Elite Body Sculpting ribbon cutting event in Coral Gables 1/28/11

Elite Body Sculpting Opens Its Doors In Coral Gables
Friday, January 28, 2011, 6:30PM
Elite Body Sculpting
3143 Ponce De Leon BLVD
Coral Gables, Fl 33134

The Elite Body Sculpting launch cocktail event plans to be a very special evening as both father and son proudly unveil their latest creation which brings together their respective education and experience. Taking place Friday, January 28, 2011 the event will start promptly at 6:30PM with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by Coral Gables Mayor Donald Slesnick, president of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Mark A Trowbridge, Karent Sierra, World renowned artist Carlos A. Navarro, WSVN Deco Drive and on the Flip Side host, Aubrey Aquino and local celebrities and VIP’s.

Event goers will be able to experience the elegant facilities that Elite offers while sipping on delicious cocktails including: Gentleman’s Jack and Chambord Vodka. Guests will be encouraged to mix and mingle with other guests and the facility staff to better understand the complete solution that makes Elite a unique concept.

Coral Gables is about to become a bit more beautiful as Elite Body Sculpting is ready to open its doors for those who are looking to improve their well being inside and out. The opening will be celebrated with a cocktail launch event taking place this Friday January 28, 2011 which promises to be an affair fitting of the “City Beautiful”. Elite Body Sculpting headed by father and son team Dr. Frank Ferrin and Christopher Ferrin offers a more holistic approach to those who seek to improve their health and appearance.

Dr. Frank Ferrin who has over 25 years of surgical experience has for the past few years focused his practice on anti-aging and rejuvenation methods dealing with bio-identical hormones, weight management and facial and body contouring. Elite’s philosophy is that the current generation refuses to look older than they feel. Dr. Ferrin states: “We live in a new age of competitiveness and personal fulfillment that demands our vitality, and youthful appearance, and thus, both men and women are seeking the help of estheticians and cosmetic surgeons to help them maintain, restore or improve their appearance. This has become essential in our professional and personal lives, in our marriages and sexual relationships, and in general in our social and interpersonal endeavors.” Dr. Ferrin feels that many want to simply rely on cosmetic surgery to do all the magic. He feels that people need to maintain proper diet, rest, and exercise to maintain optimal health and in turn keep that youthful feel we all want.

Dr. Ferrin saw an opportunity to offer clients his services in conjunction with the services of his son Christopher Ferrin who earned his Bachelor in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology. His education and training allows him to address specific needs in the fields of fitness, strength and endurance training while remaining dedicated to enhancing people’s lifestyle. Christopher specializes in one-on-one personal training, catering to the goals and needs of each specific client. What sets Elite Body Sculpting apart is that they offer clients personal fitness training, cutting edge body contouring, anti-aging and rejuvenation programs under the same roof at an elegant high-end facility. This father-son duo plan to change their patients from the inside out with a comprehensive plan tailored to their individual wants and needs of the client.

Ponce de Leon came to Florida looking for the fountain of youth. He found out that it was just a myth. While the fountain of youth still remains a distant dream Elite Body Sculpting offers the next best thing to looking and feeling as young as your soul desires. This dynamic father and son team welcome you to Elite Body Sculpting.

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