Youth L.E.A.D. fundraiser for food justice 4/15/11

Youth L.E.A.D. fundraiser for food justice
April 15, 2011, 9-10pm
297 NW 23rd Street

Please come and support this cutting-edge nonprofit to bring “food justice” to Miami. A $20 donation provides free drinks. We will also be raffling off prizes worth $100 and up! Youth L.E.A.D. empowers underserved teens as activists who increase access to healthy foods in their communities. We partner with farmers’ markets and community gardens to provide youth job and life skills that support the local food movement and community health.

Reserve your spot now by clicking on “give now” at and specify “Youth L.E.A.D.” in the purpose section. Youth L.E.A.D. is a fiscal sponsorship fund of the Miami Founation, a 501C3 organization.

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