‘for artists……BY ARTISTS’ presents Lara Padilla 9/16/12

‘for artists……BY ARTISTS’ presents Lara Padilla
faba91609/16/2012, 7:00pm
Haven Lounge
1237 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
RSVP: 305.987.8885
The 34th installation of ‘for artists….BY ARTISTS’ will feature a digital art exhibition by Lara Padilla.
The objective of ‘for artists……BY ARTISTS’ (www.facebook.com/forartistsByArtists) is to create a social colony for artists from all disciplines of the arts with the focal point being on painters, photographers, designers and sculptors. Utilization of the technology at Haven and maximizing its potential is what sets this weekly exhibition apart from others.
About Lara…
She is graduate in Fine Arts from the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid" in Spain.
Her carreer has been rewarding, but she want to expands her horizons. In order to improve her English grammar and vocabulary, she spent 5 months last year in Miami, which also gave her the opportunity to experience and appreciate American society.
She spend the last year complemented her knowledge about audiovisual media, she took classes of camera operator, steady cam, digital post production and digital photography.
She believes that it is important to learn as much as you can, and in different ways.
That’s why she uses many methods to express and develop her work: painting, photography, videoart, etc… depending on the moment and the topic she is working on, the message that she want to spread, and what works better in one way or another.
Today we are influence by the culture and the society thats tell us the way you should procide, you must take sides on every thing because if you do not people can not understand you, and you will be ridiculous, this is the cultural crash, what might be good here, might be bad in another place, all is questionable. Wether you want to or not you are playing the game.
Another way of slavery is our lifestyle, the humans live for projects and do not know how to live without plans, the future moves us, the vision of the future in the present is the hope. The humans lost the hopes when the vision of the personal future disappear because it has stopped being interesting.Then life be stop. Without future life lose his sense.
Our plan of the future is constant present in ours life also the past.
Ours life are consequence of the lost possibilities of the past, all we could have been and never materialize, this sometimes provoke nostalgia.
¨Footfalls echo in the memorydown the passage which we did not taketowards the door we never opened.
Humans can feel impotent and prisoners of their nature if they can not be free, if they cannot accept their human condition, if they remain isolated.
She tend to work with that kind of topics, also with her feelings, doubts, concerns, etc., so her personal experiences will influence pretty much on her work also her friends, people that she knows, or are close to her, they are always present in her work.
About her resume, she has participated in different group exhibitions, and she worked as a painting instructor and as a photographer of different projects and events.
Now, she is excited about continuing to work and learn, forming her into a better artist and person.
Enjoy Our Artists Dinner Special Pairing Menu By elit By Stoli…
Dinner Reservations are highly recommended for this event.
elit by Stoli Dinner Pairing/Menu
1st Course
Pick One: Melon Salad, Gazpacho Salad, Sashimi w/ elit cocktail
2nd Course
Pick Two: Santa Monica Roll, Crackle-POP Roll, Everything Roll, Jerk Skewer, Swedish Skewer,
Grilled Cheese Skewer, Prime Beef Slider, Falafel Slider w/ elit cocktail
3rd Course
Nitro Ice Cream
$40 (Tax and gratuity not included)
RSVP for Dinner: 305.987.8885 or info@havenLounge.com
Mixology by Isaac Grillo
Culinary Cuisine prepared by Chef Todd Erickson
elit by STOLI…Cocktail Creations by Mixologist Isaac Grillo
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Music Provided By: Ben Del Sol & George Vidal
Supporters: Creative Healthcare Marketing
Projection Design By: Ricardo Agudelo
Curated By: Rod Pratt

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