After – School All – Stars and Nicole Shelley Present Superfest 2012 12/1/12

After – School All – Stars and Nicole Shelley Present Superfest 2012
WNdKaDecember 1, 2012, 9am-4pm
FIU Modesto Maidique Campus
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33199

South Florida After – School All – Stars and Nicole Shelley unite to evolve generations of youth. 
Aspiring to increase public awareness and patronage in addition to attracting a new and broader audience, South Florida After-School All-Stars (SFASAS), one of South Florida’s most reputable and prominent organizations, providing comprehensive, school based after school programs for the inner city youth, has united with Nicole Shelley Inc (NSI), a one source solution for business development, to reach its most exigent objectives.

Designed to transform the lives of inner city youth through sports, health and wellness, academics and personal development, the Inner City Games Foundation was founded in Los Angeles California by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1992. Subsequently, in 1995, the Inner City Games was later renamed After-School All-Stars.  With the adoption of the new name, the South Florida chapter has been on a steadfast mission to better impact the lives of inner city students. 4000 plus students and 32 schools later, South Florida After-School All-Stars offers multiple programs comprising of fitness and health, sports, academics, and enrichment activities to keep the communities and its youth secure while presenting them with vital, favorably life altering and indelible instruments to aid them in school and in life. “The South Florida After-School All-Stars is a great organization that provides a much needed free service across the nation! For me it was a NO-BRAINER to dedicate some of my time, talents, and treasures to this incredible foundation”, says Jason T. Quimby, SFASAS Board Member and Fundraising Chairman.  “In South Florida we do a great job with the program and our kids but the general public does not know much about what we do.  Through our relationship with Nicole Shelley Inc., we are encouraged to make sure that by the end of 2013 SFASAS will be visually present within our community.  I know there are many more people just like me who will be willing to contribute their time, talents, and treasures to helping our most needy middle school kids thrive.”       

After a decade of event production in the South Florida community, Nicole Shelley Inc. has underscored its focus on business and organizational development by employing its most relevant services inclusive of event and project management with strategic integrated public relations and marketing to reach the most compelling needs of its clients and associates. NSI is slated to oversee ongoing community outreach and fundraising goals for SFASAS, the architect of a platform of awareness generation and meaningful fundraising while simultaneously managing to conflate successful businesses, community leaders, celebrity icons and not for profits in a commonality designed to triumph all parties collectively, most of all our youth. NSI’s fundraising portfolio of local, national and international clients and associates can anticipate a unique invitation and opportunity to constitute a bevy of diverse entities designed to catapult the SFASAS’s initiative in championship of our community’s future. 

We are honored to herald the significance and efficacy of such a vital program. Irrespective of income level, the SFASAS program positively benefits everyone in our community working collectively to not only educate our youth, inadvertently support our local workforce, commence early training of future community leaders and keep our communities healthy and safe. Few other programs can boast this pervasive amalgam and outreach stemming from one source. This integrated effort is certain to impact the lives of generations of children and our community now and for years to come, states Nicole Shelley Greenidge, Executive Director of Nicole Shelley Inc. 

South Florida After-School All-Stars and NSI will maximize awareness and garner indefatigable mainstay from the local community for its programs through a series of engaged and uniquely enticing events. We culminate the school year with Superfest, slated for December 1, 2012, arguably one of the largest and most revered kids festivals in the state, hosting 1700 kids and their families for one full day. This colossal kids “mecca”, now in its fifteenth year is shrouded in numerous sports tournaments, entertainment, food and beverage and awards with the maxim placed on physical activity, family involvement and elimination of stereotypes. Trailing this event, in the Spring of 2013, SFASAS will host its annual gala in unprecedented style with special celebrity guests from various genres and industries locally and nationally convening on one stage to support our youth and community. 
For more information or contribute to SFASAS, please contact Sean Prospect at 305-576-4026 or visit

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