#ThankYouMiami For Fashion – How To Pack For The Beach


We’re die-hard Miami beach bunnies. Not only do we live on the beach, but we also spend 99% of our vacations at other beach destinations. At this point in our lives, you can say we’re expert level beach goers. As such, we feel the responsibility to impart upon you the years of beach going knowledge we’ve acquired – the most important of which (after sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen) is how to pack for the beach.

The two critical components of any beach bag are food and entertainment. That said, the amount and type of food and entertainment you bring should vary depending on your destination. The beaches on the Atlantic Coast (think, South Beach) tend to be packed with people and have nearby food options so our focus for these trips is on bringing a comfortable chair and our wallet. We let our fellow beach-goers provide the entertainment and we order restaurant delivery to the beach if we get hungry. On the other hand, our favorite beaches on the Gulf Coast (think, Clearwater Beach) are more secluded so, when we visit, we bring a large tote with at least one 100 calorie snack and 1 magazine (Pro tip: Real Simple is the perfect beach read) per hour to be safe.

Beyond food and entertainment, the contents of your beach bag will vary depending on the length of time you plan to spend at the beach and your personal preferences. For example, when we plan a beach day longer than two hours, we don’t leave the house without an umbrella and between 21 oz. and 1 gall. of water. We already know that, especially in the summer, we will not enjoy ourselves if we don’t have the option to cool off and re-hydrate throughout the day. Plus, heat strokes are not chic.

So you’ve got the essentials down: sunscreen, food, entertainment, water, and shade. Time for the beach bag accoutrements – the items you don’t need, but will make your life easier if you bring them. These include items like our new waterproof ALOHA Collection splash proof pouch and our spare Urban Undercover undies. Keep an eye out for them as you look below at the three photos that typify the contents of our packed beach bag for a day at an Atlantic Coast beach, a Gulf Coast beach, and a beach club (in case you’re into that sorta thing). After you take a look, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have in the comments. Happy tanning!

1. For an Atlantic Coast beach:


2. For a Gulf Coast beach:


3. For the beach club:


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