#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Five FOMO-Inducing Miami Swim Week 2016 Moments

Image by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for 1 Hotel and Homes South Beach
Tori Praver and daughter Ryan. Image by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for 1 Hotel and Homes South Beach

Have you ever suffered from FOMO? Well, every time I leave Miami I’m plagued by major fear of missing out and last weekend it hit an all time high as Brad and I jetted off to California right smack in the middle of Miami Swim Week. Swim Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year for three reasons: (1) it is my chance to catch up on the swimwear trends of the upcoming season, (2) the rosé and champagne filled parties are always super fun, and (3) I can stock up on bikinis at bargain prices. Alas, this year it was not meant to be for me but I was super grateful that #ThankYouMiami contributor Celeste was able to capitalize on (and cover) the beautiful chaos in our absence. Thanks to her excellent reporting and our ace investigative skills, I was fully aware the entire time of how much awesomeness I was missing while out of town. Here are the five Miami Swim Week 2016 moments that elicited the most FOMO:

1. Miami Fashion Bloggers modeling at Miami Magazine’s Splashion 2016
On Wednesday, July 13 several Miami Fashion Bloggers, including our tot-loving, trouble-making friends Evelyn Torres of Brickellista Files and Kelly Saks Guerra of Kelly’s Kloset, kicked off Miami Swim Week by strutting their stunning bikini bodies down the runway. The event started off like your run-of-the-mill swimwear runway show but the blogger babes turned it into an entertaining affair by putting their personalities on full display. I award full points to Ginger Harris who broke out a flawless bird of paradise pose on the catwalk. (I mean, I can’t even get my leg half as high in the comfort and privacy of a yoga studio.) Way to show the world that Miami bloggers bring it, ladies!

Image by Thaddaeus McAdams / ExclusiveAccess.Net
Ginger Harris. Image by Thaddaeus McAdams / ExclusiveAccess.Net

2. 6 Shore Road by Pooja x Jose Cuervo’s #BeachToBar Party at the FAENA Hotel
On Friday, July 15 it was all about the 6 Shore Road by Pooja x Jose Cuervo limited edition swimsuit collar. Celeste reports:

“Right upon entry we were greeted by Jose Cuervo stocking up the pool bar with amazing ready-to-drink margaritas, in every flavor you might have ever fantasized. Although we can definitely vouch the deliciousness of every flavor after trying them all, the refreshing watermelon margarita was our favorite and the perfect poolside companion during 6 Shore Road by Pooja’s Resort 2017 reveal. Across the pool we could see pastel florals swaying in the wind and decorating the crowns and bodies of 6 Shore Road’s girls—until surprise host Adrienne Bailon brought the unique designs over for a closer look. (We were delighted to have the pleasure of catching up with her and admiring the curve hugging one piece she was rocking!) From the collection, the long sleeve one-piece caught our eye because it looked feminine and the model vouched for how comfortable it was to wear. That said, the entire collection was beautiful in its retro-inspired goodiness. It’s exciting to see a comeback of one pieces and those retro high waisted bikini bottoms past generations had the pleasure of experiencing back in the day.”

Image by Celeste Guerra
Image by Celeste Guerra / ThankYouMiami.com

3. ESCAPE Miami at The Sagamore Hotel
Back for its 4th year in a row, the ESCAPE Miami Style Lounge curated by Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet and Peroni was hot, hot, hot. Celeste recounts:

“On Saturday July 16 the ESCAPE Miami Style Lounge transformed the usually serene environment of the Sagamore Hotel into a hustling-and-bustling pool party celebrating Miami’s visionary entrepreneurs. We stopped by to meet local up-and-coming businesses who were showcasing their products on-site. The main attraction was the fashion show launching ZK Swimwear by the beautiful Zuleyka Rivera. The former Miss Universe 2006’s swimwear line may be inspired by her home of Puerto Rico, but thanks to its delicately crafted patterns and tropical vibes fits seamlessly in the Miami style. Pool parties can get messy—especially given how brutally hot this summer has been—so we couldn’t have been more grateful for ESCAPE Miami’s beauty vendors. We were able to keep ourselves looking (and smelling) presentable with our DIY signature scent from Akscent Perfumes, beautifully braided tresses by Blo Blow Dry Bar, and expertly groomed brows from the Brow Lash Brow Bar. They worked hard to us on fleek from head to toe, while we cooled off with deliciously naughty mango slushies by Kryogenifex.”

Zuleyka Rivera. Image by Celeste Guerra / ThankYouMiami.com

4. The Mommy & Me Cuteness from Tori Praver of Tori Praver Swimwear and Sharleen Ernster of Hot-As-Hell
To our absolute surprise (and delight), Miami Swim Week 2016 was all about working moms and their super cute kids, with designer mamas Tori Praver and Sharleen Ernster leading the way. In addition to celebrating her 10th year showing her collection at Miami Swim Week, Praver shared some incredibly adorable moments with her husband, her daughter and her son while living our dream life (i.e., daily SoulCycle, green juice, avocado toast and ocean views) at the penthouse of the 1 Homes South Beach. Meanwhile, Ernster kicked some serious butt with the debut of her second collection for Hot-As-Hell and the first-ever children collection, Hot-As-Halo. Hot-As-Hell’s Miami Swim Week 2015 show took us for a walk on the wild side. This year, it gave us all the feels thanks to the show’s mommy (and mommy-to-be) models and their mini-me’s, including Ernster and her two beautiful daughters.

Image by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America
Sharleen Ernster and daughters. Image by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America

5. “HEALTHY” Rooftop Party Launch hosted by MIKOH Swimwear at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach
Exhausted from a general lack of food, sleep, and “me” time, Miami Swim Week goers need nothing more than a relaxing day by the pool as the weekend comes to a close. The 1 Hotel delivered just that with the launch of their “HEALTHY” Sunday rooftop pool party series on July 17. Fresh cocktails, juices, and bites, accompanied by the sounds of DJ Hannah Bronfman, was just what the doctor ordered to recover from a long week.

Image by World Red Eye for 1 Hotel and Homes South Beach
Image by World Red Eye for 1 Hotel and Homes South Beach

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Stealing Stares with Sequins in Vail


It’s no surprise we love to travel but, during our most recent trip to Colorado, we realized one new reason why: traveling reminds us that Miami life is not normal. In Miami, no one bats an eye if you walk to the pharmacy with your booty hanging out. At the same time, no one questions if you walk out in a ball gown with full hair and make up to do the same. Miami lets you do you, boo boo. Few other places on this planet are magical like that—and, as we learned last week, Vail most certainly is not one of those places.

Around 2 weeks ago we were doing the zombie-like Instagram scroll when we came across a post by Chaser Brand featuring a David Bowie muscle tank from their collection and a sequin slit skirt from Planet Blue. It was one of those major outfits that once you see it you can’t not own so for the sake of our sanity and well-being we immediately bought both pieces. The David Bowie tank lasted a total of 3 hours following its arrival before we wore out for a run along the Miami Beach boardwalk, but we were saving the sequin skirt for a special occasion.

On our last night in Vail we had reservations to one of the top restaurants in Vail Village called La Tour. (If you’re ever in the area, make a reservation and order the lamb. You won’t regret it.) The whole affair screams special occasion, no? Well, we thought so. Alas, the skirt came out of its neat plastic bag and became the foundation to one of our more eclectic outfits, paired with the omnipresent David Bowie tank, our Forever 21 faux fur and our Aska Collection Trooper booties.

In wacky Miami, no one would have given us a second look but in conservative, Norwegian sweater-jeans-and-boots-wearing Vail we stood out like Björk at a priest convention. Regardless of whether the people we passed were throwing shade at the shiny sequins, its weather inappropriate thigh-high slit, or the entire look in all its non-conformist glory, the experience made us realize that the Miami aesthetic is not acceptable most places and appreciate that Miami is so open-minded. #ThankYouMiami for letting our freak flags fly or not…as long as we’re happy.

What do you think of this look? Would you have put it together? Where would you wear this outfit? What pieces would you substitute or add? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!






Top – Chaser Brand “I Love Bowie” Tank
Planet Blue Sequin Slit Skirt (on MAJOR sale!)
Coat - Forever21 Faux Fur Jacket (similar here and here)
Shoes - ASKA Collection Trooper Booties in B&W Snake

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion: Exploring L.A. in a Miracle Dress


We all have big dreams and seemingly insignificant pero important dreams. One of the latter for us was to one day find a dress like the pink velour one Hallie wore in “My Date with the President’s Daughter”—the one dramatically revealed at minute 7 of this YouTube clip from the movie. After years of passively searching, we finally found it (albeit a more hipster tunic version but perfect nonetheless)! The long-awaited dress was waiting for us inside of the Hyden Yoo Boutique on Abbot Kinney where we came across it last Saturday while shopping with our friend Sarah. Finding this dress was one small part of a five day-long marathon of amazing juju that carried us through our recent Los Angeles trip (of which you will hear more about on ThankYouMiami.com next week) because it turns out it is impossible to find Hyden Yoo’s women collection anywhere on the internets.

Because this outfit was a miracle a long time in the making, we naturally bumped all other OOTDs planned for Sunday Brunch to make room for this fabulous dress. So, on Sunday, armed with our new dress, our favorite sunnies, and our favorite ASKA Collection booties (you may remember them from our last #ThankYouMiami for Fashion post because we love them so much we wear them everyday) we headed to The Rockefeller in Manhattan Beach with our sister Lucy and her friends. The tunic cut was perfect for brunching—ergo, extremely applicable to Miami life—because it allowed our bellies to expand for unlimited mimosas, a massive plate of chilaquiles, zucchini fries, and donut holes and still looked flattering. And, afterward when we went on a post-brunch buzz drive down the California coast blasting Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” with the windows down, it turned out to be the prettiest, most comfortable outfit for that too. #winning.









Dress – Standard Issue NYC by Hyden Yoo
Booties - 
ASKA Collection Trooper Booties in B&W Snake
Sunnies - Razön (similar)

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion: The Must-Have Travel Dress


Today, our dear Miami fashion bunnies, we’re leaving on our Valentine’s Day/Presidents Day trip to the Catskills so we’re talking travel fashion. More specifically, we’re talking about the dress every jetsetter needs in their closet: the casual bodycon. We first learned about this magical piece of clothing four months ago in the Dominican Republic, where we were incapacitated with a stomach bug and facing the prospect of getting on a 2-hour flight back to Miami. Our friend Betsy forced us into her favorite knit bodycon dress so we could be more comfortable for the schlep. The flight was awful, but the dress was super comfy—an incredible feat considering we had a 104-degree fever the entire time. Unfortunately Betsy’s casual bodycon dress had to be returned to its rightful owner. Fortunately Forever21 has had an abundance in stock so we’ve acquired two of our own—one in a knit fabric and one in a t-shirt fabric, both a size up for extra comfort—and it’s all we want to wear when we travel.

The casual bodycon is the ideal foundation for any travel outfit. There really is no better canvas on which to layer comfy sweaters or, better yet, those puffy coats that you absolutely have to wear on the plane because they’re impossible to fit in your suitcase. Plus, the dress complements every body type, can be dressed up or dressed down, and goes with every shoe from sneakers to heels. Our go-to combo is our grey knit bodycon with a jean jacket, a wraparound scarf and a pair of ankle booties. How would you style it?







Dress - Forever 21 knit bodycon (similar here, here, here and here)
Jacket - American Eagle denim (similar here and here)
Scarf - Forever21 infinity (similar here and here)
Booties Aska Collection Trooper in B&W Snake

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Feminine Floridays


Miami has been suffering from multiple weather disorder the past few days. One minute it’s hurricane-ing, another it’s freezing, and the next it’s a beautiful, warm day. To cope we’ve had to do a daily weather check before heading out of the house and still had to pack in anticipation of all weather conditions. Our obsession with sweaters—we love to buy them, we love to wear them, we love to think about them—has turned out to be super clutch in these confusing times. Sweaters are the perfect foundation upon which to build a cold weather outfit, but they also work well with warmer weather clothes like shorts. The past few weeks we’ve been wearing them with everything from A-line skirts to silk patterned pants and, on colder days like today, over dresses and leggings.

Who would have thought the sweater a key staple to Miami life? Well, it is and you need to know how to use it strategically. In today’s post we inspire you to give the sweater a feminine, Florida twist for those days that build from warm and sunny to dark and chilly. What’s your favorite way to style a sweater?






Cable Knit Sweater – Coquette on Seventh (similar here and here)
Jean Shorts - Victoria’s Secret (similar here and here)
Gold Iggy Flamingo Sandals - Kate Spade (similar here and here)
Straw Hat - Vintage (similar here and here)
Photography - 
Brad Wells

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Dressing for Thanksgiving in the Tropics


Last year we established that celebrating the holidays “Miami style” is as much about eating lechón and plátanos as it is about rocking an outfit that screams “I’m from Miami” —one that adheres to the pillars of Miami’s unique and enviable style. Since the first holiday on the roster, Thanksgiving, does not come with a limiting color palette, we have free reign to let our creativity flow. That said, we figured you could use a little inspiration from your favorite Miami fashion obsessed blog to get you going so we’re bringing out photos from last year’s Thanksgiving archive. These photos were shot at Hotel Playa Cambutal in Panama where the TYM team will be spending the long holiday weekend again this year (and where we will likely be wearing similar outfits). A word to the wise, regardless of what outfit you select or where in the tropics you end up, don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent or you will feel their wrath come sun down. After all, we’re talking tropics here…






Cable Knit Sweater Vest (similar here and here)
Maxi Flower Print Skirt from Emporium Boutique (similar here and here)
Stretch Belt (similar here and here)

Photography by Brad Wells

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Fall in the Outer Banks


A huge perk of living in a city with consistent weather year-round is not having to think about the functionality of our clothes. That is, we rarely have to worry about dressing to face different metereological conditions (wind chill, rain, snow, etc.) so we have come to perceive clothes as more of an accessory, less a survival necessity. Then we travel and this mentality—groomed by years of not having to worry about whether our outfit will help or hinder us in an apocalypse—gets us in trouble. It’s the reason we found ourselves this week in the Outer Banks facing 64-degrees and 13mph winds in nothing but ripped jeans and a thin, long-sleeve t-shirt. (Apparently what we call “Fall clothes” in Miami is severely inadequate for dealing with actual Fall weather.) Although frozen solid and absolutely miserable, we decided to grin and bear it for a long overdue Miami style post because nothing is prettier with Fall clothing photo shoots than actual signs of Fall in the background. Plus, if the clothes are useless at keeping us warm, they damn well better make us look cute. What do you think? Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Fall in the Outer Banks”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Design and Film Superstars in the Magic City

In Miami we have a stellar pool of locals from which to be inspired and learn but one of the other perks of living in the Magic City is its access to top notch talent from abroad. Whether its the influx of world renown artists during Art Basel, DJs during Miami Music Week, or designers during Miami Swim Week, we have an inordinate amount of access to superstars and, thereby, inspiration. For a “normal week”—that is, a non-themed week—last week saw a heavy influx of celebrity talent. We were particularly excited that three of these individuals, known for their accomplishments in design or film, shook up the style conversation while in our sunny shores.

Gia Coppola is recognized for her filmmaking genius. Last week she sent a sliver of that genius down to Miami on her behalf in the form of Boccaccio ’70, the last film of a personally-curated series of classic Italian pictures that also traveled to New York and LA this summer. For the final installment of the Gia Coppola x Peroni Nastro Azzurro Grazie Cinema Series, Miami tastemakers gathered at the Miami Beach Edition to munch on hors d’oeuvres, sip on Peroni, and relish in Italian creativity. The breezy evening spent under the Miami stars became as much a muse for those gathered as the film itself.


Meanwhile, at Jade Brickell, Mexican designer Kris Goyri made his Miami debut with a private sale organized by fellow Mexican and marketing guru, Polina Panopoulos. At the event, Goyri presented his Spring/Summer and Fall Winter 2015 collections, as well as introduced exclusive pieces from his 2016 collection. “I love to make women feel beautiful, sexy, and unique,” said Goyri. “Coming to Miami made me discover a cosmopolitan woman that is looking to stand out.” Now, with his elegant, fresh, and beautiful designs at our reach (he is hoping to be back in November), we can.

Image via Polina Panopoulos

The star-studded week concluded at the Fontainebleau, where celebrity designer Diann Valentine hosted a meet and greet at Modern Luxury Bride South Florida and The Caribbean‘s Afternoon of Bridal Luxury event. During a gourmet sit-down luncheon, local brides were treated to a keynote speech in which Valentine highlighted bridal trends and talked about celebrating the uniqueness of each love story. Valentine also gave the brides a sneak peek of the new collection of her signature “Valentine cuff“. Rest assured, the upcoming wedding season will be one worth watching.

Presents: Afternoon of Bridal Luxury Feat. Celebrity Wedding Designer - The Diane Valentine Cuff Photos By: AJ Shorter Photography
Image via AJ Shorter Photography

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Standout Style Moments of Summer


It is with great sadness that we remind you Summer 2015 ended yesterday. And, while meteorologically this means little in the Sunshine State, there’s something about the official start of Fall that messes with Miami’s carefree summer vibe. Save for the last few weeks, this summer was a fantastic one for us. In June, we explored Miami, refining our itineraries of free things to do around Miami and for discovering Miami in under 24 hours to arm ourselves for visitors during the busy season. In July, we bonded with bloggers in Miami and beyond while covering Miami Swim Week and got to interview Sharleen Ernster during the release of her debut collection. August brought us to a triumphant close of the season as we moved into our new office at WeWork.

We are grateful for all these memorable milestones but we would be remiss to overlook the standout style moments that accompanied them. Check out our top 3 (all of which happened during Miami Swim Week because…le duh!), then share with us your favorite in the comments below or by sending us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

1. 90s Rocker Chic at Miami Swim Week: Same Swim.
One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea, previewed her debut swimwear line at the Miami Beach Edition’s Sandbox this summer. Inspired by the return of the 90s, we stepped out for the occasion in a Ramones bodycon dress from Boohoo, a denim jacket from American Eagle, and a sparkly choker and super high lug sole platform sandals from Forever 21. The outfit as a whole was a huge win…until we arrived to the Sandbox and struggled to stand in our heels. Note to self: if a Miami invitation says an event will be held in a sandbox, it’s in an actual sandbox.


2. Mermaid Vibes at Miami Swim Week: Lolli Swim.
As true Miami girls, we are obsessed with everything ocean, palm trees, and summer – you know, the mermaid essentials. Based on their 2016 BESTIES collection, which previewed at a summer soirée at the Miami Beach Edition, Lolli gets us. The collection tells a story about besties who drift through long summer days of sunshine making magical memories together. Okay, so we haven’t worn any of the pieces from this collection yet but we are OBSESSED with this palm tree one-piece and bet you’ll be seeing us in it soon. What better way to keep the summer alive in the coming months?

Photo credit: Getty Images for Amuse Society
3. Old Florida Flare at Miami Swim Week: Akai, Alexibella, and Siempre Golden Brunch.
This trip down standout summer style memory lane would not be complete without a “So Miami” look, the best of which we sported to brunch with our friends of Akai, Alexibella, and Siempre Golden at Seagrape in the Thompson Miami. Inpsired by Seagrape’s old Florida vibes, we donned Free People’s 100 degree dress (A/K/A the dress of the summer), a fedora from Forever 21 (similar here), and Aldo Gimello sneakers. It was one of the best outfits we put together and fit the setting seamlessly.


#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Capretto Sparks Shoe Talks in Miami


As summer wraps up, the days of 24-hour bare feet are also coming to an end and the local fashion spotlight has turned to shoes. It all started last month when Teen Vogue‘s Fashion and Accessories director, Marina Larroudé, joined Chelsea Paris footwear designer and founder, Theresa Ebagua, in hosting Fashion for Breakfast at Cecconi’s Miami Beach (see photos below). Their discussion, which was moderated by Miami’s own Jason Salstein, Head Buyer for Capretto Shoes in South Miami, centered around Fall shoe trends including the two styles from the Chelsea Paris Fall 2015 collection exclusive to Capretto which were unveiled during an in-store event the following day.

“Capretto is unlike any boutique in the country, if not the world,” says Jason. “As an accessory store, we have the ability to curate collections and custom shoes, be it a color, fabric, or heel height, differentiating ourselves from any other boutique.”

This month, Jason continues his mission of bringing A-list designers to Miami and introducing them to the local market. On the agenda? Luxury shoe designer and owner of his eponymous label, Jerome Rousseau. Jerome will be at Capretto on Tuesday, September 1 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. previewing pieces from his Pre-Fall 2015 collection and signing any pairs purchased during the in-store event. On Wednesday, September 2, he will join Miami model, blogger, and “It” girl Jenny Lopez in hosting Fashion for Breakfast at Cecconi’s Miami Beach from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Their panel will be moderated by Haute Living Magazine Contributing Editor and RAC owner, Regina Arriola Cauff.

We asked Jason how he lures top notch designers to our beautiful city and his response was on point. “Who wouldn’t want an excuse to come to Miami? It gives designers a chance to truly see the Miami market, which is not only a huge market in itself but also acts as a window to South America.” For the locals, these events present a unique opportunity to interact with designers of young brands and share with them our deepest, darkest shoe desires. Plus, the in-store events are the perfect pretense to admire (and shop) Capretto’s drool-worthy shoe inventory in person. See you there? RSVP to fashionforbreakfastmia [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank-You-Miami-For-Fashion-For-Breakfast-Chelsea-Paris-1 Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Capretto Sparks Shoe Talks in Miami”

#ThankYouMiami For Fashion – How To Pack For The Beach


We’re die-hard Miami beach bunnies. Not only do we live on the beach, but we also spend 99% of our vacations at other beach destinations. At this point in our lives, you can say we’re expert level beach goers. As such, we feel the responsibility to impart upon you the years of beach going knowledge we’ve acquired – the most important of which (after sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen) is how to pack for the beach. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami For Fashion – How To Pack For The Beach”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion (and Function) РWithings Activit̩ Pop


Every time we have to get into a bikini we wish we had a magic button we could press to instantly make us look thinner and more toned, but we all know that’s wishful thinking. Looking fit and feeling good about our bodies is more about regular exercise and good nutrition, less about magic, non-existent solutions. We never thought we’d have a problem maintaining our exercise routine (good nutrition is more of a battle because we love food). From Middle School through college, we were athletes who comfortably did two-a-days in multiple sports and still had the energy to hit the gym. In fact, in High School – before we had any common sense and when it still seemed like an easily attainable goal – we would tell our friends that our goal in life was to become a “hot mom” Ã  la Jessica Alba. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion (and Function) – Withings Activité Pop”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Miami Does Swim Week


Few things make as much sense as Miami hosting Swim Week. We’ve got beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, an exciting nightlife and, most importantly, incredibly talented people. Our favorite part of locally-hosted international events like Swim Week is seeing the global spotlight shine on our local talent and watching them flourish. This year, we went into the bikini madness with a goal to observe and report on the accomplishments of Miami designers, products, venues, and people. Alas, here we are today sharing five of the week’s best 305-bred moments.

1. Liliana Montoya – Mermaids of Atlantis Runway Show at Funkshion Fashion Week
Liliana Montoya is a Miami Beach-based brand that has captivated aspiring mermaids in the US and beyond. For the brand’s third Miami Swim Week, Liliana stunned the crowd with sexy wrap-around pieces and a killer summer soundtrack that included our “it” summer song: East & Young Remix of Runaway (U&I) by Galantis. The night was made all the sweeter because it was a collaborative effort of multiple Miami girl bosses, including Valérie Engel of South of Fifth’s Roses and Dreams Boutique which carries her brand. If you missed our previous feature on Valérie, check it out here for some serious life inspo then stop by her store to pick up Liliana Montoya’s sultry swim designs.

2. Style Saves Swim at the Miami Beach EDITION and the SLS Hotel
Miami non-profit Style Saves, which fundraises to donate underprivileged kids with clothing, shoes and accessories, was the talk of the town with their 5th Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser at the Miami Beach EDITION. The runway show featured beach must-haves by coveted brands (Kai Lani, Regine Chevallier, and Goêt) and swoon-worthy moments thanks to the world’s cutest puppies. Then, on Sunday, Style Saves hopped over to the SLS Hotel where they hosted pop-ups of local brands and boutiques (iSHINE365, Style Mafia, MVM Boutique) for a “So Miami” shopping experience in the name of charity. Thanks to Style Saves, the weekend was a fruitful one for our small businesses and for the less fortunate children in our community. P.S. If you want to contribute to their more than worthy cause, you can donate at any time.

3. Babalú at Hammock Show
Babalú, local luxury boutique and the brainchild of perfume fanatics Greg Melvin and Paolo Ambu, was also present at Miami Swim Week. We stumbled upon their elegant display outside the W Hotel’s trés chic ballroom and, as soon as we spotted their unmistakeable pink logo, we were super psyched to see what they had in store. You may remember from our feature on their Perfume Genie that the team from Babalú has a flare for the exciting and the exotic and, at Hammock Show, they didn’t disappoint. They used the trade show to debut their new line of artisanal candies which are fittingly inspired by notes from fine fragrances like those sold at their Lincoln Road outpost. The layer of notes in the candies, such as the honey, ginger and oriental spice in the “Spicy” line, make them a unique gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

4. Escape Miami Style Lounge at Shelborne Wyndham Grand
Escape Miami Lounge, an annual swim-themed ode to Miami by Annie Vazquez (A/K/A The Fashion Poet) and Katya Bravo, returned for its third year bigger and better than ever. The event took over the Shelborne‘s pool and cabanas with pop-ups from well-known brands like Italia Independent (which will be opening their first store in Miami soon) and newly-launched ones like Flair Miami blog’s new line of Miami-inspired t-shirts. We were all about the fruity summer cocktails, the burst of cooling kryogenifex mist, and The Biscayne Poet‘s sweet prose. This really is one of Miami’s best summer parties time and time again.

5. Akai, Alexibella and Siempre Golden Brunch at Seagrape
We ended our Miami quest with brunch (because Miami, bro) at Seagrape where we scarfed down three chocolate croissants in the presence of the two designers of Akai Swimwear and their other media guests. In addition to overloading on carbs, we had the chance to chat with Daniela Longo and Chabeli De Sousa about the story behind their brand, the inspiration for their second collection, and their time at the University of Miami (Go ‘Canes!). We also perused their lookbook and those of Alexibella and Siempre Golden before leaving with a super chic and cheeky Siempre Golden bikini that you’ll get the chance to peep in a future post. Until then, you can find your summer swim in Akai, Alexibella, and Siempre Golden. Trust.

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Miami Swim Week 2015


Rejoice, Miami fashionistas! We’ve officially made it to another Miami Swim Week. On Thursday, the whirlwind of runways, parties, and brunches begins. As your local insiders, we’ll be your eyes and ears throughout the week. We’ll be keeping you updated regularly on trends, parties, and celebrity sightings through a daily post on this column, as well as live coverage on our Instagram page, our Twitter and our newly-launched Periscope channel (P.S. we’re @thankyoumiami for all social media).

If you’re looking to join in on the action, you’re in luck! This year you’ve been invited to three of Miami Swim Week 2015’s coolest events where you’ll be able to learn about this year’s swimwear trends firsthand, shop summer must-haves, and meet your favorite designers. Check out the details below and don’t forget to RSVP!

1. DASH x MIKOH Swim Week Kick-Off
Thursday, July 16, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
DASH Boutique (668 Collins Avenue)

One of our favorite sexy-meets-sporty swimwear brands is MIKOH, the brainchild of Hawaiian sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller. To kick-off swim week, they will be hosting an event at the Kardashian’s infamous DASH Boutique with prize giveaways, a photo booth, cocktails, and light bites. While we’re over here fan-girling, e-mail rsvp [at] shopdashonline [dot] com to confirm your attendance!

2. Style Saves Swim 5th Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser
Friday, July 17, 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.
The Miami Beach Edition (2901 Collins Avenue)

Local nonprofit Style Saves is well-known for their charitable work in providing underpriviledged students with new clothing, shoes, accessories, and prescription eyewear. They’re also known for throwing one heck of a fundraiser. For only $181, you will have access to a sponsored open bar, the sounds of DJ Irie, and an exclusive fashion show featuring looks from Calypso, ishine365, and Kai Lani. There is no better reason to party than for a higher purpose so purchase your tickets here and join us in putting the fun back in fundraising!

3. Escape Miami Style Lounge & Pool Party
Saturday, July 17, 1 p.m to 6 p.m.
Shelborne Wyndham Grand (1801 Collins Avenue)

The highly-anticipated event by Peroni and local blogger Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet is back for its third year as #EscapeMiami3. Join us at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand for live music, cocktails, hair styling, nail art, massages, a fashion illustrator, pop-ups and more! Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit so you can cool off and catch the poolside fashion show from the water. This is one of the most fun events of Miami Swim Week so reserve your free ticket here before it sells out. And, if you’re feeling lucky, enter our giveaway for your chance to win two VIP tickets to #EscapeMiami3, which includes a VIP swag bag!

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion РPerfume Perfection at Babal̼


We apologize for the fashion silence these past few weeks. We have been extremely busy writing about the food, travel, and culture that comes in droves in late spring. But, rest assured, we have been diligently keeping up with our local fashion happenings, amping up for Miami fashion season, and naturally thinking of you the whole time.

Latest on our radar is news from Babalú Boutique in Miami Beach – you know, the unexpected surprise beneath the stairs in the 1111 Lincoln Road building (the Herzog and De Meuron garage) that stands out with its neon lights and eclectic yet luxurious inventory. In a testament to its founders’ limitless creativity, the chic boutique recently added a cozy room to its small footprint that houses a beautiful perfume bar and an interactive tool called the Perfume Genie that helps you find your favorite fragrance. As perfume amateurs, we were intrigued by the new expansion and the unveiling of its resident magical technology so we bribed our closest friends with bubbles to come check it out with us last week. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Perfume Perfection at Babalú”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Palms in Panama

Thanks to our Instagram, it is no secret that we love palm trees and we love Panama. Palm trees make an incredible print and they are an integral part of Miami’s iconic image. Panama is a gorgeous country and a no brainer destination for Miami locals. In the spirit of our summer, we wanted to combine both of our tropical obsessions by sharing some photos we shot during our last trip to surf Panama’s Pacific Coast.

Huge props to Hotel Playa Cambutal for being our home away from home in Panama when Miami’s as flat as an ironing board. For a surf family like ours, there is really no better place to escape to than a beautiful hotel on an empty beach with nearly year-round surf.


Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Palms in Panama”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Summer Look Inspired by Jose Cuervo


We know what you’re thinking: how can an outfit be inspired by tequila? Well, if you have a good memory, you remember that two weeks ago we attended the unveiling of this year’s Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia bottle with its new one-of-a-kind design created by Mexican artist Enrique Rosas. If you’ve been keeping track of this year’s summer trends, you know that the color palette of Rosas’s oeuvre d’art are in line with the colors for summer. The blue and white in particular are the perfect inspiration for an on-trend look for our favorite season. So, as we whipped up our favorite tequila, soda and lime cocktails using Reserva de la Familia this Memorial Day Weekend, we let the inspiration take hold.

The resulting look is one of our favorites, mostly because the individual pieces we used to put it together are some of our favorite finds. In fact, the denim top by Bella Dahl, with its loose and effortless fit, is our proudest buy to date. We found it at The Tannery on Boylson Street while we were in Boston for our sister’s graduation last week and we’ve since spotted its unique tail on our Instagram feed so you know its hot, hot hot! The next best part of this outfit is the Perry Street statement necklace that arrived on our door step courtesy of our Rocksbox stylist. The look is very casual – it seems to say “I’m going or coming from a day of sailing” – so the necklace is the perfect way to bring in some glamour.

See! We told you tequila can inspire a fabulous outfit. What do you think? Would you wear it? Which is your favorite piece?







Top - Bella Dahl Shirt Tail Button Down
Pants - H&M Ripped White Jeans (similar)
Shoes - Michael Kors Canvas Espadrille (similar)
Necklace - Perry Street Amelie Crystal Necklace from Rocksbox


#ThankYouMiami for (Travel) Fashion


Miami has struck a delicate balance between being the ultimate travel destination and offering a great quality of life. However, during high season, the pendulum swings toward catering to visitors and mayhem ensues. So, when Miami is in the peak of tourism season, Miami-ans – particularly Miami Beach locals – travel frequently.

Since early March, we have been on a binge of staycations, vacations, family trips and work trips. And, as the police barricades continue to go up on Ocean, Collins, and Washington, we are preparing to head out for the weekend again. After all, evacuating for Memorial Day is pretty much a local tradition by this point. So as you get ready to pack your bags (again), here’s a round-up on our favorite travel fashion. Bon voyage!

1. Casual, Comfortable Airport Look: This look takes you comfortably through the airport, while still looking cute. The formula? Leather paneled leggings, embellished sneakers, a sweatshirt, a denim jacket, and, if you’re feeling sassy, a beanie. Don’t forget to grab a chic pair of headphones, like our favorite Frends Taylor in Rose Gold.


2. From Airport to Cold Climes: The key to this highly-adaptable look is layers. We started with a sweater vest and layered over a jean jacket for the airplane. As soon as we made it outside, we pulled on this super warm Olivia Pope-inspired coat from The Limited’s Scandal collection.


3. Cute and Casual Roadtrip: When we go on roadtrips, we like to be comfortable but we also like to look chic because we want to be able to get out anywhere and feel confident. A simple, cotton sundress with a denim jacket works best for us. Make sure to mix in flat shoes that are easy to walk in, like these Silence + Noise booties (similar), so you can explore any terrain you encounter.


4. Airport to Cool City: Out of our four looks, this one is our favorite because it encompasses the best parts of the other three outfits. And, most importantly, we can wear it anywhere so we do not have to think twice about changing when we arrive at our destination. The most important part in putting it together is a great pair of overalls. The ones we are wearing are our favorite. Can you believe we found them for less than $40 at Forever 21 (similar)?


#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – #TheFallsINDULGE

Miami Fashion Bloggers and moms at The Falls Miami’s INDULGE: Fashion + Fun for Moms event. Photo by SFG Mag.

Last Thursday, we kicked off our Mother’s Day celebrations early by treating our mom (“mamá”) to a day at The Falls Miami and having her join us in co-hosting a special fashion presentation for moms. Mamá lives in Boca and, thanks to Town Center Mall, is super familiar with the Simon Mall routine: lunch, shopping, primping, coffee, more shopping. Despite having a tight schedule, we got everything done with time to spare and created a few special memories along the way. These were our three favorite moments:

1. Seeing our similarities in an unexpected surprise. When we got to Macy’s to pick our looks for the evening, mamá went one way and we went another, only meeting up occasionally to reflect on our selections. We styled ourselves solo, so you can imagine our surprise when we realized that our final outfits were not only from the same exact designer but also featured similar prints. As we said to the audience at the event, “the apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Thank-You-Miami-For-Fashion-Margarita-Kruyff-Wells-The-Falls-Miami-Indulge-Fashion-Event Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – #TheFallsINDULGE”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Reflection On Our Personal Style


We have been reflecting a lot lately. Maybe it’s common for our age or maybe we’re going crazy – nevertheless, these days, our brain has been on nostalgia overdrive. Today, we reminisced super hard as we watched our little sister cross the finish line of her first full marathon. We couldn’t have been more proud of her. We also couldn’t have been more emotional about watching her reach such an incredible milestone.

We’re gearing up for even more waterworks as Mother’s Day quickly approaches. All our recent reflection has emphasized just how important our mom is to us. And, as we prepare to celebrate her on Thursday, April 30th at The Falls INDULGE: Fashion and Fun for Moms event, we can’t help but get teary-eyed at how she has influenced us throughout our life. ¡Ay!, pero es tan emocional that we can’t even… Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Reflection On Our Personal Style”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Weekending


It is no secret that one of our favorite local haunts is South Pointe Park. We love it for its gorgeous aesthetic, its killer views, and its versatility. And, while it is our go-to park all week long, we are particularly fond of it on the weekends when it proves the perfect setting for staying active, relaxing, or showing off our beautiful city to our constant stream of visitors.

On Sundays, our favorite afternoon activity is skateboarding to South Pointe Park for a sunset picnic. This adventure, like many daytime activities in South Beach, requires an outfit that is comfortable yet chic. Think the VonTrapp children’s playsuits, just more modern and not made with curtain fabric. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Weekending”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Coral Gables Fashion Week


Miami’s sense of community is getting stronger by the day – most recently, as evidenced by Coral Gables Fashion Week (or #CGFW for the social media savvy). For the first time in Coral Gables history, fashion retailers in the neighborhood’s downtown have banded together to deliver three days of fashion events and shopping deals that will conclude with a fashion show at the Coral Gables Museum on Saturday night.

The first day was a whirlwind of sweets, drinks, beats, and bloggers. We spent the evening hopping from store to boutique with a mimosa in hand, snapping our favorite products, and taking note of the best deals. Welcome to the fashion spotlight Coral Gables – it looks great on you!

Our first stop was Jae’s Jewelers, a family-owned fine jewelry store that was founded in Miami in 1945. Their drool-worthy inventory offer a lot of variety in terms of prices, brands, and styles. Stop by during Coral Gables Fashion Week and for the remainder of the month to get stunning pieces like the Rebecca rose gold plated bracelet and the Honora pearl bracelet shown below at 50% off. Is this real life?!?!



Our second stop was the Peace, Love, World boutique, which happened to be next door. Although we’ve heard a lot about this Miami-based brand, it was our first time in one of their stores. It’s probably for the best because we are obsessed with everything they sell. We walked out with an “i love sundays” iPhone case as a budget-conscious consolation prize. In a perfect world, our entire closet would be filled with the line’s comfy looking sweatsuits.



Our last stop was My Best Friend’s Closet. You’ve heard us talk about how this cute boutique is full of great fashion finds – must be why this year they’re turning four year’s old. We’re happy to report that their inventory is as amazing as ever and that they can still throw a fantastic fiesta. Here’s to many more, guys!



#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – How To Rocksbox Miami Style


Miami people are usually “bling” people – not us. Don’t get us wrong. We loooove shiny things, but our jewelry rights were revoked early in life after we lost every nice piece of jewelry we had before the age of 18. Since then, we’ve kept only a minimal collection of versatile jewelry, allowing us the flexibility to accessorize properly and making it easy to keep track of each and every piece.

When Rocksbox, a monthly jewelry subscription, first asked us to give them a try, we were initially hesitant. After all, our style in adulthood has been defined by the consistency of our accessories. Are we really ready to diversify and let a stylist take the reigns? And, as serial jewelry mislayers, can we handle the responsibility of designer jewelry on loan? Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – How To Rocksbox Miami Style”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – In Denim Jumpsuits We Trust


Fact: We are obsessed with denim. Denim is the number one staple of our weekend wardrobe, which is why we are psyched that it has stepped front and center into the fashion spotlight in recent years. Last season was all about the overall. This season has been all about the jumpsuit. As avid fanatics, we go all in each season with the denim trend du jour so, right now, in denim jumpsuits we trust.

Denim is a tough material to wear in Miami – it requires calculated usage. If you wear too much, it can be too thick and too hot for our weather. Without the right accessories, it can look too casual to go out in a city known for dressing to the nines. For us, it’s all about strategically dressing up denim so it fits Miami’s aesthetic and works with Miami’s subtropical climate.

On Friday night, for the first time since the 90s, we stepped out in a Forever21 denim jumpsuit (similar) to the preview party for G-Star RAW‘s newest collection. Our only accessory for the night? A pair of statement heels – leopard print Steve Madden kitten heels (similar) to be exact. The heels were sufficiently dainty to give the look a feminine edge. Plus, they helped to elevate the ultra-casual piece to look more dressed up.

At the G-Star RAW event, we spotted three denim jumpsuits that we absolutely need in our closet. Turns out, G-Star RAW is also on that jumpsuit vibe! We tried all of them on and modeled them for you to show you how – whether you like light denim or dark denim, whether you wear it fitted or loose – there is a denim jumpsuit for you out there. Check them out then tell us, how do you wear yours? #TightOrWide?

G-Star Denim Jumpsuit Option 1: Midge Sculpted Suit, Dark Aged
G-Star Denim Jumpsuit Option 2: New Lynn Zip Suit, White Painted
G-Star Denim Jumpsuit Option 3: Lynn Zip Suit, Dark Aged. This one was our absolute favorite!
Thanks to G-Star RAW for having us! We can’t wait to stop by your Lincoln Road store again.

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – West Coast Roadtrippin’


Last week we spent time on Florida’s west coast and explored some cool spots that as Miami residents we rarely get to visit. Our road trip took us to three distinctively different venues and they were all awesome. Check out our fashion travel diary for the scoop on where to go and, more importantly, what to wear when you go west coast roadtrippin’.

1. Smallwood Store
This historic trading post was established in 1906 by Ted Smallwood on the coast of Chokoloskee Island. Its remote and isolated location established the store as the go-to purveyor of goods and mail services for the area’s settlers. Thanks to its critical role in the daily life of pioneers, it was also a center for political activity for some time. Today the Florida Heritage Site is a museum that provides insight into Florida Pioneer History. For $5, you can view the original goods that have been at the store since it closed for business in 1982 and learn about the store’s past.




2. Camellia Street Grille
We have to confess that our trip to the Everglades City area was primarily driven by food – Camellia Street Grille’s food to be exact. We had heard fabulous feedback on the Florida and seafood-inspired comfort food being served at this quirky local joint and had to try it for ourselves. The food was incredible. We enjoyed a quarter pound of boiled shrimp, a homemade crab cake sandwich, an herb salad, and a key lime pie milkshake. The herb salad was especially delicious, maybe it was the fact that most of the ingredients were grown on the property. And the shake? It. Was. Phenomenal. We talked about how good it was (“like key lime pie in a cup”) for about 30 minutes on the ride home.




3. Clearwater Beach
During our trip, we also stopped to take a peek at the sandy pastures of our western neighbors. To be honest, we’re partial to our white, sandy beaches and our Art Deco life guard stands. But there’s something to be said about watching the sun set on the ocean and enjoying the quiet, empty beaches of Clearwater. After all, a beach is a beach.




Smallwood Store & Camillia Street Cafe Outfit
Grey Draped Sweater H&M (similar here and here)
Grey Short Sleeve T-shirtForever 21 (similar here)
Grey Jeggings – American Eagle (similar here)
ShoesAldo Gimello Sneakers

Clearwater Beach Outfit
Black and Gold Sweater – American Eagle (similar here)
JoggersBullhead Denim Co. Knit Jean Jogger Pants via PacSun
Shoes – Aldo Gimello Sneakers

Reyka Vodka Visits Miami


If there is one thing Miami is doing well, it’s cocktails. Handcrafted cocktail hotspots like the Broken Shaker and Bodega prove that our cocktail scene is innovative and ahead of the curve. Plus, our local mixologists are respected and recognizable figures in the national hospitality circles. Would you expect any less from a top-tier nightlife destination like Miami?

Reyka Vodka brand ambassador, Trevor Schneider, can vouch for Miami’s cocktail credibility. When New York’s very own “cocktail ninja” arrived to our beautiful city last Saturday, he was excited to see that Miami is bringing our mixology A-game. The Broken Shaker, he says, is the prime example of how high Miami is setting the bar. That said, it comes as no surprise that he selected The Broken Shaker as the backdrop for re-introducing Reyka Vodka to the Miami community.

Earlier this week, Trevor invited local influencers to the Freehand Miami for a tasting of classic cocktails reinvented with Reyka Vodka. The menu featured three signature cocktails bound to take Miami by storm: the Reyka Cooler, the Harvest Collins, and the Icelandic Paloma. We loved all three, especially because each one had a distinct claim-to-fame. For example, the Harvest Collins had strawberry-infused vodka that made it dangerously delicious.

The free-flowing drinks, the gorgeous weather, and Trevor’s charisma were all contributing factors to a good time. 27 Restaurant and Bar sealed the deal by furnishing exquisite hors d’oeuvres that, to no one’s surprise, impressed everyone present. Overall the night was an incredible success. We speak for everyone when we say that you’re welcome back any time Reyka Vodka!









#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – 100-Percent Miami


There’s no better time to be a Miami-an than when the rest of the country is freezing. These are the moments when social media in Miami comes alive with hilarious weather-themed memes, tweets, Instagrams, and pins rubbing in that we live in paradise. This week, while the Northeast is coated in 20 to 30 inches of snow, the reaction has been no different. And, while we hope the nor’easter will continue being gentle to our east coast friends, we can’t help but also revel in our incredible subtropical climate by sharing a winter outfit post that is 100-percent Miami. Because, who else can refer to a skort and t-shirt as their winter whites? Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – 100-Percent Miami”

Fairchild’s 9th Annual Chocolate Festival Feeds Miami’s Mind and Soul


This weekend Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden lured us to Coral Gables with chocolate – their 9th Annual Chocolate Festival to be exact. Despite the overcast skies, the Garden came alive with live music, international eats, educational programming, and more chocolate than the eye could see. The two-day festival gave Miami families the perfect excuse to enjoy the beautiful grounds, indulge in chocolate delicacies, and learn about the cacao plant. During our visit, we did all these and more. Check out our five favorite moments from this year’s event:

1. Sampling a hot chocolate recipe from the 1750s. American Heritage, an authentic historic line of products from leading food manufacturer Mars, had a tent where we learned how hot chocolate was made from scratch in the 1750s and had the opportunity to sample the recipe. The demonstration included actual recreations of the ingredients and kitchen tools used back then, like the spices and chunk of sugar (wrapped in blue paper) shown below. Did you know that in the 1700s that amount of sugar would last one family approximately 6 months?


2. Learning about the history of cacao. “The Living History of Cacao and Chocolate” tent, which held presentations every hour on the chronology of cacao from ancient seed to modern candy bar, was the most notable addition to this year’s program. Our timing was off so we missed most of the speakers, but the friendly volunteers at the tent gave us a delicious consolation prize: a banana chocolate smoothie sample!


3. Exploring the greenhouse. We headed to the greenhouse with the mission of finding and witnessing Fairchild’s cacao tree first-hand. However, the lush vegetation and water features kept us in there for a good hour as we explored the many natural wonders the greenhouse had to offer.


4. Discovering the Wings of the Tropics exhibition. As we concluded our stroll in the greenhouse, we spotted the conservatory that houses Fairchild’s colorful butterflies and we knew we had to go inside. The exhibition was well-worth the detour – the butterflies were awe-inspiring despite the limited sunshine. Did you know that butterflies are more active on sunny days? They rely on the sun to raise their body temperatures so they can fly.


5. Enjoying the festival ambiance. Once we had our fill of chocolate, we grabbed a roasted corn on the cob and sat down on the grass to enjoy the harmonious sounds of Solar Dogs, a Coconut Grove-based string band that was our favorite part of last year’s chocolate festival. Sitting there, watching families spending time together, couples dancing, and savoring our delicious corn, we were in absolute festival bliss. Fairchild, you really know how to make us happy!


#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Calling All Miami Mermaids


If you live in Miami, there is a 99-percent chance you are a mermaid. We know we definitely are based on our affinity for salty air and sandy feet. Regardless of the season, you will find us every weekend beach-side working on our tans and showing off the bikini body we work so hard to maintain year-round (thanks, ClassPass!). Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Calling All Miami Mermaids”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Frozen But Chic


Our tropical selves welcomed the beginning of the new year playing in the snow, instead of the sand. Nevertheless, freezing mountain top temperatures and a winter wind chill could not sway us from keeping our last look of 2014 true to Miami style. After all, our Golden State of Mind is to dress for the weather we want, not the weather we have. So, to celebrate NYE, we slipped into a stylish House of Harlow 1960 romper we picked up last week at PacSun at the Falls and ventured out to Windham Mountain to show the lovely people of The Catskills how Miami-ans do glamour. We may have been frozen, but at least we looked chic!








Hat – Kendall and Kylie Floppy Panama Hat from PacSun at The Falls
Romper – House of Harlow 1960 Keyhole Romper from PacSun at The Falls
Coat – Faux Fur Coat from Forever21 (similar here)
Shoes – Black Suede Booties from Gap (similar here)

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Holiday Shopping Hail Mary


Procrastination is a disease that prays on the innocent worldwide but here in Miami, it plagues its victims at another level. Miami is a place where arriving on time means pulling up at least an hour late. It’s a place where everyone subscribes to “why get done today what can be done mañana“.  And, it’s a place where holiday shopping begins only a few days before the holidays.

Blame your half finished shopping list on the lack of snow or your busy social calendar this month – we don’t judge. As of Friday we were on the same boat so, on the contrary, we totally sympathize. Better yet, we come to you with a solution for your holiday hitch: an afternoon at The Falls. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Holiday Shopping Hail Mary”

#ThankYouMiami for (Holiday) Fashion


Another holiday season, another round of parties at which to let your Miami fashion sense shine! This year we’re all about showcasing a subdued South Beach sexy. No, we’re not talking bandage dresses or sky-high heels so put those back in your closet immediately. Our style inspiration today comes in the shape of sheer blouses and kitten heels. More Audrey Hepburn, less Aubrey O’Day.

Our holiday outfit is based on two pieces we picked up during emergency fashion runs. So, if you’re behind on putting together your holiday outfits, there is hope for you yet! The first piece is a textured black blouse, which we found at Target on our way to last month’s Fashion Meets Fine Dining event. The second is a black A-line skirt from Forever21 that we purchased an hour before our cameo on The Ellen Show. We love both pieces because they are basics that are versatile and are flattering on most body shapes. Plus, as you’ll see below, the skirt is perfect for twirling!

The day we shot this look we were headed to a matinee showing of The Nutcracker so we chose to go with an all-black combo. However, if you’re inspired by the holiday spirit, feel free to choose a brighter or more festive color for either piece. You can also play around with the shoe color to find one that better suits the celebrations. We chose these particular Steve by Steve Madden heels because we love how this shade of blue contrasts with black pieces. “Irregardless” of what you choose, remember to have fun and enjoy the holidays – after all, they only come once a year!





Blouse – Target (similar here and here)

Skirt – Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Shoes – Steve by Steve Madden (similar here)

Photography – Brad Wells

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Fashion Meets Fine Dining


Tucked away in the quickly-growing downtown of the Town of Surfside is Pescecane Ristorante, an Italian restaurant with marvelous food and a welcoming atmosphere. These two components alone are how Miami normally turns meals into dining experiences. However, Pescecane is blowing normal dining experiences out of the water by adding a third component: fashion. Two weeks ago, the restaurant successfully executed their first-ever “Fashion Meets Fine Dining”, an event which brings a fashion show and pop-up to the restaurant’s dining room during peak dining hours. Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Fashion Meets Fine Dining”

#ThankYouMiami x The Falls Miami Giveaway – #GiveThanksForFashion


Much to our excitement, the holiday season is quickly approaching. In just two short weeks we will begin preparations for Thanksgiving and, shortly after, for Christmas and New Year’s. This is one of our favorite times of the year. Even though Miami does not experience snow, the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the holiday season penetrates our tropical borders and brings us positive vibes. As an added bonus, winter for us means new clothes and lots of traveling. This year it also means an amazing fashion giveaway for our followers courtesy of The Falls Miami.

In celebration of The Falls Miami opening at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving and to help get you started on your holiday shopping, we are hosting a #GiveThanksForFashion giveaway where one (1) lucky winner will receive:

To participate, follow @ThankYouMiami and @TheFallsMiami on Instagram, repost the image above with the hashtag #GiveThanksForFashion (you can also find it on our Instagram page), and tag both accounts. Entries will be accepted until Black Friday. Bon chance!

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Displaying Miami Elegance Abroad


“We the People of Miami, in order to maintain our stellar reputation, establish our own personal style, insure our continued sanity, provide for any travel situation, promote our local talent, and secure our fashion supremacy to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish that we shall display Miami elegance abroad.”

In Miami, elegance is relative. Our formal attires vary from the most formal of formals to our unique and unorthodox definition (think expertly paired maxi dresses). When traveling, the version of elegance that we bring along is determined solely by our destination. Since we travel primarily to tropical beach destinations, our formal wear tends to lean towards the more casual end of the spectrum.

Despite the predictable nature of our travel destinations, the #ThankYouMiami team’s Nicaragua prep still involved a careful evaluation of where we were going, what there is to do there, and who we were bringing along. After much deliberation, our suitcases were filled 99% with swimwear, water sport equipment, camera equipment, and a handful of beach essentials and 1% with a casually elegant outfit to save our butts should an unexpected formal outing arise. Ironically, no such moment came during our trip, but we decided to wear our contingency outfit around our beautiful Nicaragua 365 Fort Walker rental home anyway – as Nacho Libre would say “just for fun”.

The resulting outfit is an excellent case study of Miami elegance abroad. For starters, it upholds Miami’s stellar reputation, while meeting our personal style. Also, its presence in our suitcase kept us from worrying about ever being under-dressed because it was put together based on meticulous consideration of possible trip scenarios. Most importantly, it featured the extraordinary talent of Miami-based Cameri Jewelry and demonstrated that Miami is a fashion example to follow.

Here’s to the continued booking of our future travels. May they be abundant and, most of all, elegant!

Thank-You-Miami-For-Fashion-Elegance-Abroad-1 Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Displaying Miami Elegance Abroad”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Bloggers Give Back


Miami-ans are beautiful people. However, our reputable good looks are a Miami stereotype and, by consequence, often overshadow our inner beauty. Today we are choosing to focus on our less superficial attributes and share with you how we, in coordination with other Miami fashion bloggers, are giving back through two upcoming events. We hope that you will join us in supporting our community by attending them both. See you there!

Fashion Happy Hour: Blogger’s Give Edition
Friday, September 26
6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
LMNT (59 NW 36 Street, Miami, Florida 33127)

Join Daniela Ramirez from Nany’s Klozet and other Miami fashion bloggers for a night of fashion, mingling, and live music where you will be able to shop the closets of your favorite Miami style mavens. The donations generated from ticket sales and the blogger clothing sale will benefit local non-profit Style Saves, who will use the funds to provide underprivileged students with clothing, shoes, and accessories for school. Get your tickets here.

Photo Sep 25, 5 48 04 PM

Pretty in Pink Party!
Tuesday, September 30
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Bloomingdale’s at The Falls Miami (8888 SW 136 Street, Miami, Florida 33176)

Join Bloomingdale’s as they kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a beauty event hosted by Miami’s fashion bloggers. The event includes yummy sips and bites, Gissi Jimenez’s killer fashion sketches, an educational panel, and a beauty event among other pink-themed activities. During the event, you will receive a Little Miss Miami bracelet benefiting breast cancer for each cosmetic and fragrance purchase of $200 or more.

Photo Sep 18, 11 05 56 AM


#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – True Hair Miami


Somewhere in the pages of the Miami girl’s fashion bible is a passage that reads: “Thou shalt never be fully dressed without full hair and make-up”. So the Miami gods created True Hair Miami Salon. The brainchild of extension queen Ellie Menocal, the chic Midtown salon is a one-stop-shop for all things hair and beauty. The service menu includes hair cuts and treatments, make-up, bronzing and, of course, Ellie’s famous long-lasting high quality extensions.

Recently we stopped by the salon to meet the True Hair Miami team and to get ready before our “Day at the Races”. We got our hair and make-up done and even added a purple extension to spice up our look. The team did an incredible job of making us look fabulous while meeting our natural make-up, low maintenance people demands. Most of all, they made the experience incredibly fun.

Of course, there was bubbly and, of course, there were cupcakes, but the pièce de resistance was the people. Ellie has assembled a team of professionals that are friendly, knowledgeable, and have some incredible stories to tell. Our time in Gustavo’s styling chair was therapeutic and educational. He expertly balanced the conversation between sharing stories of his enviable life, giving us much-needed advice, and answering our most pressing beauty questions. It is a testament to his skills that he did so while taking our hair from bedhead to bombshell.

We will let the photos from our visit speak for themselves. A huge thanks to Ellie for the hospitality, Gustavo for our hair, Vanessa for our make-up, and Robin for the photos. You guys rock! Continue reading “#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – True Hair Miami”

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Jetsetter’s Guide to Chic Travel


Miami is the gateway to the world, which is why the Miami lifestyle incorporates travel seamlessly. But, with great power comes great responsibility – in our case, to represent Miami worldwide by looking nothing short of chic. Lucky for you, we love to travel and, through trial and error, we have perfected an outfit that works for planes, trains, and automobiles. The key to dressing for travel is to think comfortable and versatile. As a final touch, we like to incorporate a token that reminds us of home.

We’ve put together a travel look that exemplifies all of these essentials. The jeans and sneakers scream comfort, while the leather jacket and aviators keep you flawless from Miami’s sunny shores to cooler climates. The large structured purse adds a pop of color and is ideal for carrying travel necessities like headphones, snacks, and your passport. Finally, a sleek baseball cap helps to disguise the signs of travel. As an added bonus, this Miami Marlins cap from Fanatics acts as a subtle reminder of our beautiful city no matter where you find yourself.

The #ThankYouMiami team is gearing up for four months of travel around the U.S. and you bet we’re going to look chic. Now you’re ready to do the same! You’re welcome, Miami.

A Miami Jetsetter's Travel Essentials

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A “Premios Tu Mundo” Fashion Emergency


Dear Forever 21 on Lincoln Road,

Thank you for saving us last week from an unexpected fashion emergency. “Fashiongate 2014” began was we were getting ready for the VIP preview of Telemundo’s much-anticipated Premios Tu Mundo at the America Airlines Arena. We channeled our Miami chic selves to put together an outfit perfect for an evening of pampering by TNT Agency, mingling with the award nominees, and warming up the blue carpet. We opted for bright colors, high heels, and lots of white. Unfortunately, as the universe would have it, our white items were marred by mysterious stains thirty minutes before our scheduled arrival.

That’s when you, our local purveyor of “fast fashion” rose to the occasion with a flurry of viable options to complete our blue carpet-ready attire, while keeping our husbands from having a spending-induced conniption. Even better, the resulting OOTD was a resounding success – it was the perfect compliment to the fabulous hair and make-up look the girls from TNT Agency gave us and to the eye-catching Charlie Lapson Collection jewels we tried on that night. You may not be Miami-bred, but you sure have Miami’s back. And for that, we thank you.

Love you, mean it.
The #ThankYouMiami team.

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#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – 7 Tips to Step Up Your Summer Style

The end of summer is looming. As of tomorrow, we have officially one month to make a lasting impression this summer season. Lucky for us, we paid attention to the runways and picked up 7 tips for stepping up your summer style. Lucky for you, we believe that “sharing is caring”.

1. Embrace mesh. This year, mesh has nestled its way into the summer runways and into our hearts. We’ve spotted it playing a supporting role, like in the cap sleeves of the Mirame Swim Ellen Bikini below, and center stage as both tops and dresses. Which role it plays is up to you but, trust us, you need to embrace it.

Photo via Mirame Swim
Mirame Swim Resort Collection from Miami Swim Week 2014 at the W South Beach. Photo via Mirame Swim.

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#ThankYouMiami for (Swim Week) Fashion

Had your fill of Miami Swim Week recaps? Worry not – this is not your average runway rehash. Au contraire, this post is about celebrating the #ThankYouMiami moments we encountered hidden amidst gorgeous swimwear (i.e., is that really Kelly Slater?). Freshen up that glass of prosecco and relive with us the 10 reasons why Miami Swim Week is one of the most exciting seasons of Miami life.

10. Pool parties on the catwalk. Who better to redefine the runway than the epicenter of fun in the sun? 1 out of every 2 showcases this Miami Swim Week was in, over or around the water. We have also heard that 80% of all statistics are made up.

Peroni Presents the 3rd Annual Emerging Designer Series at the SLS Hotel

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#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Miami Swim Week Style Diary


Miami Swim Week kicked some serious butt – including ours, which means our current state of affairs involves our bed, lots of tea, and Netflix. That said, our week-long over-exertion was well worth it. One of our favorite parts was joining our fellow Miami-ans in showcasing the local collective style through our own personal lens. Check out how we gave the Miami style our individual twist below! Can you tell that as the days passed we got better at dressing for the heat?

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#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Cuban Rice at Miami Swim Week


Rejoice! Miami Swim Week is finally upon us and our favorite swim and resort designers are ready to wow us with their new collections. Among them is Cristy Rice of “Real Housewives of Miami” fame who will unveil the latest collection for her swimwear line Cuban Rice: “Jewels”. The collection will expand upon the line’s signature rich colors, sexy styles, and fun prints to include styles in crochet, macramé, pastels, exotic animal prints, and jewels – everything Miami needs to make this summer endless.

Be the first to preview “Jewels” this Miami Swim Week at MIAMI Magazine’s Splashion, Nikki Beach’s What Women Want: SPF Swim Week, or at Swim Show‘s Booth #1776 in the Miami Beach Convention Center. In the interim, channel the island vibes that inspire Cristy with our photos of Cuban Rice‘s reversible Gypsy Gypsy bikini in action at Shadow Point, a historic Key Largo vacation home.


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#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Nicaragua Beach Style

We have already established that Miami is the queen of beach style but, like everything in Miami, that beach style is the product of a melting pot environment. As such, we have always been a little curious to study how our beach style compares to beach styles elsewhere. During our recent visit to Nicaragua, we began our research at the Hacienda Iguana Beach Club, which is located in front of the internationally-renown surf break at Playa Colorado. The Beach Club’s restaurant, tiki bar, pool, and handful of hammocks gave us numerous options from which to sip a frozen cocktail and people watch.

Like other surf destinations in Central America, Playa Colorado is primarily visited by international visitors and ex-pats that are a) surfers, b) surf photographers, c) surfer wives/girlfriends/groupies, or d) all of the above. The beach style was composed mainly of functional swimsuits from brands like Roxy, Quiksilver, and O’Neill – our surf crew’s beachware was no exception. Beyond swimsuits, the style was casual. Our favorite non-swim staples were the bohemian cover-ups and accessories.

While we are partial to Miami’s elegant and flashy beach style, we brought back a little of Nicaragua’s laid-back beach style with us to Miami. Check out some of the beach style photos we snapped during our trip below for inspiration! We definitely took notes.


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#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – You Say Street Style, We Say Beach Style


Miami reigns supreme in beach and poolside fashion. Our closets have more bathing suits, cover-ups, and matching accessories per square foot than the average closet. Our pool parties and beach days are as much about relaxing as they are about looking on point. Even Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has made us the hub of their much anticipated resort-wear and swimwear industry showcase. With perfect weather year-round, would you expect anything less?

Like true Miami-ans, we have carried our flawless swimwear looks throughout our trip to Nicaragua. The key to our success has been versatility. We brought a sporty swimsuit for our surf lessons with Nicaragua Surf Report, a sexy one-piece for chilling poolside, and a corset-style swimsuit for beach treks. For lounging, we kicked up our looks a notch with gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry from Miami-based Cameri Bead Studio.

Our favorite poolside look so far is this nude one-piece from Planet Blue paired with Cameri Bead Studio‘s tribal necklaces. The swimsuit’s high neckline and cap sleeves are more flattering than traditional one-piece cuts. And, its neutral colors let the necklaces steal the show. Here is your swimwear inspo for a fashionable summer – from Nicaragua365‘s Fort Walker, with love!






Blue Life Sahara Cap Sleeve One PiecePlanet Blue
Colombian Pendant and Tribal NecklacesCameri Bead Studio
ManicureLove Nail Salon

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – 24 Hours of Travel in Miami Style


This week the #ThankYouMiami team is in Nicaragua working on a special video project that will launch our YouTube channel. The first #ThankYouMiami video will show you how Miami brands translate seamlessly into lifestyle and travel, as well as give you an inside look at our sun, sand, and surf adventures with Nicaragua365. We are very excited to have packed our suitcase with Raz̦n, Cameri Bead Studio, B.O.A.T. Attire, Femme Jolie and other Miami style must-haves. Today, we look back at our first day of travel where we went from MIA to MGA to our beautiful beach-side mansion in Hacienda Iguana. Take notes Рthis is how Miami makes travel look good!






Sunnies РRaz̦n
Hand Chain Bracelet – Cameri Bead Studio
Bathing Suit Top – Traingl Swimwear
Tank Top – Forever 21
Jeans – H&M USA
Shoes – Steve Madden

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – The Perfect Summer Look


Summer has finally reared its beautiful face in the northern hemisphere and Miami could not be more excited. Even in the land of eternal sunshine, we get excited for the energy and experiences that are unique to this season and we prepare accordingly. The Miami summer look is colorful, comfortable yet chic. For more put-together looks, Miami likes items like maxi dresses and skirts with platform espadrilles. For our super casual looks, we think breezy, floral tanks and ornate sandals.

The prefect summer look, however, is not complete without a hair style to match. So, this summer, I decided to put my “virgin hair” in the capable hands of Emilee Coyle, hairstylist at Studio Chroma in Coral Gables. Emilee is Miami’s queen of balayage and ombré, which are the go-to hair styles for summer. After two hours with Emilee, my hair was armed with the natural sun-kissed, beachy look that will be the final touch on every summer look you will see this season. Check out my transformation process below and get started on your perfect summer look!

In Studio Chroma's orange chairs, I enjoyed my "virgin hair" for the last time.
In Studio Chroma’s orange chairs, I enjoyed my “virgin hair” for the last time.
At the start of the process, I showed Emilee photos of the look I was trying to achieve.
At the start of the process, I showed Emilee photos of the look I was trying to achieve.
Emilee and I chatted excitedly throughout the two hour process about travel, surfing, and Miami.
Emilee and I chatted excitedly throughout the two hour process about travel, surfing, and Miami.
My initial reaction was shock at how natural the new color looked.
My initial reaction was shock at how natural the new color looked.
Emilee prepares me for a post-color photo.
Emilee prepares me for a post-treatment photo.
Ta-da! My new sun-kissed hair completes my casual summer look.
Ta-da! My new sun-kissed hair perfects my casual summer look.

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – H&M Grand Opening


There was once a dark time in the lives of South Florida H&M lovers when we had to travel many miles northward to shop the latest trends. Luckily, that time has passed and the distance between us and the nearest H&M store has grown progressively shorter. Tomorrow’s grand opening of an H&M store at the Miami International Mall is but another magnificent milestone toward brighter days. Here the three facts you need to know about the new 22,000 square foot store that will make more of Miami’s fashion dreams come true!

1. It is the second of its kind in the Miami metro area. The first store opened on Lincoln Road in 2012 at the historic Lincoln Theatre. True to a statement Daniel Kulle, U.S. president for H&M, made regarding the opening of its preview pop-up shop: “The opening…signifies the beginning of a strong relationship between H&M and Miami shoppers.” The feeling is mutual, Mr. Kulle.

2. It offers fashion for the whole family. The store will be stocked with our favorite collections for ladies, men, and children, including clothing for newborns. Age is no longer an excuse to not look your very best, Miami.

3. It will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Yes, you read correctly. H&M’s global garment recycling program gives you 15% off your purchase for every bag of old and unwanted clothing items that you donate in-store, regardless of their brand. So, go ahead, reduce, reuse, recycle…and shop.

The store will open at noon tomorrow, Thursday, May 29th. The first 100 shoppers in line will receive an H&M t-shirt and an Access to Fashion Pass (valued up to $300). Also, shoppers who bring garments to be recycled before noon will have the chance to win H&M gift cards valued between $50 and $100 in addition to receiving 15% off. Happy shopping!

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – The Introduction


The Miami fashion scene is getting its footing and I am one of the lucky ones who gets to experience it as it happens. Hi, my name is Margarita and I am a Miami-an with a love for all things fashion, food, and Miami. As the new fashion contributor for Soul of Miami, I will give you a front seat to the Miami fashion revolution with features on the Miami style, local fashion events, and other fashion news.

In this introduction, I take you to my home base in the South of Fifth neighborhood for a shoot that showcases my personal style, my personality, and my favorite weekend activity – going to the beach. I also give you a peak into the beach bag essentials of a fashionable beach bum. So slather on your sunscreen and join me beach-side!


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