Warehouse presents Victor Alarcon Surreal Studies 2/18/12

Warehouse presents Victor Alarcon: Surreal Studies
February 18, 7-11pm
4396 SW 74 Ave 33155
Bird Road Art District

Warehouse and The Bird Road Art District is proud to showcase a retrospective show on works produced by emerging photographer, Victor Alarcon. Victor’s exhibition expresses repetitive accumulations of a single subjects from a surrealistic point of view.

The work focuses on his perspective of the reocurring use of the same object throughout each photograph. Bringing these objects into an abstract representation on a 2 dimensional surface expresses Victor’s gift, behind the lens of a camera.

One year ago, Victor Alarcon emerged into the art scene with his colorful, intriguing, succesful photography exhibition: Simply Live. Images of people, places and things from his travels around the world. Victor runs a succesful production company: Victor E. Productions. Shooting commercials, music videos and documentarys for the public eye. In the last year he has been commissioned for work with such organizations as the Miami Parking Authority, Formula 1 Cars and O.Y.E.

The exhibition begins this Saturday night, Feb 18 at 7pm. Everyone is welcome. Food and drinks will be served. Live music and art will also be featured at this event. Thanks for your support.

Warehouse Alternative Space
Victor E Alarcon – ‘Simply Live’

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