Free Mind Society Art Exhibhit 8/10/13

Free Mind Society Art Exhibhit
FYM AUG 10 ARTWALK_frontAugust 10th. Doors open at 8pm
The Wyndwood Hollywood Building
2312 North Miami Avenue
Wynwood, 33127.

Entry is Free of charge, as participants will be entering the Free Your Mind world.

Enjoy complimentary cocktails from 8- 9pm along with appetizing bits and bites courtesy of The Taco Shop. While walking around town, hop on The Free Bee for a Free ride and enjoy the Free Your Mind experience. Free Your Mind apparel and memorabilia will be available during the show.

Free Mind Society is hosting their first Wynwood Art Walk exhibit where art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet the new guys in town and get to know The Wynwood Hollywood Building.

Free Mind Society is a group of thinkers that spread the ideas and principles of freedom, with a goal of ending war, as they feel there is no reason to ever be violent on Earth. Their belief is based on people and the liberty to choose life and the significance it holds, rather than attaching value to materialistic possessions. Free Mind Society promotes freethinking and the ability to value life over objects.

Free Mind Society’s art exhibit, FREE YOUR MIND, is comprised of multiple canvases of digitally altered portraits of prominent social figures in American history who stood for equality, justice, freedom and peace, each with an inverted American flag over the mouth or face, symbolizing the injustice each one experienced when they were assassinated… by another American.

During this event, guests will be viewing the latest additions to the collection, honoring:
• Notorious B.I.G.: One of the most influential rappers that beat the odds and came to super stardom.
• Tupac Shakur: Son of a Black Panther and a controversial rap artist creating new era in rap music.
• Trayvon Martin: Honoring his memory and donating the piece to his Mother.

For those who have yet to experience the initial collection, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Chief Black Kettle, Harvey Milk and Malcolm X will all be in attendance. Free Your Mind art pieces are not just your average walk through the Wynwood Walls; these art statements will ultimately FREE YOUR MIND.

“We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.” – Notorious B.I.G.

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