American Catastrophic Illness Organization Inc. Benefit Concert with the South Florida Philharmonic Orchestra Featuring art by GAPAL 5/17/09

American Catastrophic Illness Organization Inc. (ACIOI) a 501c3 Registered Charity that helps people that are unable to help themselves is having a Benefit Concert with the South Florida Philharmonic Orchestra Inc., (SFLPHL) a nonprofit Organization, and The Organ Donor Awareness Foundation


The Event will take place at the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center
1770 Monroe Street at US1
6-10 PM on May 17, 2009.
The doors open to the Public at 6:30 PM and is limited to 600 people.

The Free Concert will be the Premier of the World Class Orchestra under World Renowned National Conductor Donald Covert. Impact Artists that will be creating Art Masterpieces during the performance will thrill the audience in this rare form of combining two different Art forms.

The Concert and evening activities will help raise funds for ACIOI, SFLPHL and The Organ Donor Awareness Foundation and bring awareness to other Organizations and the many Musicians, Artists and Sponsors that are involved in this worthy project.

There are two Rehearsals at Artserve (Home Base for the Orchestra and ACIOI)
1350 East Sunrise Blvd.
Rehearsals at 6-8 PM
May 12 and May 14
In the Auditorium.

The Press and Public are invited and the purpose of this event is to premier the South Florida Philharmonic Orchestra under the leadership of National Conductor and International Conductor Donald Covert. The Event will be videotaped for distribution to potential Sponsors, Agents, Venue’s and Investors. Contents of this event will be telecast.

GAPAL will be performing his unique Method Chromosymphony and painting 2 pieces each for the 3 concerts.

The Ensemble will be performing to a huge crowd, expected to be at the door and down US1 from the Performing Arts Center in Hollywood. All three Organizations have done a massive ad campaign since early February and we have scheduled several radio interviews and have the news media supporting these causes.

On April 12, ACIOI represented itself and the Orchestra during the Marlins Game at Dolphin Stadium to a large crowd, ACIOI displayed the rare tiger maple Violin donated to the Orchestra at the Community Clubhouse Booth, we are privileged to have the honor of being recognized by the Marlins for our community leadership.

The Art Division of ACIOI has a campaign for utilizing broken and severely damaged musical equipment and instruments and turning them into art. Sales from these treasures from trash will enable the Orchestra to continue in its development.

The funding for major scheduled productions needs Underwriters, Investors and Sponsors on every level. Sponsors that ACIOI does have are; Toshiba, Marlins, Panthers, Heat, Dolphins, Bills, Steelers,, The Florida Aquarium, Horse Power Sales of Boynton Beach, New Times, ARTSERVE, Hollywood Performing Arts Center, Association of Fundraising Professionals, S.C.O.R.E., Hard Rock, Chicago Bulls, Cuillo Center for Arts and WLRN.

The South Florida Philharmonic Orchestra is comprised of 40 of the World’s Best Musicians under the Leadership of International and US National Conductor Donald Covert. All of these Musician’s have an active background in touring, are competition winner’s and many of them are teachers. They have sacrificed long and hard to be at the pinnacle of their chosen Instrument and many have the training in several to many Instruments.

This is a team effort made up of outstanding soloists and throughout this endeavor, the Staff of SFLPHL will bring the individual to the forefront to allow that talent to be shared by all of us. The goal of US National Conductor Donald Covert is to bring a full Orchestra of which he is known for in Europe back to Europe with the World Class Musicians that he is presently training with.

Maestro Donald Covert is one of the very few Conductors worldwide that memorize the work and will lead the Orchestra without sheet music. His scholastic Degrees, Worldwide tours and training under Leonard Bernstein, give him the right to proclaim himself as US National Conductor and we agree with the Maestro.