Photographs of Select Fair at Catalina Hotel on 12/8/13

Select Fair at Catalina Hotel during Art Basel Miami Art Week 2013.

“Select Fair Miami is a contemporary art fair featuring the work of only the best selected galleries, collectives, print publishers and solo artists.  Select is focused on introducing progressive concepts in art to the international community and providing a platform for acquiring dynamic new works of art.”

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Just blocks away from Art Basel, the atmosphere at SELECT was electric. This year we once again provided our alternative platform to over 60 contemporary galleries and artists projects.

Our Pre–Basel Bash set the tone for what to expect during the second edition of SELECT Fair. A record number of attendees swarmed to our rooftop party where we provided complimentary drinks by Deep Eddy Vodka, Red Bull, Vita Coco, and Dusko Whiskey. Tom Laroc pumped out a stellar DJ set while numerous gallerists and trend setters mingled in celebration of both SELECT and the mural by acclaimed street artist Greg Mike.

SELECT opened on December 4th to a packed house of VIP’s, most notably:
Leonardo DiCaprio, Fab Five Freddy and Danny Simmons. Our “COLLECT SELECT” program which featured a limited edition print by Young and Sick provided a fantastic additional incentive for our collectors to purchase works at SELECT. We are very proud to have gone through the entire stock! All week, our events were highly attended by major collectors, curators and art lovers, early estimates set us at 8,000 visitors!

Our 2013 program was once again curated by founders, MFA graduates, and practicing artists: Matthew Eck and Brian Whiteley. The quality of the work at SELECT 2013 spoke for itself and the cozy vibe of the boutique hotel made for an intimate and approachable alternative to the larger fairs. Both Whiteley and Eck have a strong understanding of alternative mediums such as video, installation and performance.
The main lobby space at SELECT was repurposed by Superchief Gallery, a Lower East Side Gallery with a street art edge. Superchief adorned the walls of the Catalina with works by SWOON, as well as a curated group exhibition featuring notable artists like: Dennis McNett, Coby Kennedy, Lil’ Kool, Todd Seelie, Greg Mike, Andrew Poneros (Pork), Metro Zu and Mike Diana.

Our second floor lobby was transformed by the Santa Fe based art collective Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is known for immersive installations that completely alter the environment. If you were in the mood to relax, you could have visited the Bamboo garden where artist Melissa Maddonni Haims “Yarn-Bombed” the cabanas. Behind the fair inside the swimming pool, Urban Studio / FIT transformed the space into an interactive sound, light and video installation.

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