SMDCAC Presents Virtual Indie Flicks: Coded Bias  9/15/20

SMDCAC Presents Virtual Indie Flicks: Coded Bias 
Tuesday, 09/15/2020-, 07:30 pm-
Cost: Free

When a MIT Media Lab researcher discovers that facial recognition software does not accurately identify darker-skinned or women’s faces, she launches a female-led movement to fight bias in the algorithms and Artificial Intelligence that increasingly shape our lives.

Artfully crafting vérité, lyrical visuals, and imaginative graphic novel elements, Coded Bias captures the personals stories of people whose lives have been directly impacted by algorithmic bias. Powerfully conveying the importance of Joy’s work, Coded Bias features personal stories of people directly impacted by unjust algorithms. As humans increasingly outsource autonomy to machines, Coded Bias explores the setbacks in hiring, health care, and criminal justice. Through intimate portraits and groundbreaking thought leaders, the film aims to show the human impacts that are happening under the guise of machine neutrality and optimizing efficiency.

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