Photographs of Temptation Cabaret at Passion Nightclub at Hard Rock on 4/24/10

Temptation Cabaret at Passion Nightclub at Seminole Hard Rock on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  Temptation brings modern french-style cabaret to the South Florida stage, renowned choreographer Kalyn James, producer Rico James, executive producer Dean Kronacher and professional trained dancers from around the world.

The show awesome, when it was over, I still wanted to see more.  The choreography was great and the dancers where fantastic  and the staff was awesome.  They used  several different style of music from the classic cabaret to modern music.  It was so worth the trip up to the Seminole Hard Rock and I would go see it again.

{Additional comments from James: I have to say, this program was surprisingly good. Being at a casino in Hollywood, we did not really know what to expect. However, the show is excellent.The choreography is interesting and creative, as well as being much broader than one might anticipate. Many current cabaret shows are either just kind of classic in format or completely cheesy and over the top. The choreography here combined classic elements with modern styles. It is extremely sexy without being overtly tawdry.The dancers are stunning. Real beautiful girls, not the kind of plastic, ghetto-style that you see in some of these shows. Their skill and panache in the numbers shows a real dedication to the show. Combining the dance numbers with narration and tying it together with a loose storyline really takes it to the next level.This is not the kind of show you see in one of the over-the-top clubs, nor is it the kind of semi-amateur show you see at various events around town. Though they do not have the massive budget of the Vegas shows, the creativity and skill in this show could stand beside those. This is definitely the kind of show we need more of in south Florida.It may sound like I am overplaying this description, but honestly, we were very, very surprised by the quality of the show. The photos here do not begin to properly represent what you get. Highly recommended. Go see for yourself!}