Moksha Art Fair 2013 12/4/13-12/7/13

Moksha Art Fair 2013
mokshaDecember 4-7, 7:00pm-4:00am
7Th Circuit Productions
228 NE 59 St
Miami, FL 33137

“Return To The Dreamtime”
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The 2013 Moksha Art Fair coincides with Art Basel Miami Beach, a city-wide, world-class art expo. This premier showcase features an eclectic array of visual art, live music and distinctive presentations.

The 5th Annual Moksha Art Fair “Return to the Dreamtime” refers to Aboriginal mythology that aligns consciousness and communal connections through plants, animals, locations and certain tribal rituals. This year we are honored to welcome back Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Mark Henson and other national and international artists for exclusive exhibits, panel discussions and live painting. In addition, we will feature a tribute to Terrence McKenna and the 20th Anniversary of his ground-breaking presentation of Alien Dreamtime.

The Moksha Art Fair is a nexus for local and international visionary artists, collectors and admirers to explore the inner dimensions of creativity through art and music. The term “Moksha” translates to “liberation” and “enlightenment”. The Moksha Family Arts Collective is comprised of established and emerging artists, musicians, performers and technicians. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to share in the experience and be part of the magic!

We invite you to attend the entire event: artist lectures, panel discussions, gallery exhibitions and multi-media performances throughout the week.