Irreversible Art Space Opening Reception 9/18/10

Irreversible Art Space
Opening Reception
6900 Biscayne Blvd. (by Uva Restaurant) Miami, FL 33138
Sept 18- from 7pm

“I am constantly on the outlook for what is meaningful of my era. Art is a language possibly more important than words as it directly assails the emotions and feelings. Irreversible Art Space is a collective adventure, we want to reach everyone, adults and children and we want to make sure we all remember that most adults have difficulty dreaming…and I have this childish desire to bring many dreams back”
Noor Blazekovic /Project Director


Small format
Large scale installations,
Theatrical events,
Mixed Media & Video projections,
Massive sculptures
Music & Live performances
and Unlimited Kid’s program
Alejandro Mendoza – Tomas Esson – Lucinda Linderman – Sinue Vega – Frank Hyder – Maki Hashizume – Joe Parker – Armando Marino – Anja Marais

Irreversible’s art Space will be pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art show, including all mediums: small format, large scale installations, theatrical events, mixed media, video projections, massive sculptures, music, live performances & unlimited kids programs.

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