Review – People’s BBQ Restaurant

{I know we rarely do reviews, but we just tried out a place that is really good that many people might miss, so we wanted to give them a shout out. The below is entirely the opinion of Soul Of Miami. And if this place doesn’t have soul, no place does!}

I know many of us have talked about this place. So, we finally got in the car and went to People’s BBQ. That’s the one just off I-95, on NW 8th St and 3rd Ave. It took us a while to make it by because it is not really convenient to any of the areas of town we normally hang out in, so we had to make a special trip.

Well, it is very good! Very down home style BBQ, with Souse and everything like that. Between the three of us, we got the ribs, the baked ham, and the sliced beef. Sides were mac & cheese, green beans, candied yams, mashed potatoes, and ocra. All of them were really good, but the candied yams were insane.

It is a funny little place, looks kind of like an old converted Dairy Queen, very plain on the inside. Obviously old, but clean and well-kept. There were not many people doing dine in when we were there, but the take out counter was constantly busy.

Oh, we also tried the Souse. Now, if you can get over your cultural bias, it was very good, very flavorful.

The BBQ sauce they use is different than others I have tasted. I think it might be a bit mustardy, or something. Very good, in any case.

The prices are cheap, you can get a full dinner with sides for $9-$11.

Definitely a place I would put on my list of “six places to take Anthony Boudain in Miami.” Highly recommended.