Coconut Grove Gallery Walk 10/2/10

Best Grove Gallery Walk Ever!

Treat yourself and your friends to a great night on the town at the Grove Gallery Walk on Saturday, October 2, 2010. Take a look at the remarkable smorgasbord of artistic offerings that will be served up Saturday evening. And what could be better than a delightful dinner out with friends at one of our gracious sidewalk cafes along the way?

Come Join Us. Devour the Art!

GroveHouse Artists Gallery
“Only Reds and Greens” (Wine and Cheese will be served)
Invite you to their latest grid exhibit & our member Featured Artist for
October Debra Cortes Plus the New Exhibition of GHA Artists’ Work.

Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery
“Car Culture – October 2010 Exhibition” (Wine will be served)
Windisch Hunt Fine art will be presenting Car Culture Exhibition from
October 1 – 31, 2010.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery
(Champagne will be served)
This is Colombia/Asi es Colombia Presents: Jacanamijoy
By Colombian Artists: Alejandro Obregon, Carlos Jacanamijoy, David Manzur,
Armando Villegas, Edgar Negret, Heriberto Cogollo, Alfredo Araujo Santoyo, Rafael Espitia, German Tessarolo, Fernando Tovar, Mario Ayerbe, Juan Cabas, Helbert Ortiz
& Walbert Perez. Auction Proceeds go to The Cirec Foundation.

Arts Festival Gallery
(Wine will be served)
A group exhibition of 10 BFA graduates from FIU who have worked together
and now have joined together to “excavate” the meaning and application of
their art. This exhibition serves as a platform for new talent to unearth and
excavate innovative ideas and investigate their artistic perceptions.

Nomade Art Gallery
Presents “The Culture of Nature” through end of October
Nomade Gallery is putting modern-day tree-huggers center stage. One of
the most distinct recent social changes in the United States has been the
incredible refocus of popular culture on environment conservation and outcry. Gallery
(Wine and cheese will be served)
Presents “Raíces: THE ROOT OF ALL THINGS”
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Gallery
proudly invites you to the collective exhibition that pays tribute to
Contemporary Hispanic Visual Artists of South Florida.

Blu Moon Studio of Art
“Ancestor Night” (Wine and cheese will be served)
“Ancestor Night “, Carolina Nelida Gauna’s works depict how cultures
celebrate the 3 days of All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Dharma Studio
Presents “Cucuteni Culture” (Wine will be served)
Cucuteni is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe from 3600 to 2500 BC.
Cucuteni features painted ceramics of the spiral, the circle, the line, the snake.

Max in the Grove
*Wine and cheese will be served
Featuring world-renowned artist Steve Kaufman who has just
passedaway at age 49 of a heart attack. Steve was the assistant to Andy Warhol.

ArtWay 66
Presenting “Diversities”
Artway66 Gallery brings to you “Diversities” a one of a kind Art exhibit, presenting artists: Proman Garcia, Johnny Valdes, Marlenes Gasiba, Kurt Merkel,
Arien Lopez, Haydee Pichardo, Rolando Serra, Nelba Gonzales and Luis Breso.
Nine Artists, nine different styles.

(Wine will be served)
Featuring the remarkable photography of Michael Stern,
a specialist in wildlife and everglades photography