Dinner at the Square presents Competition Is Good for Customers, but Would it Benefit Schools 4/27/22

Dinner at the Square presents Competition Is Good for Customers, but Would it Benefit Schools
Wednesday, 04/27/2022-, 06:00 pm-08:30 pm
Funky Buddha Brewery
1201 NE 38th St.,
Oakland Park, Florida, 33334
Cost: 35-113

Requiring social distancing? NO REPLY
Requiring masks? NO REPLY
Providing hand sanitizer? NO REPLY

While the benefits to consumers of free market competition are obvious in virtually every sector of the economy, one vital institution remains resistant to competition — K-12 public education. In America, state and local governments, supported by the federal government, run a near monopoly. Though funded by an individual’s taxes, the vast majority of families have little choice but to send their students to the traditional public school.
As the pandemic forced parents to take a greater look and involvement in their child’s education, they became more of a watchdog, thus spurring an increase in children attending charter, private, homeschool or micro schools.
In a country that likes to be #1, would competition in our education system produce a better result for our children?

Facts, Clickbait or Fake News 2/23/22

Facts, Clickbait or Fake News
Wednesday, 02/23/2022-, 06:00 pm-08:30 pm
Funky Buddha Brewery
1202 NE 38th St,
Oakland Park, Florida, 33334
Cost: 35-113

Requiring social distancing? YES
Requiring masks? OPTIONAL
Providing hand sanitizer? NO

In just a few short years, everything has changed about how we get our information. It wasn’t that long ago that a few nightly news broadcasts and our local newspaper provided the grist for the American conversation. Diverse groups of citizens were largely working off of the same set of facts – screened for accuracy by editors who were responsible by professional ethics to get the facts right (or print a retraction).

This new media environment is causing political fury and hardening cultural divides. We can agree there is a flood of biased content out there, and some would argue the news is biased. Increasingly, people are frequently seeking out news, editorial, and other content that is aligned to their beliefs, and now more than ever, there are more options for finding that content that leans in a particular political direction.

So, join us for our second dinner of the season as we debate the difference between media, news and information. We’ll touch base on how it might be possible to recognize the most flagrant cases of bias in the behavior of reporters and experts, how we can get out under social media’s influence on what we see and what is re-enforced to us as well as the role advertising and special interest groups play. Ultimately, we’ll debate what the loss of trust means for us as individuals and for our country.

Evelyn Baker – Executive Producer/Univision Communications Inc.
Frank J. Guzman – Broward Bureau Chief/WSVN-TV
Justin Sayfie – Publisher/Sayfie Review and Partner/Ballard Partners

Show Me the Money: Will College Athletes Become Instant Millionaires 10/27/21

Show Me the Money: Will College Athletes Become Instant Millionaires
Wednesday, 10/27/2021-, 07:00 pm-08:30 pm

, ,
Cost: Free

Requiring social distancing?
Requiring masks?
Providing hand sanitizer?

On July 1st, The Senate Bill 646: Intercollegiate Athlete Compensation and Rights went into effect. This Bill authorizes certain intercollegiate athletes to earn compensation for the use of their names, images, or likenesses (NIL). The bill also prohibits a postsecondary educational institution and other entities, institutions, and their employees from compensating intercollegiate athletes or prospective intercollegiate athletes for the use of their names, images, or likenesses.

Now the question is was this a good move or a bad move? Will College athletes still favor the love of the game and the alma mater vs. the money that comes from their NIL. Will NIL profit throw off the competitive balance? Will College athletes become instant millionaires?

The panelists spearheading this discussion are Corey Staniscia, External Affairs Director of Dreamfield, and Mary Giardina, Senior Associate AD/Administration and Chief of Staff/SWA at Florida Atlantic University. The event will be moderated by Joe Rose, radio personality on The Joe Rose Show on 560WQAM.

The event is free and open to the public. If you’d like to make a donation to support Village Square programming, you may do so when you register.

Immunizing Your Relationships Against COVID Stress (Free Webinar) 3/10/21

Immunizing Your Relationships Against COVID Stress (Free Webinar)
Wednesday, 03/10/2021-, 02:00 pm-03:00 pm
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free with registration

For over a year now, COVID-19 has been negatively impacting many aspects of our lives, including our relationships.

For some, relationships were their primary way of coping with everyday life. For others, however, relationships were a pre-existing source of stress.

At Albizu University’s Miami Campus, we’re known for our intensive focus on high-level psychology. Whether you’re worried about relating to a significant other, family member or even a coworker, our psychologists and counselors can show you how to cope with the pandemic’s impact on all of your relationships.

Join us for a free, one-hour webinar with Albizu University’s top professors to learn some new relationship repair skills!

The event will explore the relationship conflict process, from what happens to our bodies physiologically during an argument, to differences and psychosocial influences among age groups in how we relate to one another.

Albizu professor and neuropsychologist Dr. Isaac Tourgeman will moderate the program, which will also explain how therapy can help you, and give suggestions on how to find a therapist who best fits your needs.

Dinner at the Square: Have We Done Enough? America’s Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism 2/24/21

Dinner at the Square: Have We Done Enough? America’s Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism
Wednesday, 02/24/2021-, 07:00 pm-08:30 pm
Cost: Free; registration required

As many Americans unite in a shared mission about the civil rights issues of our time, our community joins others in the important work to fulfill the promise of equality by bringing constructive conversations to help illuminate the path to progress and meaningful change. So when those who believe in justice and fairness have had enough, how do we evolve as a country and as a community? How do we push for progress? How do we create equality for all? Do we ask ourselves, have we done enough?

The civil, fact-based debate features three panelists: Gregory Adam Haile, J.D., President of Broward College; Keith Koenig, CEO of City Furniture; and Germaine Smith-Baugh, Ed.D., President and CEO of Urban League of Broward County. The event is moderated by Doug Lyons, longtime journalist and former columnist and opinion writer.

The event is free and open to the public. If you’d like to make a donation to support Village Square programming, you may do so when you register.

Arts Mean Business Speaker Series with We Are Nice’n Easy 8/4/20

Arts Mean Business Speaker Series with We Are Nice’n Easy
Tuesday, 08/04/2020-, 05:00 pm-06:00 pm
Cost: Free with RSVP

Business for the Arts Broward (BFA) announces a free virtual visit with mixed media artist duo We Are Nice’n Easy as part of the Arts Mean Business Speaker Series (AMB).

Participants who want to attend the Zoom presentation and Q&A are required to send their RSVP to rvegas@bfabroward.org to receive the invitation link.
A collaborative endeavor by South Florida-based artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble, We Are Nice’n Easy focuses on creating immersive mixed media installations and developing a visually cohesive subtropical vernacular with their material choices and use of repeated motifs. Often referencing themes of self-help, recovery and interpersonal dependency, their fabricated environments utilize romantic tropes to enhance the collective emotive truisms between participants and create a platform for intimate exchange.

AMB is just one of several ways BFA supports local artists while fostering cultural vitality, creative success and economic development. BFA continuously supports the local arts community and promotes local artists, cultural non-profits and diverse art-related projects. BFA annually hosts several events in addition to AMB, including Art & Soul, Art in the Workplace, Art Curation and Art+Stroll.

Pen Women Writers Club 12/5/19

Pen Women Writers Club
Thursday, 12/05/2019 – 11:00 am – 04:00 pm
The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar
5283 W Atlantic Ave,
Delray Beach, Florida 33428
Cost: Free

Writers, authors and playwrights who are in the Pen Women Club will attend to the Pen Women event at the Big Apple Shopping Bazaar. Writers will be talking about their books and offering them for sale. It’s all about books and plays.

MOAD MDC presents: Discussion in Situ with Martin A. Tsang 9/29/19

MOAD MDC presents: Discussion in Situ with Martin A. Tsang
Sunday, 09/29/2019 – 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm
600 Biscayne Boulevard, Second Floor,
Miami, Florida 33132
RSVP / Register
Cost: Free

MOAD presents a series of public programs related to its current exhibition, Where the Oceans Meet. Rather than a formal sit-down lecture, MOAD’s “Discussions In Situ” are engaging, conversational, and scholarly exhibition tours lead by a wide array of interdisciplinary experts. While pointing to specific art work and archival material on view, Tsang sparks a conversation on “The Hidden Cabrera,” highlighting Cabrera’s biography and research methods.

Where the Oceans Meet is an exhibition of modern and contemporary art that resonates with the pioneering thought of two Caribbean writers, Lydia Cabrera and Édouard Glissant. The show is comprised of an international group of artists and collectives consider notions of shifting and porous borders—and how crossing borders has shaped our world. They articulate various aspects of the two scholars’ thoughts on race, diaspora, colonialization, creolization, language, and territory, particularly with regards to Miami’s position in a world that never stops turning. Where the Oceans Meet will be on view until January 12, 2020.

My Miami Story 10/15/19

My Miami Story
Tuesday, 10/15/2019 – 12:00 am – 11:59 pm
The Miami Foundation
40 NW 3rd st #305,
Miami, Florida 33132

Upcoming elections, the Census count, gentrification, and climate impacts are just some of the topics at the top of Miami-Dade residents’ minds this year. If you feel strongly about an issue our community is facing or simply want to have a reason to connect with old and new friends, the Miami Foundation invites you to host a My Miami Story conversation on October 15th.

My Miami Story provides a platform for residents of every zip code and cultural background to discuss community priorities, civic policies, leadership and other issues that will define the county’s future. Hosts will bring together small groups of 6-12 residents over breakfast, lunch, dinner and cafecito breaks throughout the day. Any resident can sign up to host a conversation.

Raw Storytelling: Uber & Transportation Stories 7/11/19

Raw Storytelling: Uber & Transportation Stories
Thursday, 07/11/2019 – 08:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Café Collective
100 N Federal Highway, Suite #C4,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Cost: Free

Café Collective is bringing the community together to
share, discover and unite through storytelling.
Unfiltered and uncensored, the event will be centered
around the theme: Uber & Transportation Storieswhich allows each
storyteller to share their experiences in a judgment-free
space. The event will be held from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. and
attendees can register for the event by visiting

New City Players: City Speaks 7/18/19

New City Players: City Speaks
Thursday, 07/18/2019 – 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Café Collective
100 N Federal Highway, Suite #C4,,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Cost: Free

New City Players is bringing the community together for an evening of storytelling, truth speaking and listening. Unfiltered and uncensored, City Speaks allows the people of Fort Lauderdale to speak their minds and be heard. The event will be held from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. and attendees can register to speak at the event by visiting http://www.newcityplayers.org/cityspeaks/

Arc Educates hosts Assessing Your Supervision Behaviors with Tiffany N. Arango, MS, BCBA 7/24/19

Arc Educates hosts Assessing Your Supervision Behaviors with Tiffany N. Arango, MS, BCBA
Wednesday, 07/24/2019 – 09:00 am – 12:00 pm
Arc Broward
10250 NW 53rd Street,
Sunrise, Florida 33351
RSVP / Register
Cost: $45

This session will expand on Assessing your Supervision Behaviors allowing participants to obtain 3 Type II CEU’s.

Participants will:
1. Describe appropriate supervision behaviors
2. State the purpose of supervision
3. Name how to prepare for appropriate supervision with a trainee or supervisee
4. Describe supervisor behaviors to evaluate effectiveness of supervision

About Tiffany Arango
Tiffany N. Arango, MS, BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), primarily working with children with autism and developmental disabilities for a private local company providing ABA services. She also founded The Behavior Station® platform to disseminate behavior analysis and resources. Her passion for behavior analysis stems from her life-long passion for raising autism acceptance in honor of her family members on the autism spectrum. Tiffany learned about behavior analysis after she decided to pursue work with people with autism; she was instantly impressed by the high standards and science of behavior analysis. Her enthusiasm for learning more about behavior analysis led her to attend Florida State University’s ABA Program, where she received rigorous training in ethics. In addition to being a member of local, state, and national ABA associations, she serves on the committee for APD’s Broward Local Review Committee (LRC).

Democratic Debate Watch Party at CVLTVRA, The Gabriel Hotel 6/26/19

Democratic Debate Watch Party at CVLTVRA, The Gabriel Hotel
Wednesday, 06/26/2019 – 06/26/2019 07:00 pm – 11:00 pm
1100 Biscayne Blvd,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

On Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27, CVLTVRA at The Gabriel Hotel will host the ultimate watch party for the first Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential primary. Located just two blocks away from the debate at the Adrienne Arsht Center, this will be the closest watch party in all of Miami. Taking place from 7 to 11 PM, CVLTVRA will air a live-stream of the two-day debate while guests get to take advantage of multiple food and drink specials. From free-flowing bottomless Veuve Clicquot to signature cocktails and bites from Chef Fabian Di Paolo, guests will mingle with the South Florida political community all while enjoying great food and drinks.


5PM-7PM Pre-Game Happy Hour @CVLTVRA at the GABRIEL MIAMI $8 signature cocktails, $8 glasses of wine, $5 beers and $5 light bites
Screens streaming debate from 9pm-11pm
Additional specials offered throughout the night
PARKING: Valet Parking onsite for $12

ABOUT CVLTVRA: CVLTVRA, located in The Gabriel Miami, showcases Latin cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Chef Fabian Di Paolo utilizes local and artisanal ingredients while placing an emphasis on unique options that are true to his roots. CVLTVRA offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Veuve Clicquot Thirsty Thursdays occur every last Thursday of the month, from 7-10 PM and happy hour runs every weekday, from 5-7 PM.

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami 5/1/19, 5/2/19, 5/3/19, 5/4/19, 5/5/19, 5/6/19, 5/7/19, 5/8/19, 5/9/19, 5/10/19

10 Days of Connection / Connect Miami
Wednesday, 05/01/2019 – 05/10/2019 08:00 am – 10:00 pm
CIC Miami
1951 NW 7th Ave #600,
Miami, Florida 33136
Cost: Free

10 Days of Connection is a community-led initiative to promote kindness and inclusion in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. From May 1-10, participants are invited to attend connection experiences hosted by more than 100 local organizations, and are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone to forge new connections across lines of difference.

In recent years, people have become increasingly divided across lines of difference. Incidents of hate have increased, and tolerance for differing ideas has decreased. For ten days each year, we challenge the entire community to break down silos and engage in acts of connection, to build empathy, to increase understanding, and to refocus on our shared humanity.

Join in! Our community will be stronger when we all commit to focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us. A full calendar of events is available at http://bit.ly/ConnectionEvents2019.

Join the conversation by following @ConnectMiami on Facebook, @10dofc on Twitter and Instagram, and by using the hashtag #10DaysOfConnection to share your experience. Learn more at.

For more information visit, http://bit.ly/10DaysOfConnection.

For additional information and/or questions contact:
Joan Marie Godoy
(786) 327-3634

Book Presentation | The Global Edge: Miami in the Twenty-First Century 1/25/19

Book Presentation | The Global Edge: Miami in the Twenty-First Century
Friday, 01/25/2019 – 08:00 pm – 09:30 pm
Books and Books
265 Aragon Ave.,
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Cost: Free

This book by Drs. Alejandro Portes and Ariel Armony traces the history of Miami’s rise and the simultaneous emergence of a highly diverse but contentious ethnic mosaic. The existential threat to the future of the city posed by a rising ocean makes Miami a key case study for the pros and cons of present day, capitalist-led globalization.

MOAD MDC Presents Race and Urban Space: Overcoming Inequality in Miami 6/15/18

MOAD MDC Presents Race and Urban Space: Overcoming Inequality in Miami
Friday, 06/15/2018 – 09:00 pm –
MDC Museum of Art and Design
600 Biscayne Boulevard,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

What can architecture and urban planning do to mitigate racial inequality? Do we still believe that residential racial integration is the solution? Miami’s lines of racial segregation have barely moved since the Civil Rights movement. On the one hand, incoming immigrants settled in neighborhoods according to preexisting demographics, while residential programs crafted in the aftermath of the 1968 Fair Housing Act to promote integration were increasingly defunded. On the other, new infrastructure projects, along with real estate interests, reconfigured the city’s geography in some areas. As a result, black neighborhoods experienced a decline. How can new “placemaking” initiatives, largely spearheaded by communities and the nonprofit sector, contribute to overcoming inequality?
Panelists: Shekeria Brown (South Florida Development Coalition), Neil Hall (Overtown’s Urban Collective/Arts Africa), Dr. Willie Logan (Opa Locka Community Development Corp.), Dr. Moses Shumow (Florida International University)
Moderator: Professor Robin Bachin (University of Miami)

Creative Placemaking: How the Arts Are Enlivening Communities, Celebrating Diversity, and Pursuing Placekeeping 5/29/18

Creative Placemaking: How the Arts Are Enlivening Communities, Celebrating Diversity, and Pursuing Placekeeping
Tuesday, 05/29/2018 – 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
MDC Museum of Art and Design
600 Biscayne Boulevard,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

Professor Markusen’s talk traces the origins of “Creative Placemaking” and reviews its current features and challenges, including building partnerships, securing funding, incorporating diversity, and avoiding displacement. Using cases from around the US, she explores how artists and art forms (music, theater, dance, visual art, writing) are central to its success.
Respondent: Dr. George Yúdice (University of Miami)

Creative Placemaking: What’s in It for Miami? 5/30/18

Creative Placemaking: What’s in It for Miami?
Wednesday, 05/30/2018 – 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
MDC Museum of Art and Design
600 Biscayne Boulevard,
Miami, Florida 33132
Cost: Free

Recently, “placemaking” has become a buzzword among policy makers, foundations, and community activists. As public institutions reduce their involvement in the arts, culture, and education, private stakeholders have stepped in to address communities’ needs for inclusive public spaces. These spaces, ranging from small children playgrounds to entire arts districts, are ideally conceived in dialogue among communities, public policy agents, interested businesses and non-profits, and others. This panel will discuss how to activate “creative placemaking” initiatives, and how to balance communities’ mobilization (or lack thereof), the top-down approaches of policy-makers, and the profit drives of urban developers.
Panelists: Dr. Ann Markusen (University of Minnesota), Victoria Rogers (Knight Foundation), Roberto Rovira (Florida International University).
Moderator: Dr. Ariana Hernandez-Reguant (Tulane University)

NSU Lecture Series: Diderot And The Spirit Of The Enlightenment 4/24/18

NSU Lecture Series: Diderot And The Spirit Of The Enlightenment
Tuesday, 04/24/2018 – 06:00 pm – 07:00 pm
NSU Art Museum
One East Las Olas Boulevard,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Join us for a philosophical discussion on France’s leading philosophe Denis Diderot, who embodied the spirit of the 18th century’s “Age of Reason and Enlightenment”, led by Dr. David L. McNaron, Ph.D.

David L. McNaron has taught philosophy at Nova Southeastern University for 32 years. He received his BA in Philosophy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Miami. He also completed an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. McNaron has published both philosophy and poetry books.

Free for museum members, NSU students, faculty and staff; $10 non-members

A Moveable Nation: Cuban Art & Cultural Identity in the Pérez Art Collection at FIU 6/23/17, 6/24/17

A Moveable Nation: Cuban Art & Cultural Identity in the Pérez Art Collection at FIU
Friday, 06/23/2017 – 06/24/2017 09:00 am – 05:45 pm
Florida International University, Frost Art Museum
11200 SW 8th St,
Miami, Florida 33199
Cost: Free

2 day event first day is on June 23, to discuss the significance of Cuban Art and Cuban-American Art for the construction of national identities. The next day is a conference/workshop for K-12 teachers of Miami Dade to discuss classroom applications.

Connect Miami 5/22/17 – 5/31/17

Connect Miami
Monday, 05/22/2017 – 05/31/2017 12:00 am – 12:00 pm
Miami-Dade County
Miami- Dade County,
Miami, Florida 33128
Cost: Free

Connect Miami is a community-led initiative to promote increased kindness, empathy, connection and inclusion in Miami-Dade. For 10 days, everyone across Miami-Dade is encouraged take the challenge to connect with others who are not like them, host or attend connection experiences, and join the conversation on social media using #ConnectMiami305.

From panels on criminal justice and meals with Syrian refugees to walking tours of historic neighborhoods and visits to Homestead’s farmlands, there are countless ways to get connected, meet new people, and share stories around town. A full calendar of event listings and participation resources are available on the Connect Miami website.

You can also join us virtually by following and engaging in conversation on social media using #ConnectMiami305. Follow Connect Miami on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @ConnectMiami305.

Founded by: The Children’s Trust, MCCJ, The Miami Foundation, Miami Herald and United Way of Miami-Dade. Produced by: Radical Partners

BACCF 2016 – Excellence Award 35th Anniversary Special 6/2/16

BACCF 2016 – Excellence Award 35th Anniversary Special
Thursday, 06/02/2016 – 07:30 pm – 11:30 pm
0509_BACCF_Flyer_Excellence-Award_gallery-SMALLThe Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami
3300 SW Twenty-Seventh Ave,
Miami, Florida 33133
Cost: Individual Guest Fees – Members: $225.00; Future Members: $270.00

BACCF Excellence Award – 35th Anniversary Special
Mr. Gary Spulak
Embraer Holding, Inc.

The BACCF Excellence Award was created in 1997 to recognize and reward visionary, innovative and accomplished leaders in many different fields, such as business, science, sports and arts. Every year the BACCF is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of top leaders and their invaluable contributions to the development of corporate relations between Brazil and the United States.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Contact our offices at info@brazilchamber.org or 305.579.9030.

HistoryMiami Hosts Beatles Panel Discussion 12/14/14

HistoryMiami Hosts Beatles Panel Discussion
Friday, 12/14/2014 – 01:00 pm –
101 West Flagler Street,
Miami, Florida 33130
Cost: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors and Students, $5 for children ages 6 – 12, and free for HistoryMiami members and students under 6


MIAMI – NOV. 14, 2014 – Smithsonian affiliate HistoryMiami will host a panel discussion, “Think You Know Everything About The Beatles?” moderated by Magic 102.7 FM’s radio personality and Beatles expert Joe Johnson, Dec. 14 at 1 p.m. The panel will explore the frenzy that ensued when the Fab Four made their historic visit to Miami 50 years ago.

Panelists for the December discussion include Ed Rudy, creator of “The Beatles American Tour with Ed Rudy” interview albums, Bob Saxon, known for his iconic sneak into the afternoon rehearsal of The Ed Sullivan Show at the Deauville Hotel, and Rick Shaw, the Miami radio legend who was the first deejay to play The Beatles on the radio in the “Magic City.”

Fresh from a European Beatles cruise, Johnson cannot wait to exercise his area of expertise. “I’m thrilled to share our Miami connect to The Beatles at HistoryMiami and introduce three amazing men who will tell their stories from the eight days The Beatles spent in Miami, February of ’64,” he said. “What a fab time it was.”

HistoryMiami is temporarily home to Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! – a traveling exhibition, curated by The GRAMMY Museum® and Fab Four Exhibits, presenting more than 400 pieces of Beatles Memorabilia. The exhibit explores the impact the four lads from Liverpool had on American pop culture, from early 1964 through mid-1966.

“The response to Ladies & Gentlemen…The Beatles! exhibition has been nothing short of fantastic! The frenzy the Fab Four created 50 years ago in Miami is back and visitors have been having a great time at HistoryMiami,” said Stuart Chase, HistoryMiami Museum Director/COO.

To RSVP for the panel discussion, call (305) 375-1601 or online at https://historymiami.wufoo.com/forms/think-you-know-everything-about-the-beatles/. “Think You Know Everything About The Beatles” panel discussion is free with paid museum admission ($8 Adults, $7 Seniors and Students, $5 for children ages 6 – 12, and free for HistoryMiami members and students under 6).

Learn more about the Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! traveling exhibition at http://www.historymiami.org/museum/exhibitions/details/ladies-and-gentlemen-the-beatles/.

For more information about HistoryMiami and the museum’s schedule of events, call 305-375-1492, visit www.historymiami.org, like us on www.facebook.com/historymiami360 and follow us at www.twitter.com/historymiami. HistoryMiami is located 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Fla. 33130. Phone: 305-375-1492

Media Contact
Suzan McDowell
Circle of One Marketing

About HistoryMiami
HistoryMiami, a Smithsonian Affiliate, is the premier cultural institution committed to gathering, organizing, preserving and celebrating Miami’s history as the unique crossroads of the Americas. We accomplish this through education, research, collections, exhibitions, city tours, and publications. Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) in 1979, The Museum is one of the largest private, regional history museums in the southeast U.S. It offers exhibitions that appeal to a wide audience interested in the South Florida and the Caribbean community, while at the same time engaging residents and tourists alike.

Creating a Better World Through Advocacy and Action, FIU Roundtable 9/9/14

Creating a Better World Through Advocacy and Action, FIU Roundtable
Tuesday, 09/09/2014 – 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm
FIU-GoGlobalFIU(MMC) GC150
11200 SW 8th Street,
Miami, Florida 33199
Webpage Link
Cost: FREE

Global Learning for Global Citizenship FIUTuesday Times Roundtable, Creating a Better World Through Advocacy and Action, a panel discussion with RESULTS.org, CARE, One campaign and Bread for the World. Free lunch no RSVP

Symposium: Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution 1/25/14

Symposium: Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution
Saturday, 01/25/2014 – 02:00 pm – 04:30 pm
101 West Flagler Street,
Miami, Florida 33130
Webpage Link
Cost: Free

An original 2001 watercolor of Abraham Lincoln by legendary singer and painter Tony Bennett will go on view January 25 at HistoryMiami to mark the third annual Lincoln symposium co-sponsored by the museum and The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation (ALBF).

The symposium, titled Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution, will take place on Saturday, January 25 from 2:00-4:30 P.M. Pulitzer Prize-winning dean of Civil War historians, James M. McPherson, will be the keynote speaker, to be followed by a discussion among a panel of experts on the Constitutional and humanitarian issues that confronted Americans during the Civil War.

The symposium is free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception made possible by ALBF Board Member Jean Soman of Pinecrest, Florida, and her husband William Soman. This year FIU College Law joins the event as a co-sponsor, and attendance at the symposium will provide CLE credits to attorneys.

Panelists include: Thomas Campbell, ALBF Treasurer and leading authority on both the legal aspects of the war and the role of Chicago during the conflict; Ediberto Roman, professor at FIU Law; Noah Weisbord, associate professor at FIU Law; and Frank J. Williams, ALBF Board Member, Lincoln scholar, and former chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court. ALBF Chairman Harold Holzer will introduce the sessions and moderate the panel.

2013 Candidate Forum 3/26/13

2013 Candidate Forum
Tuesday, 03/26/2013, 06:00 pm – 09:30 pm
8455785301_f619a10047Bank United Center; University of Miami Fieldhouse
1245 Dauer Drive,
Miami, Florida 33136
Webpage Link

Ask the candidates some of your most pressing questions at the 2013 Candidate Forum. Light refreshments will be served.
Phone: 305-446-1657

Mayoral Candidates:
James C. Cason
Rafael ‘Ralph’ Cabrera

City Commission:
Marlin Holland Ebbert
Ross Hancock
Vicente Carlos Lago
Patricia A. Keon
P.J. Miller
Mary Martin Young
Norman Anthony Newell

Special Meeting To Discuss Measures To Deal With Large-Scale Events Such As Urban Beach Weekend 9/1/11

Thursday, Sept. 1, 4 p.m.
Miami Beach City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
City Manager’s Large Conference Room

The meeting is open to the public.

Miami Beach Commissioners to debate ideas from last week’s town hall meeting, hosted by Commissioner Libbin, on the fate of Memorial Day Weekend

Miami Beach City Commissioners will discuss ways to handle large-scale events such as Urban Beach Weekend. The commissioners’ meeting will include discussion and debate on ideas presented at last Wednesday’s town hall meeting on the subject hosted and organized by Commissioner Jerry Libbin.

– Have “zero tolerance” for visitors who violate the city’s open container and littering laws.
– Hold promoters and club owners more accountable for problems caused by their customers.
– Enforce hotel room occupancy restrictions.
– Restrict east-bound traffic on I-395 (McArthur Causeway) into the city, to residents, taxi cabs and employees going to work.
– Close and restrict traffic on more South Beach streets.
– Hold more events aimed at honoring our nation’s veterans during Memorial Day Weekend.
– Encourage private-sector promoters to hold family-oriented events and concerts over the 3-day Memorial Day Weekend.

Up For Debate Gender Secrecy Parental Right Or Child Abuse? 7/20/11

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
137 NE 19th Street
Miami, FL 33132

Admission is free and this event is open to the public.

Gender identity questions surface recently as the buzz of “Baby Storm,” the infant being raised gender-neutral, hits the media. On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, Elizabeth Schwartz moderates Next@19th’s gender secrecy debate, a topic that sweeps the nation as an increasing number of families choose to conceal their children’s gender identities in effort to raise them in a gender-neutral environment.

In a format modeled after the ancient Sanhedrin which legislated Jewish law, ideas will be introduced by a central facilitator and put to audiences for debate. Join the Next@19th community as they discuss how the Jewish culture and this new controversial way of parenting can influence your child’s upbringing.

About Next@19th: Moving Jewish Culture Forward
Next@19th was founded in July 2010 to engage South Florida’s diverse community in fresh culture, learning and spiritual experience through a Jewish lens. Producing original programming, the organization will host a range of events and activities. This 2010 – 2011 season promises celebrations of music, literary arts, visual art, education and spirituality as well as dynamic projects in partnership with Miami Book Fair International, the Jewish Film Festival and University of Wynwood. Next@19th is located at 137 NE 19 Street, Miami FL 33132, on the campus of Temple Israel’s historic site in downtown Miami. For more information please call 305.542.7732 or visit the website at www.nextat19th.org.