Women And Identity 2/26/11 and 3/26/11

Women And Identity
Saturday February 26th and March 26th, 7-10:30
World and Eye Arts Center
109 NW 5th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL.33433

Women And Identity

The lives of women are vast and varied, as is their position in the world, which ranges from powerful to oppressed. Women are linked biologically and experientially and yet are unique. World and Eye Arts Center exhibits WOMEN AND IDENTITY through the works of six artists who look at women’s work, roles, position and sexuality. Argentinean born Natasha Duwin, explores the construction of strong female identity without falling into the traps of tradition and expectations. She uses non-traditional materials like metals and organic matter, in the traditionally “feminine” techniques of weaving and embroidery. Storyteller and mid-wife Adele Alexandre explores the history of birthing through objects and narrative.

Ivette Ortiz explores photographic history through collage portraiture and mixed media assemblage. She expresses the personal histories of her subjects creating a visual legacy of family, culture and historical events. Fatos Unsal, born and trained in Istanbul Turkey use s dynamic movement and unusual forced perspective to express the lives and strength of women’s lives. World and Eye’s artists/director Jean Minuchin exhibits sculpture and Performance Artist Randy Hendler displays a choral poem on the theme.

Come to the next Art Walks in FAT Village Arts District in Fort Lauderdale from 7-10 p.m. on February 26th and the exhibit closing on March 26th to see these remarkable works.