Agustina Woodgate At Dimensions Variable Endlessly Falling at Spinello Gallery 11/14/09

Spinello Gallery is proud to announce AGUSTINA WOODGATE’S, ENDLESSLY FALLING, hosted at DIMENSIONS VARIABLE (171 NE 38th Street, Miami, FL., 33137), located next to Spinello Gallery.

Endlessly Falling is the second installation in a new series of landscapes. The sceneries construct surreal exteriors in interior spaces, probing the relation between everyday objects and the grand narratives that condition our unnatural relationship to the natural world.

A hanging chandelier holds thousands of clear strands of water falling over the grounds. Beneath the only functional light fixture, something emerges and grows. In Endlessly Falling, we are home; we must be, except as usual, the home is strange. In fact, it is this homey that is strange, that comfort of home doesn’t quite settle. Because of this, incongruities become meaning-makers. Instead of order emerging from chaos, chaos emerges from the order. We follow the displacement line again and again, in an effort to make sense of the sensory, in an effort to recompose the many directions the story leads.

Through this new series of works, Agustina probes environments as interior escapes and exterior escapades. She is always unfolding a narrative process that also tells the larger story of her own oeuvre. She adventures another tale in our midst, as each new piece patterns the fictions we all share.

November 14, 2009 – January 2, 2010
Agustina Woodgate is an interdisciplinary artist who uses a wide range of media, including photography, installation, sculpture, video, and performance to create enchanted worlds. Her work investigates the encounter between childhood dreams and adult socialization, and how innocence, magic, and the fantastical configure our relationships to our objects, behaviors, selves, and stories. Fueled by an endless captivation with her own process, Agustina discovers how we naturally and unnaturally compose our rituals, memories, traditions, and narratives through the materials around us. Originally from from Buenos Aires, she now makes her home in Miami, FL, represented by Spinello Gallery.
Opening Reception: November 14th / 7-11PM
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