webcitygirls// Contest for a New #MiamiPinkGirl

webcitygirls// looking for #MiamiPinkGirl, are you her?

Contest Evite English-07Are you an enthusiastic young lady? Do you dream of interviewing stars on the red carpet? Do you have what it takes to entertain a social media community with a positive point of view? webcitygirls// is seeking a friendly high-spirited team player who can engage the audience with a spunky attitude that stands out. The Miami Pink Girl has to be a social butterfly with an energetic spirit and a lot to say! The winner will become part of webcitygirls// social media innovative team and will be trained as a social media reporter, will live fun experience of getting dressed by a super star fashion designer, make-up by celebrity stylist and dreams will come true for her as she embarks on her first time red carpet coverage at a major 2014 award show with Lynn Ponder, founder of webcitygirls//.

To find the perfect pink girl, webcitygirls// has launched a competition via Instagram to see who conveys the personality and philosophy of the webcitygirls//. Miami Contest will be open on April 7 – May 7, 2014.
1- Participants must create a 15 second Instagram video dressed in the webcitygirls// signature style: pink wig and chic black outfit. They must act as if interviewing a famous celebrity on the red carpet and have the confidence of a most influential social media reporter. The video post must be made using the participant’s own Instagram account using hashtag #MiamiPinkGirl and tag @webcitygirls.

2- Participants must email social@webcitygirls.com with the following: Instagram link to the video entry, a profile picture, a biography including education, experience, groups, community work, accolades/achievements, hobbies and social media preferences. We want to get to know the pink girl, her colorful personality, her style, and who she is! Participants must also follow @webcitygirls on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

3- On May 14, 2014, (3) finalists will be announced on webcitygirls.com. The finalists will be a part of a special edition #SocialSalon live stream on May 21, 2014 where webcitygirls// and (3) judges (a renowned fashion designer, a celebrity hairstylist, and an award winning entertainment journalist) will pronounce one grand prize winner! Click here for Rules.

4- The winner will get a surprise smart gadget to use on her new journey as a webcitygirls// #MiamiPinkGirl.

Be a part of this exciting opportunity and learn what it’s like to be in the media industry. Put on a pink wig, an attitude that sparkles, and if you have to, use a hairbrush for a mic! GO get CREATIVE wepa!
Webcitygirls// is looking for the ultimate pink girl, are you her?

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