Life Is Art is excited to invite you to Earth Is Art, an environmentally artistic showcase 8/22/09

Greetings Life Is Art Fans!

We at Life Is Art are very excited to invite you to our next big show, Earth Is Art. We have over a dozen artists, DJs, live bands, fashion, food, drinks, and performances, all to support the south Florida arts community, as well as the environment!

Earth Is Art is being produced in conjunction with the Metro 1 Green Building Resource Center, an organization dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible building practices. So, in addition to enjoying a wonderful party and experiencing some excellent art, you will be supporting a great cause.

Below is a short summary, but you can see all the details, art samples, and more at Please share the Facebook event:

August 22, 2pm~10pm
120 NE 27th Street, #200, Miami, FL 33137
$10 suggested donation
Presented by Life Is Art and Metro 1
Hosted by the Green Building Resource Center
Featured Artists: Antonia Wright ~ Brett Sauce ~ Carla Fache ~ Carol Kingsley ~ Daniel Marosi ~ Deborah Weed ~ Eileen M. Baldwin ~ Flex Maslan ~ GusColors ~ Jennifer Rivas ~ Jovan Karlo Villalba ~ Rainer Lagemann ~ Rosa Naday Garmendia ~ Tashmeha Ignacio ~ R.E. SANCHEZ
Music by DJs Soozin ~ Alan Stenback ~ Matt Way ~ Sebastian C
Live music by Almost Blue ~ Pocket of Lollipops with visuals by TM Sisters
and Dylan Romer ~ UOM
Fashion by Noble Truth ~ Deborah Desilets
Live Auction by Skyler Goldenberg
Gastronomic arts by Ñaki Culinary Delights ~ Om Garden
Drum circle ~ Live performances ~ Fundraising auction & sale
Fire dancing by Jillian with Nestor on Drums
Complimentary drinks by Schnebly Winery ~ Grolsch Beer
Additional Support by ~ ~
~ Mark W. Forman, Gallery Marco, Painting – Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x 24″, Value $2000
~ Kayak Jeff Inc, Paddling Basics 101 Class 4 hours of training, Value $55, 4 available.
~ Lavazonn Gallery, blue agate wraparound recycle leather cuff/ bracelet, Value: $65.00
~ Deborah Desilets, one of a kind art gloves on lincoln, Value: $1500.00, a portion of this donation goes towards the Lincoln Rd 50th Anniversary fund.
~ Debra Cortese, Laptop/Business microfiber Bag is perfect for back to school or work, 14.5?W x 11?H x 4.5?D, $129.95 value
~ Tonya Scholz, kNOw-AGING, Inc, Life Extension wellness basket, $200 value
~ and much more to come!

Also, if you are interested in volunteering, we can use a little help. We will be setting up Friday night and Saturday morning, and definitely could use a few hands. We could also use a few people during the event to help monitor the door and watch the art. Please contact us for more intormation at Thanks!

I look forward to seeing you there.

James Echols
Life Is Art, Inc.