It’s Happening at CANDO Arts Co-op 4/11/10

April 11th from 4:30 – 6:30 pm
A FREE dance presentation inspired by the space and work of the
CANDO Arts Co-op
309 23rd Street
Miami Beach, FL
One block west of Collins Ave.
It’s Happening… is a collage of experiences and interpretations, reflecting on the work of Miami artists: Deborah Weed, Dena & Stewart Stewart, Lucinda Linderman, Paula Turk, AnneFaye Poole, and James Broderick. 7 young international and local choreographers, all students and alumni of the New World School of the Arts dance program, come together to create a physical second look at art. They explore the textures, perceptions of, and reactions to the ideas and images presented at the CANDO Arts Co-op. It is never enough to look at a picture or space without putting some thought into how it makes you react. Within each illustration or sculpture there is an energy, a history, and a reason. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, there is a lot more happening right before our eyes than we realize. And this is what we search for and try to translate for ourselves, that which is happening when we look at the world through the eyes and hands of another human being. In this intimate setting, the audience will experience the world created by the gallery’s work alongside the performers themselves. Both performer and patron will be challenged to react and adapt to what has been and is being created. Visual art, dance, literature, and music will all lend a hand in creating this experience, stimulating questions and conversations that will hopefully prompt new perspectives on how art can affect the response of individuals and communities.

Andrea Ollarvide, Kristen Carcone, Liony Garcia, Sarah Matry-Guerre, Kristin Whiting, Kaitlyn Bishop, and Matthew Bailey

Special thanks to The Dade Community Foundation, Collins Park Neighborhood Association, MiamiArtZine .com, as well as Miami Dance Futures without whom this performance would not be possible. For more information call 786-366-9826.