For artists…BY ARTISTS presents a Digital Mixed Media Exhibition David Rohn | Danilo De La Torre | Alexis Trigoura 4/28/13

For artists…BY ARTISTS presents a Digital Mixed Media Exhibition David Rohn | Danilo De La Torre | Alexis Trigoura
Sunday, 04/28/2013, 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
faba428HaVen Lounge
1237 Lincoln Road,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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The objective of ‘for artists..BY ARTISTS’ ( is to create a social colony for artists from all disciplines of the arts. We present a unique opportunity for painters, photographers, designers, sculptors and videographers to exhibit their works in a Large Digital Format environment. Selected artists gain access to utilize the technology of Haven and present their art in a dynamic presentation.

Installation #68 will feature David Rohn | Danilo De La Torre | Alexis Trigoura


David Rohn grew up in the suburbs of New York, the city in which he lived during most of the ’70’s and ’80’s. He studied Architecture, Art and Urbanism at NYU, the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and Pratt Institute, he moved to Paris again in 1989 , and later settled in Miami in 1992 where he began to exhibit paintings, videos, installations, and performances. Currently associated with Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, Miami, his work has reached museums and collections both public and private.
In 2008, he formed:”Homo-Sapiens (Art for Evolution) with collaborator Danilo de la Torre for the creation and production of a variety of performance, Video, and Photographic projects, typically with themes related to social issues.
David Rohn also contributes writing on art for Artlurker and Whitehot Miami.


Born in Havana Cuba .
Trained in classical ballet . Worked in musical theater and cabaret from age of seventeen.
Went to Paris France in 1985 to join Le Ballet Theatre de la Seine, where he continued to work in contemporary and modern dance.
Visit Miami Beach in 1986 (later to be know as South Beach) Relocated there, soon to become Adora, an icon whose outrageous bouffant wigs, extraordinary make up and captivating stage presence made him/her the undisputed “Queen of South Beach”, a title that survives even in that somewhat changed Scene.
Adora’s repertoire of lip-sycned interpretations include a variety of music from Yma Sumac to Opera, Edith Piaf to La Lupe.
In 2008, de la Torre formed ‘Homo-Sapiens (Art for evolution) with long-time collaborator David Rohn; their first project Silencio, involved an unspoken performance Piece about a Guard and Muslim inmate of a Gitmo style Detention Camp who fall in love. They have since produced a number of performance and video and photographic works that have been produced and exhibited in Germany, Israel and the USA.


Born in 1971 and raised in Regla, Cuba, Alexis Trigoura experienced the quintessential Cuban childhood. His family’s name was well-known throughout Cuba due to their popular and successful butcher shop. In 1980, however, due to the progressively intense demands of Castro’s regime, Alexis and his family were compelled to leave their beautiful homeland. Alexis, just ten at the time, joined his father, mother and two brothers on the 90-mile pilgrimage to U.S. shores via the Mariel Boat Lift.
Alexis learned of his love of painting early in life, at the age of three. The media he enjoyed most was watercolor but he later discovered charcoal, oil, acrylic and pastels. He didn’t stop there. Sculpture inspired him as well and, with his resourceful imagination, Alexis created sculptures with whatever materials he could find.
It wasn’t until his adult years – after being a flight attendant and traveling around the world – that Alexis realized no other place captured the beauty and sincerity of Cuba. An intense desire to return home gave him the courage to visit and photograph the island he left behind 24 years earlier. Alexis’ photographs capture memories of his colorful childhood and the love of an island he once called home.

Produced by: Sandra Garcia & Rod Pratt

Curated by: Sandra Garcia

Technical Projection Design by: Ricardo Agudelo Aguillon

Music by: John JC Corradi

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