Taste of Peru-Lots of food, fun and culture! By Betty Alvarez

The Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce of Miami Florida presented 2nd Gastronomic Festival “Taste of Peru 2011”, in the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC).The community was invited to enjoy the exquisite food and to experiment the variety and richness of the Peruvian cuisine. Most impressive was that not only were the restaurant participation in this year’s festival. Not only local South Florida restaurants were there, but also restaurants directly from Peru. One of the main Peruvian dishes, Ceviche was a not to miss dish to try out of the festival. It was so good that one would believe that Peru never left Miami.

Pisco, Peru’s national alcohol was showcased in this two day festival alongside two of Peru’s well known beer, Cristal and Cuzquena. Pisco Sours from many brands were up for grabs for the attendees to taste. Another Peru’s delicacies the Panettone was also sold to the delight of Peru’s. Food portions was not to disappoint. Every station made sure that all guests got a good taste of their local culinary dish.

Peru is not only known for of its culture, nowadays it is known for its attractive gastronomic industry, for its climate variety, for its well known chefs and above all for integrating people who are willing to serve and share their cuisine. Throughout the event there were cooking classes, seminars and demos available to the public where Chefs were able to present their signature creation of their flagship dishes.

The Festival featured over 100 exhibitors with the majority being restaurants and renowned Chefs from Peru and the United states. There was a food and beverage product exhibition, hospitality and tourism services exhibition and consumer products to maximize the exposure to a niche market that served visitors both locally and from Latin America. Last year’s “Taste of Peru 2010” brought together over 3500 visitors during the first 2 days.

Great food, great drinks, and great people make Peru a country that you want to experience. I love Peru! Viva El Peru!

Until Next Year

Photos by Betty Alvarez copyright 2011