Compete to Win $200 at The Mandarine Napoléon Emperor’s Ping Pong Challenge 2/24/12

Compete to Win $200 at The Mandarine Napoléon Emperor’s Ping Pong Challenge
February 24, 2012 / Midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning)
1234 Washington Street
Miami, FL 33139

RSVP is mandatory
Tournament participation is limited!
(If you get there too late to sign up to get a spot, you still get the free drinks from 12am to 1am!)

Friday, February 24th, the legendary liqueur Mandarine Napoléon along with Chalk, Florida’s first ultra chic playground for adults, invites table tennis enthusiasts and novices alike for the first ever “Mandarine Napoléon Emperor’s Ping Pong Challenge”. The fun begins at midnight with an hour of complimentary Mandarine Napoléon cocktails and the chance to compete for $200 and a bottle of Mandarine Napoléon. All skill levels are welcome.

Specifics outlined below along with the official evite. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hailed as “one of the great classic liqueurs” by Simon Difford, Mandarine Napoléon is an exquisite, well-balanced blend of mandarins and refined 10-year-old aged cognac. Dating back to the early 1800s and its roots stemming from the hands of Napoléon Bonaparte, the liqueur’s history is as rich as its distinctive flavor. The drink was custom made for Napoléon Bonaparte after the emperor came across the chemist Antoine-François de Fourcroy, known for his extraordinary skill of distilling. It was not until 1892, after the two had died, that the liqueur was introduced to the public.

Relaunched in the U.S. last year, Mandarine Napoléon is the first liqueur composed of mandarins and cognac, permitting a smooth taste, as opposed to the sour flavor encountered in other citrus-based liqueurs. This month’s Wine Enthusiast rated Mandarine Napoléon (SRP $37.50) 94 points, higher than the brand’s well established competitors, and equal to Grand Marnier 100YR edition (SRP $145).

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