Cañones Sueltos Basel Edition 12/5/13

Cañones Sueltos Basel Edition
canonesThursday, December 5, 2013, 9:00pm
South Pointe Park
1 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

One of South Florida’s Gnarliest, heart wrenching, ball busting bike race/ride through the unforgiving brutal streets of MIAMI. So you just might want to bring an extra pair of legs because your going to be needing them!

This is an “ANYTHING” goes race, you just have to finish on your own two wheels.
Helmets and Lights Required
10 Miles of pain
1$ Beer for all Racers

Start Point: South Pointe Park (S.Pointe Dr& Washington Ave)
4 Checkpoints: Each Check point you will need to complete a drinking game such as Flip cup, Quarters, Beer Pong, or Rhyme.
– Kill Your Idol
– The Corner
-Wood Tavern
Ends – Electric Pickle
(N.Miami ave & NW 29th st)

• 1st Track bike – 35 Bar tab
• 1st Road bike -25 Bar tab
• 2nd place – 25 Bar tab
• 3rd place – $25 Gift Card to Miami bike shop
• 4th place – 1 month membership to Magic City bike collective
• Dead Fucking Last – Free full tune up from Magic City Bicycle Collective

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