#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – Stealing Stares with Sequins in Vail


It’s no surprise we love to travel but, during our most recent trip to Colorado, we realized one new reason why: traveling reminds us that Miami life is not normal. In Miami, no one bats an eye if you walk to the pharmacy with your booty hanging out. At the same time, no one questions if you walk out in a ball gown with full hair and make up to do the same. Miami lets you do you, boo boo. Few other places on this planet are magical like that—and, as we learned last week, Vail most certainly is not one of those places.

Around 2 weeks ago we were doing the zombie-like Instagram scroll when we came across a post by Chaser Brand featuring a David Bowie muscle tank from their collection and a sequin slit skirt from Planet Blue. It was one of those major outfits that once you see it you can’t not own so for the sake of our sanity and well-being we immediately bought both pieces. The David Bowie tank lasted a total of 3 hours following its arrival before we wore out for a run along the Miami Beach boardwalk, but we were saving the sequin skirt for a special occasion.

On our last night in Vail we had reservations to one of the top restaurants in Vail Village called La Tour. (If you’re ever in the area, make a reservation and order the lamb. You won’t regret it.) The whole affair screams special occasion, no? Well, we thought so. Alas, the skirt came out of its neat plastic bag and became the foundation to one of our more eclectic outfits, paired with the omnipresent David Bowie tank, our Forever 21 faux fur and our Aska Collection Trooper booties.

In wacky Miami, no one would have given us a second look but in conservative, Norwegian sweater-jeans-and-boots-wearing Vail we stood out like Björk at a priest convention. Regardless of whether the people we passed were throwing shade at the shiny sequins, its weather inappropriate thigh-high slit, or the entire look in all its non-conformist glory, the experience made us realize that the Miami aesthetic is not acceptable most places and appreciate that Miami is so open-minded. #ThankYouMiami for letting our freak flags fly or not…as long as we’re happy.

What do you think of this look? Would you have put it together? Where would you wear this outfit? What pieces would you substitute or add? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!






Top – Chaser Brand “I Love Bowie” Tank
Planet Blue Sequin Slit Skirt (on MAJOR sale!)
Coat - Forever21 Faux Fur Jacket (similar here and here)
Shoes - ASKA Collection Trooper Booties in B&W Snake

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