The Dark Dining Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball Dazzles Miami

Sexy & Scrumptious Dining in the Dark

The talented Chef Adrianne Calvo compiled quite a delectable feast for all the senses with her legendary Dining in the Dark at the Coral Gables Country Club this past September 20th 2013. She threw an Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball  to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The event was adorned and saturated with magnificent ostentatiousness  and scrumptiousness.

Dining in the Dark consisted of a seven course meal where patrons consumed their meal blindfolded. Eating blind amplifies the experience because shutting off one sense accentuates the others and our brain does not prejudge the food based on what we see. Once the food is served, the first step is to touch the food. All dishes had very enticing and interesting textures. We were then instructed to smell the food, which at times was intoxicating in the best way. The mere whiff of the exquisite truffle oil induced a Niagara fall of saliva in our mouths. We have become quite addicted to truffles since this event. Finally, you may taste the food and be marveled by the complex flavors in your mouth. In between the courses, you delighted in sexy sounds like Enigma while enjoying the touch of your dining partner, and fully embarking on and appreciating the entire blind experience.

The event was unique, delightful and delectable. Her fried goat cheese and truffle oil ball were our amaurotic favorite. In addition, to the decadent dinner there was a whole slew of entertainment which included: contortionists, fire dancers, burlesque show (videos below),  live band, body painting, chandelier models, as well as sexy mermaids performing in the pool.






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