#ThankYouMiami for Fashion – A Jetsetter’s Guide to Chic Travel


Miami is the gateway to the world, which is why the Miami lifestyle incorporates travel seamlessly. But, with great power comes great responsibility – in our case, to represent Miami worldwide by looking nothing short of chic. Lucky for you, we love to travel and, through trial and error, we have perfected an outfit that works for planes, trains, and automobiles. The key to dressing for travel is to think comfortable and versatile. As a final touch, we like to incorporate a token that reminds us of home.

We’ve put together a travel look that exemplifies all of these essentials. The jeans and sneakers scream comfort, while the leather jacket and aviators keep you flawless from Miami’s sunny shores to cooler climates. The large structured purse adds a pop of color and is ideal for carrying travel necessities like headphones, snacks, and your passport. Finally, a sleek baseball cap helps to disguise the signs of travel. As an added bonus, this Miami Marlins cap from Fanatics acts as a subtle reminder of our beautiful city no matter where you find yourself.

The #ThankYouMiami team is gearing up for four months of travel around the U.S. and you bet we’re going to look chic. Now you’re ready to do the same! You’re welcome, Miami.

A Miami Jetsetter's Travel Essentials
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