SELF at 1310 Gallery 8/18/12

August 18, 7pm -10pm
1310 Gallery
1310 Sw 2nd Ct
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312

In the exhibition, Williams presents a series of large scale work that displays intimate moments between the artist and the mirror. These personal interactions, initially serve to form ones private sense of self awareness, then adapt to a new form on the canvas within a public space.

The installation of William’s work drives his intentions. Each portrait is hung with its identical counterpart across from it; mirroring one another and removing the necessity of the gaze form the outside viewer. Though the portraits he displays interact with each other, the figurative work instead confronts the viewer through its scale.

While grand, the delicacy in which the pieces are transcribed on to canvas maintains the intimacy of the moment. The watercolor style as well as the way in which Williams reveals the figure, creates the visual depiction of how the pieces observe themselves. Delicate strokes and pooled unfocused areas give way to hints of detail, which act as the point focus of the observation process. The figure is pulled from the whiteness of the background revealing the observation, documentation, and scrutiny of the Williams’s process.

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