The Vampire Circus Unleashes Reign of Terror Upon Miami 10/18/12-10/31/12

The Vampire Circus
October 18 to October 31, Tuesday through Friday at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 5 p.m.
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Bayfront Park
Downtown Miami, FL
Tickets: $20.00 to $100.00 for children and adults.
VIP Vamp experience is available depending how far spectators want to sit from the vampires or how much blood they want to donate.
Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.
No costumes or masks.
Twitter: vampirecircus_ , #VAMPIRECIRCUS.

Difficult to describe… Difficult to resist…Bites Miami this Halloween

Lock your doors, secure your homes, beginning October 18, The Vampire Circus will release an army of vampires into Miami and transform Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park into a haven for the beautiful and seductive creatures of the night until Halloween, October 31. At The Vampire Circus, spectators will witness a world filled with super natural Circus performers, terror and suspense, enchanted magic and comedy that will leave them dying for more and an exotic ambiance of panic and fear that would make Tim Burton proud.

The Vampire Circus is a phenomenal night of live entertainment, based on the multidisciplinary skills of 30 world-class artists showcasing theater, dance and gymnastics. All of which push the physical boundaries of human performances and leave the audiences amazed and astounded. The cast is an eclectic mix of professional entertainers featuring the cream of the crop that includes the most renowned clown in the world “Slava the Clown,” magicians trained from the original folklore, world champion acrobats and gymnasts recruited from the top acrobatic clubs across the globe who have achieved Guinness Book of Records fame.

“The Vampire Circus will take audiences into a journey of immersive experience, where it plunges guests into a deep hypnosis state while breaking the fourth wall, said Javier Francisco Santos, Artistic Director for The Vampire Circus. With The Vampire Circus, you are fully integrated into something that is happening in front of you, around you and sometimes inside of you. Come meet the Vampires…we ‘ll leave the lights off for you!”

The show is inspired by the magical and captivating allure of legendary traveling carnivals. Set in Bohemia during the 19 century, Count Dracula contemplates a plan for world domination, when he decides to open a traveling circus with his gypsy bodyguards. The Vampire Circus is a perfect cover-up to travel unnoticed and unleash Dracula’s world reign of terror and turn all humans into an army of vampires for global dominance. A good nightmare of this kind comes so rarely…

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