Introducing PhilanthroFest

As you know, we have worked diligently over the past few years to support you and our community. I rarely like to ask for favors, but now I need to ask for your kind indulgence in return as we launch a major initiative to help our community.

I would like to introduce you to our upcoming big project called PhilanthroFest (

PhilanthroFest’s mission is to support philanthropy and culture by providing outreach, brand awareness and education opportunities to over 75 philanthropic and cultural arts organizations. PhilanthroFest is a large community festival on April 14th in Midtown Miami, celebrating the South Florida philanthropic and cultural community. Attendees will enjoy music, art, fashion, food and entertainment while learning about various non-profits and community resources that are available to our residents.

PhilanthroFest has the support of Mayor Regalado and the City of Miami. The Miami Foundation is our fiscal sponsor and partner. Catalyst Miami is a participating organization, as well. More organizations are coming on board all the time. It is being produced as a collaboration between Life Is Art/Soul Of Miami and Miami Crawls.

The festival takes place on April 14, 2012 in the middle of the Midtown Miami complex. Each qualifying philanthropic or cultural organization will receive FREE table space to promote their mission. In addition, PhilanthroFest includes an ongoing educational component, assisting organizations in continuing to build their message.

As an annual event and ongoing educational program, PhilanthroFest can mean a lot to our community, helping to build a strong base of services and culture. Mayor Regalado has already come out in support of it, as has the Miami Foundation and the Miami CRA, in addition to other organizations. I invite and encourage your support and participation. For more information, please see the press release.

Sponsorships are available. A PhilanthroFest sponsorship multiplies both the impact and reach of your money. Rather than reaching just one charity, like you would for a normal sponsorship, you reach dozens, helping the community in a big way. Not only that, but each organization will be promoting the event through their own channels, so your name gets out in front of many more people than a traditional charity event. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

If you know of any philanthropic or cultural organizations who would like to participate, promotional space is FREE for qualifying organizations, click here to apply.

For any artists that you know, we have an open call for the art show during PhilanthroFest, click here for the call for artists.

Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Click here to contact us directly.

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