Mi Casa Holiday Season Opener and Pool Party 3/8/11

March 8, 2011 from 12pm to 9pm
South Seas Hotel
1751 Collins Ave
Miami Beach

Artists: DJ Kamala, Kristel Morin, Master Kev, Cory Centric, Hallex M, Keith Evan, Max Pela, Risk Sound System, Abel Rogers, Jose Marquez, Boogie Libre, Mikeytown, Marco Castro & Julius tMT & a very special performance by Stephanie Cooke
Hosted By: Jenn Hurst, Lady J, Lauren Segal, Monica Chiodo

Aid to the SouLLess, House Society, Turntables on the Hudson, United Music Records,Nextaid.org, Poolside Sessions, vitaminwater, Media Services NYC, The Joint, Pilikia by the Pool, IS Tours & friends.

Tuesday March 8th, 2011 marks the beginning of the Mi Casa Holiday Season the South Seas Hotel, Miami Beach
Mi Casa es su Casa Holiday (MCSCH)
The culture behind “Mi Casa es Su Casa” exemplifies and reminds us of the generosity that exists in our Hearts. “Holiday” suggests that Not taking time for ourselves is Not an option. Together we’d like to share our Mi Casa Holiday experiences with you, with stops in Miami, Costa Rica, Detroit, New York, L.A., Barcelona, and the Finale this fall in Playa del Carmen, Mexico October 6-9th.

In addition, we are also proud to share, donate, and support the unfailing vision and selfless mission of NEXTAID.ORG www.nextaid.org Beats Build Hope, so be sure to join us in celebration as we swim, dance, and kick-off the 26th Annual Winter Music Conference!

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