Works From The Collection Jon Pylypchuk Second Saturday Gallery Walk 5/12/12

Works From The Collection: Jon Pylypchuk
Second Saturday Gallery Walk, May 12, 2012. From 7-10pm.
de la Cruz Collection
23 N.E. 41st Street
Miami, FL 33137

The de la Cruz Collection is pleased to announce the opening of a painting, drawing, and sculpture installation by Canadian artist Jon Pylypchuk.

“When I had my first child I bought him a Richard Scarry book and I remember having The Greatest Story Book Ever, when I was a kid and constantly looking at it, reading it and that being a reference to my childhood and stuff. Although the work isn’t a reference to my childhood, when I think about the relationship of all the animals who are all human and all doing what everyday people do. When I think about that, it might very well be where it came from.” (Interview with Blaffer Gallery, 2009).

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a boxing ring where both feline adversaries are staring at each other before the match begins. On one side of the ring, another character, the referee, is transformed by Pylypchuk into a gravedigger holding a shovel next to a tombstone, as if preparing the final resting place for the loser.

John Pylypchuk born 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada and lives and works in Los Angeles. He was a member of the artist collective Canadian Royal Art Lodge, founded in 1996.

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