Miami Beach Veiled Wine Society April 2010 Event to benefit children’s education through Arts for Learning 4/10/10

Saturday April 10th, 2010
320 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-2800
8PM sharp!
Hosts: Esi Shabani, Allen Silanee, and David De La Espriella
A word about our venue, SET:
The owners of SET, The Opium Group, have made an indelible mark on the revitalized culture of South Beach. We feel privileged to be working with them again. As a result, we must respect their rules and regulations. There will be a doorman. There will be no cover charge. All participants must be OVER THE AGE OF 21 with PROPER ATTIRE to enter (no sandals, sneakers, shorts etc…). Since we are borrowing their site, we are responsible for all the preparation and cleaning. The event will end by 10:30pm. Valet parking is available as is street and public parking (17th St garage between Pennsylvania and Meridian). Public transportation is also recommended for those who live nearby. RSVP is recommended but not required for entrance.
Three ways to RSVP:
Blog Site
Rice House of Kabob, 1318 Alton Rd
De La Photos
Fresh on Fifth Deli, 458 Ocean Dr

ONLY 2-3 players per team – (with a designated driver if needed)
A $10 suggested donation per person at the door (of course you can give more) to benefit Arts for Learning Miami (100% of the donated funds will go directly to the charity.) For more info about them:

Registration begins at 8pm SHARP and the event will begin at 9pm. If you are still in line and not registered by 9pm, you will be unable to compete, but you may participate. As a result, latecomers will be unable to compete for the winnings. The bottom line is: please arrive on time!
Here’s how it works:
The wine for this tasting is Merlot. The Merlot grape is a close cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon in many respects. It is lower in tannins and makes wines that mature faster and are softer in texture. Merlot is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in order to soften the blend. At its best, Merlot makes a wine that is dry, rich in flavor and smooth as it finishes in your throat. At its worst, Merlot makes wine that is dry but thin in taste and texture, and not very pleasant to consume. Most of what you will come across are likely to be of pretty good quality.
Each team of 2-3, must bring 3 bottles of the EXACT SAME MERLOT. For example, a team may bring 3 bottles of Maori Point Merlot 2006. Remember, it’s 3 bottles total per team and teams can consist of 2 to 3 people.
If you are alone and need to be part of a team to participate, let us know in your RSVP, and we will try to pair you up with someone else.
Also, please remember to think of a team name before arriving!
Food will NOT be served other than cheese and bread. Eat before arriving, or you may pay for it.
We NEED volunteers! If you are inclined, please donate your time to help in a great cause. We will need people to host, clean, prepare the wine for tasting and take score. If you would like to help, please let us know. Volunteers will be exclusively treated to a post-event celebration. TBA.
Upon arrival, the teams will first register. Subsequently, all 3 bottles will be given to the volunteers, who wrap two bottles to conceal the wine’s label. The wrapped bottles will have a number randomly assigned to them and will then be set out for tasting. The third bottle will be left unopened and will not be tasted or displayed.
Each team will be given a card and assigned to a specific group (A or B). The team will then participate in tasting the wine from their group. All the numbered wines for each group will be displayed on the board. At the end of the tasting period, each team must write down the number ranking of his or her favorite wine and least favorite wine. Cards will be collected and selections tallied.
The team that brought the top wine will take home 75% of the unopened bottles of wine. The second place team will take home 25% of the unopened bottles. The team that brought the least favorite bottle of wine will take back his or her unopened bottle of wine.
If 2 (or more) teams bring the same wine, it shouldn’t matter. The rankings can still differ depending upon the temperature of the wine, how it was stored, how long it has been open, etc.
Please remember, teams can consist of UP TO 3 PEOPLE ONLY. If, for example, 4 people wish to participate, they would be considered 2 teams; thus, they will need to bring 6 bottles to enter the event. This rule will be STRICTLY enforced at the door.
Finally, if you prefer to drink out of glasses, bring your own glass as you will be able to clean your glass between tastings. We will have plastic cups available for those who do not bring a wine glass.

WE WILL RAFFLE OFF A TWO-NIGHT STAY AT THE RIVIERA HOTEL SOUTH BEACH FOR THOSE WHO BECOME 1 IN 1,000 AND EXISTING 1 IN 1,000 MEMBERS. Raffle courtesy of the South Beach Group and Riviera Hotel management.

We look forward to seeing you and please arrive on time or you will miss the competition!
1) Come with a team (and a team name!) of 2-3 people!!
2) Bring 3 of the EXACT SAME wines per team!!
3) Read and understand the rules BEFORE arriving.
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Miami Beach Veiled Wine Society
215 Palm Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

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