Jacqueries Part 1: Second Performance 2/8/15

Jacqueries Part 1: Second Performance
Sunday, 02/08/2015 – 08:00 pm – 09:00 pm
24x36posterOutlined-0113The Carlton Hotel South Beach
1433 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Jacqueries I is a political heist story told through movement — an inside-out experience of conspiracy, security theatre, and solidarity, inspired by parkour’s co-opting of urban space. The audience follows individual performers from scene to scene through undisclosed South Beach urban locations, linked by a custom iPhone app playing synchronized sound and showing 3D video overlays. With a score by multiple Dora award-winning composer John Gzowski and “eye-popping” augmented-reality video, Jacqueries “is almost like being in your own video game, except it’s real.” (Michael Crabb, Toronto Star)

We are committed to being accessible to audience members with disability. Please contact us with your specific concerns so that we can see how we can give you a great experience. Audience members will be loaned quality iPod touches and headphones in order to participate in the performance.

Directed and Choreographed by Jacob Niedzwiecki, Music Composed by John Gzowski, Performed by Luke Garwood, Catherine Larocque, Jacob Niedzwiecki, Anisa Tejpar and Mateo Galindo Torres

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