Local Artist Group Exhibition Opens at Alberto Linero Gallery 9/8/11

Local Artist Group Exhibition Opens for Second Saturday
Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m,
Alberto Linero Gallery
2294 NW 2nd Avenue

Alberto Linero Gallery Turns New Leaf With Fall Season,
Focused Direction, Curator Adriana Carvalho & Pink Bastard Art Collective

Alberto Linero Gallery presents September, a group exhibition organized by art collective Pink Bastard, featuring the works of seven established Miami artists. Principal Alberto Linero, who renovated the space earlier this year and took reins of the gallery’s artistic and business direction, is now tapping outside talent with guest curator, Adriana Carvalho (Pink Bastard, ArtCenter/South Florida, Art Miami “Director’s Choice”). September was conceptualized to inform the artists’ view of day-to-day life in Miami.

Slated to coincide with Wynwood’s monthly Second Saturday Art Walk, the opening reception will feature a selection of fine wine and cheeses. The event is free and open to the public, and the show will be on view through October 8, 2011. For more information please call 305.587.0172, email info@albertolinerogallery.com or visit www.albertolinerogallery.com.

“We are embracing September as a fresh start and new beginning,” said principal Linero. “Our city is so very rich with talent that we invited Adriana and her group, ‘Pink Bastard,’ to celebrate Miami and its everyday occurrences and idiosyncrasies through an alternative lens.”

Participating artists include: Eddie Arroyo, Adriana Carvalho, Charles Falarara, Kevin Foltz, Cory Foote, Kathy Kissik, Franklin Sinanan and David Zalben. A brief description of select artists’ works follows:

– Photographer Cory Foote creates images in traditional black and white film of subjects ranging from portraits to beautiful natural landscapes. A selection of Foote’s pieces will probe the viewer with undertones of melancholy and atypical use of color and hues.

– “A simple line of wire can tell a story.” David Zalben uses metal wire to animate life’s simplicities and push his own boundaries as an artist, reducing ideas to their very core by representing them as an outline. In this exhibition, the artist will be showcasing a special collection of wire-written poems.

– Adriana Carvalho describes her work as delicately transforming items, such as metal and cloth products, into pieces that stand for her dreams, fears and social commentary. September will showcase a series of Adriana’s new works, including her Insomnia installation, which highlights the poetry of everyday life using a pillow and a rug.

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