:30 a.m. – noon

The Monster Jam Triple Threat Series East takes the skills of Monster Jam competitors to a whole new level of athletic endurance with the survival of the fittest. This series can only be seen in select cities across the country and features the most versatile athletes of Monster Jam. Fans of all ages will enjoy witnessing each competitor drive three customized high-powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and the famous Monster Jam trucks to face off in battles of strength, ability and perseverance for the ultimate championship and a highly coveted bid at Monster Jam World Finals.

These premier athletes vying to be the Miami champion are: Grave Digger driven by Tyler Menninga, Max-D driven by Colton Eichelberger, Zombie driven by Bari Musawwir, Scooby-Doo driven by Myranda Cozad, El Toro Loco driven by Kayla Blood, EarthShaker driven by Tristan England, Blue Thunder driven by Matt Cody, and Monster Mutt Rottweiler driven by JR Seasock.

Monster Jam competitors are trained at Monster Jam University in mastering the skills needed to compete in the series. Approximately 12 feet high and about 12 feet wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that sit atop 66-inch-tall tires and weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, Monster Jam trucks generate 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Monster Jam trucks can fly up to 125 to 130 feet in distance and up to 35 feet in the air.

The Pit Party on August 5 and 6 from 10:30 a.m. to noon gives fans the opportunity to meet the Monster Jam athletes and get up close to the Monster Jam trucks. Pit Passes can be purchased for $10 at the box office or online at Ticketmaster.

For more information on a Monster Jam near you, please log onto or follow us via our social channels below:


One Comm 7/19/17

One Comm
Wednesday, 07/19/2017 – 07:00 am – 11:30 am
Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail,
Miami, Florida 33132
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free

One Community One Goal Annual Report to the Community at Jungle Island
Keynote Speaker – John Padgett, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer – Carnival Corporation
Innovative Content and Exciting Announcements
Discover What’s Next for One Community One Goal
8:00 – 9:30 a.m. – Registration, Exhibit Hall and Networking
9:30 – 11:30 a.m. – Main Program
Complimentary Admission and Continental Breakfast
Self-Parking $7

Connect Miami 5/22/17 – 5/31/17

Connect Miami
Monday, 05/22/2017 – 05/31/2017 12:00 am – 12:00 pm
Miami-Dade County
Miami- Dade County,
Miami, Florida 33128
Cost: Free

Connect Miami is a community-led initiative to promote increased kindness, empathy, connection and inclusion in Miami-Dade. For 10 days, everyone across Miami-Dade is encouraged take the challenge to connect with others who are not like them, host or attend connection experiences, and join the conversation on social media using #ConnectMiami305.

From panels on criminal justice and meals with Syrian refugees to walking tours of historic neighborhoods and visits to Homestead’s farmlands, there are countless ways to get connected, meet new people, and share stories around town. A full calendar of event listings and participation resources are available on the Connect Miami website.

You can also join us virtually by following and engaging in conversation on social media using #ConnectMiami305. Follow Connect Miami on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @ConnectMiami305.

Founded by: The Children’s Trust, MCCJ, The Miami Foundation, Miami Herald and United Way of Miami-Dade. Produced by: Radical Partners

LaunchCode Immersive CodeCamp 5/2/17

LaunchCode Immersive CodeCamp
Monday, 05/02/2017 – 05/07/2017 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
D.A. Dorsey Technical College
7100 NW 17th Ave.,
Miami, Florida 33147

Cost: Free

LaunchCode is a local tech nonprofit that provides accessible coding education and training. We place aspiring computer developers into paid tech apprenticeships and jobs. Check out our latest FREE class, Immersive CodeCamp, a full-time 20-week South Florida class that takes a deep dive into the world of coding over three months.

You will learn universal programming concepts and best practices with Python; foundational elements and tools for full-stack web development; deep dive into Java development and build your portfolio project. You will also receive feedback and support after class to prep for our apprenticeship program.

Free classes will be held weekdays June 5-October 28, 9am-5pm at D.A. Dorsey Technical College, 7100 NW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33147. Reach out to Rakeem Thomas- – with questions.

Applications are now open until Monday, May 8! Apply @

BACCF 2017 Disruptive Technology Series – Carlos Pereira LIVOX 5/12/17

BACCF 2017 Disruptive Technology Series – Carlos Pereira LIVOX
Friday, 05/12/2017 – 12:00 pm – 02:00 pm
The Four Seasons Hotel
1435 Brickell Ave., 6th Floor,
Miami, Florida 33131
Cost: Members: $70.00 Future Members: 90.00

BACCF 2017
Disruptive Technology Series

featuring Carlos Pereira
founder of LIVOX, an Alternative Communication App

The app was created to help people who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Down Syndrome and other speech impediments and are thus unable to communicate verbally. (


Technology is moving so quickly, and in so many directions, that it becomes challenging to pay attention – we are constantly on the lookout for the “next big thing.” While not all innovations are disruptive, still driving economic growth, disruptive technologies challenge and transform not only business models and the global economy, but life itself.

Simply think of how smartphones largely replaced cell phones and PDAs and, because of the available apps, also disrupted: pocket cameras, MP3 players, calculators and GPS devices, among many others. For some mobile users, smartphones often replace laptops.

True market disruption happens when there is a confluence of multiple events, including seemingly unrelated technology advancements in adjacent industries, by emerging complementary aspects and market readiness for change. For example, artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to change the health of populations, from how individuals track symptoms and life expectancy, to the very nature of diagnostic, surgical, and hospital care, and the economics of health insurance.

Thus, any player, from any industry, can come in unexpectedly with a new business model, fueled by innovative technologies and ideas, and render everyone else obsolete. Therefore, companies need to operate in a state of hyper revolution with the inherent capacity and competency to evolve quickly. For companies and entrepreneurs, that means institutionalizing innovation. Empowering and appreciating employees for increased effectiveness. Having strategies to satisfy clients’ functional and emotional needs. Looking at all market players, even competitors, as potential partners in various levels of alliance. Looking at technology as an increasing enabler of effective change. Constantly looking at new ways of thinking and acting.

Experts suggest that disruptive technology trends to watch for in 2017 include artificial intelligence, automation of everything (cars, finance, etc.), internet of everything, virtual reality, 3D printing, biometrics and digital ID, big data, healthcare, mobile workforce, and space exploration.

The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF) will be at the forefront of disruptive technologies, by bringing experts to keep its members and the overall business community abreast of trends and innovative business practices.

Event Media:

Saltmates Launch + Sea Walls Mural Unveiling Party 2/11/17

Saltmates Launch + Sea Walls Mural Unveiling Party
Saturday, 02/11/2017 – 02/11/2017 04:00 pm – 09:00 pm
America Film Works
226 NE 29th St,
Miami, Florida 33137
Cost: Free

Saltmates is a South Florida startup and the first social platform focused on fostering the ocean lifestyle and its community while at the same time taking direct action on environmental issues. 10% of their future profits will go to ocean conservation efforts/non-profits.

For the launch of the app they have partnered with Pangeaseed Foundation, whose focus is to inspire and effect positive change surrounding global ocean environmental issues by harnessing the power of art, science, and creativity to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue. Four local artists (Tatiana Suarez, Evoca One, Nicole Salgar, Ernesto Maranje) have come on board to join this initiative and launch Saltmates on Feb. 11th from 4-9pm.

MatchUP Night II 2/8/17

MatchUP Night II
Wednesday, 02/08/2017 – 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
StartUP FIU – March Building 3rd Floor
11200 Southwest 8th Street,
Miami, Florida 33326
Cost: 0.00

Calling all mentors and entrepreneurs in the Miami community to join StartUP FIU on February 8th, for MatchUP Night II!
MatchUP Night II is a networking opportunity for our FIU and Miami community to meet the 19 innovative StartUPs that are a part of our second Cohort. Some of our Cohort teams are looking to MatchUP with mentors to guide them and/or entrepreneurial individuals to add to their teams.
6:00 PM – Networking
6:45 PM – Opening remarks
7:15 PM – Teams introduction
9:00 PM – Event Conclusion
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is StartUP FIU?
StartUP FIU is an initiative developing innovation and entrepreneurship to fully leverage the Fourth Industrial Revolution for FIU and the Miami community.
Who should attend?
All events are free and open to students, faculty/staff, alumni, and community members who are interested in learning about startups and entrepreneurship. It is also an excellent opportunity for early-stage startups to familiarize themselves with StartUP FIU.
MARC Building 3rd Floor

Coding Workshop for Creatives with Ironhack and CodeArt 2/15/17

Coding Workshop for Creatives with Ironhack and CodeArt
Wednesday, 02/15/2017 – 06:30 pm – 08:30 pm
120 SW 8th St,
Miami, Florida 33130
Buy Tickets
Cost: $10

Ironhack and CodeArt are partnering up to bring you this 2 hour workshop: learn basic programming while creating interactive, multimedia art! In this workshop, CodeArt will teach: an introduction to JavaScript and using the P5 library, how to create shapes and colors with code, and how to work with variables and sound libraries. This workshop is great for creatives looking to experiment with code as a new medium for expression, aspiring coders (it’s okay if you’ve never written a line of code!), and other web developers curious about JavaScript and the P5 library.
All proceeds will go to CodeArt’s scholarship for girls to study Animation Art or Game Development and Design at Miami Dade College.

Retro Future 1/28/17

Retro Future
Saturday, 01/28/2017 – 01/29/2017 08:00 pm – 02:00 am
Black Dot Agency
1085 E. 14th Street, Hialeah, FL,
Miami, Florida 33010
Cost: Free

Please join us as we continue our six-month long #HIALEAHNOW Series at the Retro Future Night presented by Jameson! It’s 2017 and we have self-driving cars, Facetime, Snapchat filters and SpaceX! We’re living in the post-space age and we’re about to go to Mars. Let’s celebrate the fantasy and excitement of the post-modern 1960s and pay homage to its vision of our future. This “Retro Future” indoor New Year’s party will be located in one of Leah Art’s District’s coolest new locations and will feature interactive CircX performers and Miami’s own time traveler straight from the Bermuda triangle, Otto Von Schirach. Filmgate Interactive will immerse you into a virtual world and Virtual Relief will create video mapping installations that will completely transform the space. We’re in the future… let’s celebrate!
Performance by Otto Von Schirach

Saturday, January 28 // 8 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Black Dot Agency
1085 E. 14th Street, Hialeah, FL
Open to the public | RSVP required

About The Leah Arts District
Hialeah’s Southeastern industrial corridor rose to prominence during the 1980s as one of the largest and busiest areas of production and manufacturing in Florida. As a result of modernization combined with the effects of outsourcing, the uses that were once prevalent in the area dissipated and this particular area was all but abandoned.
Since that time, a medley of different uses has been incorporated into the area including a heavy presence of some of Miami-Dade County’s most prolific thrift stores.

These thrift stores have been instrumental in introducing Hialeah to an entire generation of antique lovers and artists. The Hialeah Artist Live/Work Overlay District, also known as The Leah Arts District, enjoys a strategic proximity to the newly proposed Hialeah Market Station development project, Miami’s artistic hubs, and other destination areas within Miami-Dade County. Because of it’s location and highly affordable price per square footage, Hialeah’s new Artist Live / Work District is in a position to play a vital and important role in the artistic and cultural development of not only Hialeah, but the entire South Florida community.

Media Contact:
JLPR | JennyLee Molina
(786) 975-9596

Zero Gravity Skin Launches The Newest Innovative Beauty App 1/22/17

Zero Gravity Skin Launches The Newest Innovative Beauty App
Monday, 01/02/2017 – 01/02/2017 12:00 am – 11:00 pm
Lincoln Rd
420 Lincoln Rd,
Miami, Florida 33139
Cost: Free

Zero Gravity Skin, a leader in the aesthetic devices market, was founded with the purpose of developing and delivering the safest and most effective anti-aging facial products for worldwide consumers. Just in time for the New Year, the revolutionary brand has launched the newest innovative beauty app. The Zero Gravity App is available for free download on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Once customers have purchased a Zero Gravity device, they are able to register their device quickly and easily through the app. The app also has a timer feature that makes at-home treatment simple by guiding users through the process. Arguably the best part? Users can photograph themselves to keep track of their progress. Download the free app to enjoy the full Zero Gravity experience

Life Is Art presents pARTicipate at Red Dot Miami 11/30/16 – 12/4/16

Life Is Art presents pARTicipate at Red Dot Miami
participate-copyVIP Opening Party:
Wednesday, November 30 | 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Regular Public Hours:
Thursday, December 1 | 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Friday, December 2 | 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday, December 3 | 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Sunday, December 4 | 12:00PM – 5:00PM
Red Dot Miami Tent
1700 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132
Tickets and Fair Info at
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Life Is Art in collaboration with Virtual Relief and Miami International University of Art and Design
invite you to pARTicipate at Red Dot supported by CARON Paris and Paris Perfumes.

Be part of an immersive art experience with this melding of virtual-reality, visual art, music, film and fashion created in partnership with Virtual Relief. Become part of the work or create your own. Featuring work created by local students of Miami International University of Art and Design in collaboration with CARON Paris and Paris Perfumes, this interactive exhibition includes a panoply of artistic activities.

In this exhibition, patrons are able to actually interact with and become part of the art as well as create their own work through Virtual Reality technology. A true blending of Art and Technology.

A Competition for Aircraft Mechanics 11/30/16

A Competition for Aircraft Mechanics
Wednesday, 11/30/2016 – 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
AST_logo_square_colour-updated-10-16Doubletree International Airport
. 711 NW 77nd Ave,
Miami, Florida 33126
Cost: 0.00

A Competition for Aircraft Technicians

This specific tournament is designed for “structures” technicians, apprentices and journey-persons. The format offers an opportunity to demonstrate skills individually, as a team and against one another fabricating aircraft parts in a competition format.

The purpose of this event is to bring to light a possible career choice and build comradery within the industry.
We want to encourage trades people and colleges students to register and for the community to come on out and experience this unique live event

Treasure Island Art Meets Technology Fair 11/5/16

Treasure Island Art Meets Technology Fair
Saturday, 11/05/2016 – 12:00 pm – 03:00 pm
NBV-2016-New-FlyerTreasure Island Elementary School
7540 East Treasure Drive,
North Bay Village, Florida 33141
Cost: Free

Inspired by Miami’s forthcoming Art Basel festivities, Treasure Island Commissioner Andreana Jackson is pleased to present this free community event designed for local students enrolled in grades 2 through 12. The Fair aims to inspire children to explore a new, undiscovered interest in the arts, technology, and modern culture. Students will meet visual artists, industrial designers, app developers, and representatives from local tech companies who will showcase and demonstrate what they do best. There will be interactive workshops for children and their parents to have hands-on experiences, and food trucks will be on site for hungry learners!

Breakfast with the Arts & Technology 10/21/16

Breakfast with the Arts & Technology
artsandtechFriday, 10/21/2016 – 08:30 am – 12:00 pm
Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus
300 NE 2 Ave.,
Miami, Florida 33132
RSVP / Register
Cost: $40


Join us for a morning exploring the ways in which the arts and tech industries can work together to build a connected creative ecosystem.

A Conversation with Eldredge Bermingham (FROST SCIENCE CSO), Howard Herring (New World Symphony CEO) and Juan “JC” Acosta (VIACOM International EVP and COO) on Arts & Technology and trending Immersive Technologies.

Followed by a keynote address by Aaron Parry, EVP & Chief Creative Officer at DELUXE 3D LLC then exhibit and networking at MAGIC.

Faces Of Innovation Presents Innovation In Healthcare 10/20/16

Faces Of Innovation Presents Innovation In Healthcare
Thursday, 10/20/2016 – 10/20/2016 07:30 pm – 10:00 pm
deckThe Deck at Island Gardens
888 MacArthur Causeway,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Invite Only

An exclusive invite only experience and elite speaker presentation that allows VIP consumers, investors and industry professionals the opportunity to interact with key executives via short TED Talk style addresses. Influencers and top executives will convene to discuss breakthroughs in technology and honor Founder and CEO of
MDLIVE, Randy Parker. The event will include a number of experiential activations that immerses guests in new technology.

Wild about Photography at Jungle Island 8/13/16, 8/14/16, 8/20/16, 8/21/16, 8/27/16

Wild about Photography at Jungle Island
Saturday, 08/13/2016 – 08/27/2016 10:00 am –
Australian-red-kangaroo-Credit-Jungle-IslandJungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail,
Miami, Florida 33132
No Link
Cost: $95/person/class

In partnership with Miami Photo Center, Jungle Island offers a series of hands-on four-hour photography workshops, covering a broad range of subjects including the basics of digital photography, lessons and techniques when using flash, composition and digital sequencing, iphone photography, as well as creating photo books with Lightroom. Each participant gets the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills amidst the lush scenery at Jungle Island, where over 450 animals reside including some of the world’s rarest critters like the cuddly lemurs, Australian red kangaroos, giant Aldabra tortoises and many more. $95 per person, per class. Starts at 10 a.m. on August 13, 14, 20, 21, 27. To enroll, visit

Jungle Island is located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132. 305-400-7000

III Points Festival 2016 10/7/16 – 10/9/16

III Points Festival 2016
Friday, October 7th through Sunday, October 9.
iiipoints_nationalposter_facebookMana Wynwood
GA Single-Day Passes priced at $70
GA Three-Day Passes at $155
Single-Day Foresight passes at $135
Three-Day Foresight Passes at $245
Ticket upgrades from General Admission to Foresight can be arranged by emailing

III Points presents its most impressive production yet, with a bigger than ever festival and staggering lineup, complete with a diverse roster of musical acts, visual artists, and technology innovators. Miami will witness a rare performance by Grammy-nominated LCD Soundsystem, marking the band’s only Florida show and most intimate festival appearance of the year. Additional Florida exclusives include headliners M83, Dixon, Method Man & Redman, and Thievery Corporation. III Points prides itself on providing a platform for an impressive roster of acts such as DIIV, Flight Facilities, Panther Du Prince (LIVE SHOW), Ta-ku(LIVE), Jacques greene (live), Little Simz, Museum of Love and Dawn of Midi, all making their debut in the Magic City.

Due to popular demand, III Points recently announced the Foresight Pass, a ticket upgrade available to fans seeking an enhanced festival experience. These passes grant access to two Foresight lounges, complete with craft cocktail bars, seating, air-conditioned private restrooms, charging stations, complimentary beer, water & Red Bull, along with a dedicated entrance, for easy access into festival grounds. Always committed to those who invest in the future of the constantly-evolving festival, III Points is giving back to its loyal fans who purchased Prophet Pass pre-sale tickets by automatically upgrading their tickets to Foresight passes, making it the only festival to give away Free VIP tickets to pre-sale purchasers.

LCD Soundsystem; M83; Thievery Corporation; Dixon; Flying Lotus (DJ); Method Man & Redman; DIIV; Black Coffee; Flight Facilities; Ta-Ku (live); Maya Jane Coles; Earl Sweatshirt; DJ Koze; Dusky; Kink (live); Oneohtrix Point Never; DJ Tennis; Thee Oh Sees; Ben UFO; Junior Boys; Andy Scott; Danny Daze; Pantha Du Prince; Roy Wood$; Sophie (live); Denzel Curry; Jacques Greene (live); Little Simz; Satori; Chrome Sparks (live); Lapalux; Jessy Lanza; Leon Vynehall; Esta; Fatima Yamaha (live); Amtrac; Behrouz; Museum of Love; Dawn of Midi; Joe Kay; Craze; Helado Negro; Pouya; The Whooligan; Jacuzzi Boys; Viken Arman; Steven A. Clark; Arthur Baker; Psychic Mirrors; Brika; POORGRRRL; Otto Von Schirach; Lazaro Casanova; Jesse Perez; Uchi; Julio Victoria; Will Buck; Mr. Brown; DZA; Telescope Thieves; Plastic Pinks; Austin Paul; Deaf Poets; Durante; Holly Hunt; Nick Leon; Patrick M; Santiago Caballero; Rat Bastard; Jeremy Ismael; Bedside; Niko Javan; Virgo; Le Spam; Terence Tabeau; Grey 8s; Dude Skywalker; Killmama; Diego Andres; Sunghosts; Pirate Stereo; Aramís Lorié; Will Renuart; Twelve’len; Dim Past; Lowcut; Problem Kids; Beach Day; Byrdipop; Sndngchllz; Sean Drake; Wastelands; Lolo; Indigochildrick; Kazoots; T W Y N; Pazmal; Ennio Skoto; Jun Ill; JBZ; Vi; Kumi; Ltenght; Lemurian; Phaxas; Aaron Lebos Reality; Blkkmorris; Millionyoung; Poshstronaut; Nuri; Viniloversus; Kodiak Fur; Jport; Parrot Jungle 95; Tony Disco; John Hancock III; Fudakochi; Laura of Miami; DSAN; Baez; NSR; Nii Tei; True Vine; Oxynalia; Oly; Cog Nomen
Vince Staples, Bedouin, David Marston, Bad Wave, Ronny J, Benton, Gooddroid, Tremends, Copan, Deroboter, Mikey Ramirez, Lautlos, Michelle Leshem, Lofty305 & Ruben Slikk (Metro Zu), Mo’Booty, Twelve Tales, Komakozie, Jean Jacket, Artime, DJ YNOT, Sean Bang, Maure, DJ Heron, Modernage, SIRE, Illsnafu, Eveava, Venus Amor, Nala//Nusi, Puma & Harry, Topher B2B S3x Ed and Kunal. Artists previously announced include LCD Soundsystem, M83, Thievery Corporation, Method Man and Redman, Flying Lotus (DJ set), Dixon, Machinedrum, plus more. (for hip hop sites previously announced will say: Flying Lotus (DJ), Method Man & Redman, Earl Sweatshirt, Denzel Curry, Little Simz, Craze and DZA.)

Publish in 24 hours or less at Microsoft! 7/30/16

Publish in 24 hours or less at Microsoft!
Saturday, 07/30/2016 – 03:00 pm – 05:00 pm
miamiMicrosoft Aventura Mall
19575 Biscayne Blvd,
Miami, Florida 33180
Buy Tickets
Cost: $197

Publishing a book on Amazon has never been so easy! Turn your “Book Idea” into a business and impact lives! Publish your book (s) in 24 hours or less! Get your business discovered NOW to customers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Japan, Mexico, and more… Earn up to 70% royalty, keep control of your work, while getting the results you want for your business and life!
Best-Selling Author and Business Owner Desiree Lee, from Atlanta, GA; finds great pleasure in serving others and sharing enormous amounts of insight on self-publishing secrets. During (2) two live sessions, Ms. Lee will conduct an instructional self-publishing session via Online & In-Store, in the areas of print, digital (eBook), book signings, book reviews & more!
This is the opportunity to become a leading authority in your industry and inspire lives across the world! With your book idea, whatever it may be, should be turned into something that can help other people, and in turn create additional income. The time to publish is NOW!
We greatly appreciate the generosity of the Microsoft Office Stores nationwide, to provide a space that will assist us with making dreams come true for as many people as possible.

Making Your Idea into a Prototype 4/27/16

Making Your Idea into a Prototype
Wednesday, 04/27/2016 – 05:30 pm – 08:30 pm
111 NE 1st Street, 7th Floor,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: $11.54

The light bulb above your head is glowing so bright that it’s threatening to blind everyone around you. But what should you do with your great product ideas? Learn how to take your idea and turn them into a prototype…and then perhaps into a marketable product! Our panel will provide a unique perspective on what it takes to get it done. Learn from two leaders in the prototyping industry about what you need to have developed before you turn to them. Hear from an entrepreneur who has walked all of the steps and took his idea and turned it into a prototype which lead him to successfully getting his startup funded.

Event Schedule:

Networking- 5:30pm-6:30pm

Panel- 6:30pm-7:30pm

Follow-up Networking- 7:30pm-8:30pm

Be Brave Day by Brave Software 4/8/16

Be Brave Day by Brave Software
Friday, 04/08/2016 – 06:00 pm – 08:00 pm
Brave-Be-Brave-Miami-NeonThe Lab Miami
400 NW 26th Street,
Miami, Florida 33127
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free

From the Creator of Firefox, Mozilla and the Javascript Programming language comes Brave.

Join the many Brave Squads around the world for an Incredibly special Live Event called, “Be Brave” day. Brave Software and the Brave Squad, in Miami, presents, “BE Brave” day, which is being held in the Wynwood Arts District, in Miami FL, on April 8, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. Join us at THE LAB MIAMI, in Introducing the Web of The Future. Brave.

“Be Brave”.

A Brave new browser for a Brave new world.

It’s your device. It’s your time. So make it your Internet.


Spark Miami: Freelance Tax Workshop 3/2/16

Spark Miami: Freelance Tax Workshop
Wednesday, 03/02/2016 – 08:00 pm – 09:30 pm
350 S Miami Ave. Ste-A,
Miami, Florida 33130
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free

“While waiting in line for a coffee at Starbucks I handed the person behind me in line a business card. Can I claim the coffee?”

You’ll have to come to our “Freelance Tax Workshop” Spark event to find out!

Join your local 1099er community on Wednesday, March 2 for our second annual tax-focused get-together.

Whether you’ve already handed over your paperwork to a trusted accountant, or you’ve just gotten used to using accounting software, this Spark is for you!

At this in-person event, freelancers will workshop answers to important tax-related questions, like:

How can I proactively manage my business’s cash flow?

What are the tax changes in effect for the 2016 tax year?

Can I really deduct expenses like coffee, gas, and my home office space?

There will also be time to network, and get tips and tricks you hadn’t considered before.

Remember to take photos of the event and post them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #FreelanceSpark.

Connect With Your Fellow Spark-ers!

The 2nd Annual Black Tech Week 2/15/16 – 2/20/16

The 2nd Annual Black Tech Week
Monday, 02/15/2016 – 02/20/2016 08:30 am – 12:00 am
btw-general-promo-jan16Florida International University Biscayne Blvd
3000 NE 151st,
Miami, Florida 33181

The 2nd Annual Black Tech Week connects entrepreneurs with the people and tools they need to increase the number of startups that are founded by people of color and connect them with resources to scale,deliver solutions for stronger partnerships,training and expand the technology blueprint and access to VC funding in the black community. The week long series of events will be held during Black History Month February 15th-20th 2016 at various locations around Miami that provides an impactful programming centered on innovation,technology and creativity. Black Tech Week includes interactive workshops for idea exchange,the Power Moves Early Stage and Series A Startup Bootcamps, 3 day Technology and Startup conference,Women’s Innovation Brunch,Walker Legacy’s Women in Tech events,Pitch Competitions and VC Mentor sessions. Attendees can register on the website.

eMerge Americas 2016 4/15/16 – 4/19/16

eMerge Americas 2016
April 15-19, 2016
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139

eMerge Americas, a global event which serves as a platform for the advancement of technology, a forum for idea exchange and a launchpad for innovation connecting Latin America, North America and Europe, is ringing in the new year with a series of announcements ahead of the highly-anticipated Spring conference, which will take place April 18 and 19, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Entering its third year, eMerge Americas is working to meet and exceed expectations for 2016. The event will once again deliver on its distinct and comprehensive content, bringing together the world’s most disruptive thinkers across diverse industries under one roof. eMerge has revealed new world-class speakers confirmed to participate:
Steve Case, Chairman & CEO, Revolution LLC; Co-Founder, America Online; Chairman, The Case Foundation
Ralph de la Vega, President & CEO, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions
Bibop Gresta, COO & Deputy Chairman of Hyperloop
Minister Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Netherlands
Carlos Gimenez, Mayor, Miami-Dade County
Diego Meiriño General Director of Carvajal Soluciones Educativas-Editorial Norma
Marc Kushner, Co-Founder of Architizer, HAWKN
Antonio Caparrós, Fund Manager of INICIA
Willard Ahdritz, Founder & CEO of Kobalt
Eduardo E. Cabrera, Vice President Cybersecurity Strategy for Trend Micro
Leslie Zigel, Shareholder & Chairman of Greenspoon Marder Law’s Entertainment Practice
Zalmi Duchman, Founder of Fresh Diet
Heatherjean MacNeil, Global Director of WIN Lab at Babson College
Rachel Spekman, Director of Programming at MassChallenge
Dr. Monica Chiarini Tremblay, Chair and Associate Professor of Information Systems & Business Analytics at Florida International University

The eMerge Americas Hackathon, in partnership with Ironhack, will host participants for an intense coding competition on April 16th and 17th, with the winners taking away cash and prizes.

The Startup Showcase brings together a world-class array of early and later stage companies from around the globe to highlight innovation and disruptive technology. Startups will also have the opportunity of attending the Startup Bootcamp at Venture Hive on April 17th.

With hundreds of angel investors and venture capitalists on the EXPO floor, the exposure alone is powerful. The showcase will culminate with the top companies pitching on eMerge’s Center Stage or “Launchpad” for the chance to walk away with up to $175,000 in cash and prizes. Past competition winners Modernizing Medicine (2014 late-stage), Hair Construction (2014 early-stage), VSNMobile (2015 late-stage) and Symptify (2015 early-stage) received global exposure along with access to key investment opportunities that have helped grow their ventures ever since.

SUP X Miami-Dade Kickoff Party and Startup Competition 1/7/16

SUP X Miami-Dade Kickoff Party and Startup Competition
Thursday, 01/07/2016 – 06:00 pm – 08:30 pm
120 SW 8th St.,
Miami, Florida 33130
Cost: $10

We kickoff SUP-X in Miami @ Building on January 7th in the first of 3 startup competitions in South Florida where winners receive a booth at SUP-X in February, and gain eligibility to be considered for the finals!

The competition:

Startups Nominated by the Community!
One company will be nominated from each our of community partners: Rokk3r Labs, New World Angels, Miami Innovation Fund, Accelerated Growth Partners, the Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida, Tamiami Angel Funds and more!

AGP – Blackdove
Tamiami Angel Funds – Streann
Miami Innovation Fund – RawShorts
Krillion Ventures – Videoo
Rokk3r Labs – Pensiventures
New World Angels – TBD
EDC of South Florida – Rotation Manager
Interested in competing?

In addition to the community-nominated startups, one at-large startup may compete as well, as long as you meet the following requirements: less than $3mm in revenues, less than $3mm in capital raised; no restaurant concepts, real estate deals or real estate partnerships or project/infrastructure finance, and must be based in Miami-Dade County. Interested companies should email Bob Fitts.


Two startups will be crowned as the winners and will represent Miami-Dade in the SUP-X startup competition semi-finals in February – where they’ll have an opportunity to win part of $50,000 total in cash and prizes!
Ticket price includes light food & refreshments. Come have a beer, root on your friends and kick off 2016 with SUP-X! Random drawing for SUP-X tickets, too!

Event limited to 150 people. RSVP today!

Hackshow by Ironhack 12/17/15

Hackshow by Ironhack
Thursday, 12/17/2015 – 06:30 pm – 09:30 pm
120 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33130,
Miami, Florida 33130
No Link
Cost: FREE

The New Year’s coming and with it, a brand new batch of Miami’s best Jr. Web Developers. They’ve completely transformed their careers by learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Ruby on Rails and in just 8 weeks, they built and launched their very own web apps. Now, they’re ready to share their final projects with Miami. Come celebrate IRONHACK Miami’s 1st year anniversary while we graduate IRONHACK Miami’s 4th Cohort/ IRONHACK Global Cohort #23. See what our graduates have been able to build + grab them before someone else does. Our student body was selected from all over the world with diverse backgrounds including: business analysts, former school teachers, IP attorneys, entrepreneurs, retail managers, professional football players, & marketing professionals. Will you be lucky enough to hire one of our graduates?

Celebrating The Value In Failure 11/18/15

Celebrating The Value In Failure
Wednesday, 11/18/2015 – 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
failures-1The Lab Miami
400 NW 26th Street,
Miami, Florida 33127
No Link
Cost: $15

Failure in business is when you realize what you’re doing is not going to work, and the pivot that follows is key to success. In Silicon Valley and New York, failures are famously celebrated and treated as valuable learning experiences. However, in many U.S. and Latin American cities with nascent entrepreneurial ecosystems, the term “failure” remains taboo.

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, YPA Miami and Luminary Central bring you local entrepreneurs from various sectors to share their stories of success—peppered with failures both large and small—for a conversation aimed at breaking the taboo.

Join us on November 18 @ The Lab Miami as we discuss with high-profile entrepreneurs how their failures led to their subsequent success, and their learnings along the way. Luminary Central and YPA Miami have joined forces to present this panel discussion in an effort to lessen the taboo of “failure” and celebrate the value in its learnings.

Confirmed speakers*:
Michael “Mike” B. Fernandez, Chairman, MBF Healthcare Partners
Ivan Rapin-Smith, Director, Watsco Ventures
Lilia Luciano, Journalist & Founder of CoInspire (moderator)

Airbnb Miami Meetup! 11/3/15

Airbnb Miami Meetup!
Tuesday, 11/03/2015 – 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm
airbnbkeyPanther Coffee, Coconut Grove
3407 Main Highway,
Miami, Florida 33133
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free

If you’ve ever thought about hosting on Airbnb to earn extra income now is the time. With upcoming events such as Art Basel, New Years Eve, the Miami Boat Show and many others, travelers are flocking to Miami, and it’s a great time to host! Come join us to learn more about hosting on Airbnb and meet some of our amazing Miami hosts.

TigerDirect Tech Bash 11/6/15

TigerDirect Tech Bash
Friday, 11/06/2015, 05:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Tech-BashMarlins Park
501 Marlins Way,
Miami, Florida 33125
Cost: Free

Now in its 4th year, the TigerDirect Tech Bash has grown from a small technology get together in the Miami Design District, to a major league baseball stadium filled with the latest and greatest in electronics, sports, and entertainment.

From millennials and families to IT experts and business executives, TigerDirect Tech Bash attracts thousands of guests all driven by a common passion for the latest consumer technology.

This fun-filled evening of gaming, music, and entertainment display interactive activations from more than 120 of the biggest names in technology. Guests are able to see and experience the hottest new products from Intel, Google, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and more – all under one roof.

With the help from prominent community partners, major media coverage and millions of social media impressions, the TigerDirect Tech bash experience extended far past Marlin’s Park.

To be amongst the biggest names in technology and the best businesses in Miami, join us for the 2015 TigerDirect Tech Bash.

Rebrand Your Skills: Photoshop and Illustrator 101 8/29/15

Rebrand Your Skills: Photoshop and Illustrator 101
Saturday, 08/29/2015 – 09:00 am – 01:30 pm
newKrakenFilmGate Interactive
90 NW 29TH Street,
miami, Florida 33127
Cost: $10-15

Do you think your work speaks for itself, so there is no need to self-promote? Hesitation to self-promote can hurt your career. But we’re all shy… So let’s use images to do the talking for us! Posters, business cards, stickers and more, create your own brand.
This workshop will help you expand the exposure and overall reach of your film project, all through the use of traditional media: print, layout, and branding. Learn the history of print in the film industries and why these techniques are still being used today. Gain knowledge on design principles using photoshop and illustrator, mastering the language and practices of designers today.

The workshop covers a brief history of print in the film industry, followed by two tutorials of illustrator and photoshop.

Key terms covered:


$10 Early Bird
$15 General Admission
$8 for Members

StoryCode Miami 8/26/15

StoryCode Miami
Wednesday, 08/26/2015 – 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
sc_logo_colorsFilmGate Interactive
90 NW 29TH Street,
miami, Florida 33127
Webpage Link
Cost: Free

The third installment of 2015, StoryCode celebrates artists creating immersive media projects in Miami.
StoryCode is a platform for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers to share their work. At each event, South Florida creatives present their immersive and multi-platform projects, and discuss their interactive experiences, challenges, solutions and their future.

MAMP Labs Workshop 7/14/15

MAMP Labs Workshop
Tuesday, 07/14/2015 – 09:00 am – 12:00 pm
mamp-7-14-hiveVenture Hive
1010 NE 2 Ave,
Miami, Florida 33132
None Link
Cost: $35

Art + Tech Connection: Leveraging the Power of Local Tech and Startups.

Join us for an interactive, forward thinking discussion on exploring ways in which we can connect local arts to the tech boom of Miami.