Conjunto Impacto 3/2/13

Conjunto Impacto
Sunday, 03/02/2013, 10:00 pm – 03:30 am
337 S.W. 8th Street,
Miami, Florida 33130
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After more than two decades of releasing his last recording, Mario Perez, Base Player and
original Director, reunites “Conjunto Impacto” once again to bring you his most recent musical
creation, where he incorporates the talented voices of Juan Carlos Hernandez and Jenny Love.
“Conjunto Impacto” is recognized for its Cuban music, popularly known as “Salsa”. It was one of
the most liked musical groups in Miami during the seventies and eighties. Two of their most
popular hits during those times include, “Los Limones”, commonly known as “Ponmelo Ahi Que lo
Voy a Partir” and “Que Buenos Esta Este Pais”
We invite you to celebrate with us the release of his most recent recording, “El Regreso”, which
includes the singles, “Fuera de Mi Vida” (salsa version) and “Sorpresas de Amor”
“El Regreso” is a unique mix of Cuban rhythms which includes the collaboration of talented
musicians and composers making it a musical treasure. This new production of “Conjunto Impacto”
has all the elements to be a success and we are hopeful it will be well received by all.

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