Photographs of Absolut Night Court on 12/7/13

Absolut Night Court, a showcase of Miami’s best Bloody Marys featuring unique recipes by a team of celebrated local mixologists. Oceanfront between 21st and 22nd street.

This December, Los Angeles-based artist Ry Rocklen unveils his installation Night Court, produced in collaboration with Absolut as the setting for a pop-up art bar during Art Basel in Miami Beach. Night Court is at once a bar, a performance venue, a sports arena and a showroom for Rocklen’s new line of furniture, ‘Trophy Modern’.

Night Court is the latest and most ambitious incarnation of a project that began in 2011 when Rocklen came across a haul of second-hand sports trophies for sale in a thrift store. Rocklen spends a lot of time in junk shops and flea markets, trawling for those objects that were once cherished but which are now almost at the end of their lives. In the purgatory of the second-hand store, these ex-possessions have one last chance to be valued again.

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