Bhakti Yoga with Sripad BV Damodara Maharaja 5/28/16, 5/29/16, 5/30/16

Bhakti Yoga with Sripad BV Damodara Maharaja
Saturday, 05/30/2016 – 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm
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9851 SW 168 Str,
Maimi, Florida 33176
Cost: Free

Bhakti Yoga comes to Miami!

BV Damodara Maharaja will be giving 3-day course on yoga of Love and Devotion in Miami and Delray Beach on May 28th-30th.
Don’t miss the opportunity to start your journey on the spiritual path.
Learn about ancient vedic scriptures, experience live kirtan, mantra meditation, learn about karma-free vegetarian diet and much more…
“I like to give everyone I meet an interest in real spiritual life. I like people, and try to help them by giving them the same chance I had to hear the instructions of the Vedic scriptures. I feel this is an all encompassing and non-sectarian philosophy that can be practiced by anyone of any culture, as it is based on purely chanting the names of God. I try to make my lectures humorous and applicable. I travel mainly to China, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Guyana, Venezuela, Europe and USA, which sounds a lot, but it really is just a drop in the ocean. All is the grace of my spiritual masters, and I hope to always represent them as best as I am able.”
Sripad BV Damodara Maharaja

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