Photographs of Cordoba Medieval Street Fair on 5/4/14

Cordoba Medieval Street Fair in Miami Shores on Sunday, May 4, 2014.  As part of the Opening Weekend festivities of Everybody Drinks the Same Water, Miami Theater Center hosted a family-friendly, four-block-long street fair in Miami Shores. Inspired by medieval Córdoba, the street fair will feature jugglers, flamenco and belly dancers, stilt performers, a contortionist, artists, live drummers and musicians, craftspeople, food trucks, face painting, and a parade that will showcase the cast of Everybody Drinks the Same Water

“EVERYBODY DRINKS THE SAME WATER begins as a Christian King has just taken control of the city of Cordoba, Spain, ending more than 500 years of Islamic rule. Moments after entering the castle, the new ruler drinks a glass of water and becomes violently ill. His family accuses the Muslim community of attempting to assassinate him, but the picture gets murkier with reports of Jews, Muslims, and other Christians getting sick. Evidently, the entire public water supply has been poisoned. Fear, anger, and suspicion infect the town. Frustrated by their elders’ inability to see beyond the finger pointing, three teenagers of different faiths decide to work together to unravel the mystery. Add to the mix inter-religious flirtations with potentially fatal consequences, and you get an engaging look at the past that teaches powerful lessons about the present.”

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