Awakening Fully to Your Magic: 3 Day Retreat 10/21/16, 10/22/16, 10/23/16

Awakening Fully to Your Magic: 3 Day Retreat
Friday, 10/21/2016 – 10/23/2016 10:00 am – 06:30 pm
001_0140 - Version 2The Sacred Space Miami
MIAMI, Florida 33137
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Cost: $450

This enrollment runs from Fri. Oct. 21, 2016 – Sun. Oct. 23, 2016
The intelligence of the heart is the source of all real abundance, joy, purpose and love. It is the source of all great art, literature and music, the fountainhead of all genius and all true inspiration. It is the source of the magic.

How rarely it flowers in a human life! Why? We have not been taught how to awaken this power, or why it matters. How come? The consensus consciousness aggressively discourages the awakening of this Intelligence. Why? Because those in whom this power is awakened, can no longer be controlled.

No organization can own it, patent it or monopolize it (though many have tried). No school or college teaches it. No categories define it, and no words describe it. It is not secular. It is not religious. It is not normal. It is not spiritual. It is the most mystical, and the most practical, the most sublime, and the most grounded.

The heroes of all time are the ones who have awakened to it. All great lives have been built upon it. All progress, all contribution to humanity has been shaped by it. Enduring love is impossible without it. All innovation derives from it.

All questions are answered by it. All problems are solved by it. All healing is accomplished by it.

All lasting beauty bears its imprint. It is unchanging, deathless, and full of Fire. When you live from it, it is irresistible, unstoppable. To this Intelligence, there are no impossible.

It is your North Star, quiet, luminous and clear, standing across time, shining in the bright blue night of your destiny. She is crying out to you, calling you Home, and waiting for you to answer…

In these 3 days, we will lay the foundation for fully awakening this luminous Intelligence, which is your Eternal Being, and for refining your ability to handle this Power that lives in you.

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