Free Movies Buck and the Preacher and No Way Out 11/6/12

Free Movies Buck and the Preacher and No Way Out
Tuesday, 11/06/2012, 06:00 am – 10:30 am
buck-and-the-preacherMiami Tower
100 SE 2nd St,
Miami, Florida 33131
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Buck and the Preacher –
A 1972 American Western film starring Sidney Poitier as Buck and Harry Belafonte as the Preacher. Buck is a trail guide leading groups of former slaves trying to homestead in the West, immediately after the American Civil War. The Preacher is a swindling minister of the “High and Low Order of the Holiness Persuasion Church”. Together, they protect a wagon train from bounty hunters. (Adventure/Comedy/Drama/Western)

No Way Out –
The Biddle brothers, shot while robbing a gas station, are taken to the prison ward of the County Hospital; Ray Biddle, a rabid racist, wants no treatment from black resident Dr. Luther Brooks. When brother John dies while Luther tries to save him, Ray is certain it’s murder and becomes obsessed with vengeance. But there are black racists around too, and the situation slides rapidly toward violence. (Drama/Film-Noir)

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