ThE FunnY GUY That Sticks His HAND IN the PAiNt BuckeT Carlos Rigau at Dimensions Variable 5/8/10

Dimensions Variable Presents
ThE FunnY GUY That Sticks His HAND IN the PAiNt BuckeT- Carlos Rigau
MAY 8TH – JUNE 19TH, 2010
Dimensions Variable is pleased to present ThE FunnY GUY That Sticks His HAND IN the PAiNt BuckeT, a solo project by Miami based artist Carlos Rigau. The exhibition will run from May 8th through June 19th, 2010. Dimensions Variable is located at 171 NE 38th Street in the Miami Design District.
Schools, gyms, hospitals, penitentiaries. Organized institutional behavior. Violence restrained for the sake of any institution. Its bathrooms, the break rooms, the classroom… the furniture. Holding areas for personal belongings. Places for excretion …and masturbation. Places where instincts are displaced and replaced.
Upon entering the exhibition the visitor will be encountering sound sculptures that propel them toward violence, frustration, and the general impotence that take place in these communal/corporate spaces. Objects like air conditioning shafts, lockers and urinal dividers to name a few, serve as compact models of the disciplinary mechanism.
“Discipline brings onto play its power which is analysis.” —Foucault.
Carlos Rigau was born in 1978 and was raised in Little Havana in Miami Florida. Carlos graduated in 2002 from F.I.U. with a double major in Fine Art and Television Communications. In 2009 Rigau completed Hunters MFA program in NYC. Carlos has exhibited his work in Berlin, New York, Chicago and Miami. His work is in the collections of Joseph S. Berg and Jefferson Godard.
Dimensions Variable is an exhibition space in the Miami Design District interested in innovative new projects in contemporary art.
The intention behind Dimensions Variable is to feature projects by individual artists and collaboratives. Rather than showcasing group or solo exhibitions in the usual format, we are interested in challenging individuals or collaboratives to address our space spicifically and produce one cohesive project. Dimensions Variable aspires to provide a forum for the introduction of unfamiliar, complex, collaborative and multidisciplinary practices to a Miami audience.

Dimensions Variable
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