GGG Presents Famed Architect Marc Fornes During Art Basel Miami Beach 12/1-4/11

Graffiti Gone Global Presents ”Labrys Frisae” By Acclaimed Architect Marc Fornes During Art Basel Miami Beach 2011
Thursday, December 1: 6PM – 9PM – VIP Preview
Friday, December 2: 11AM – 8PM
Saturday, December 3: 11AM – 8PM
Sunday, December 4: 11AM- 4PM
The Rotunda
3252 NW 1st Avenue, suite 101
Midtown Miami

Graffiti Gone Global (GGG), powered by Sushisamba, announces its fifth consecutive exhibition of urban contemporary art and design, running parallel to Art Basel Miami Beach. At the center of GGG 2011 is famed French architect, Marc Fornes, who will unveil ‘Labrys Frisae’ – a conceptual, non-linear structure reminiscent of three-dimensional graffiti. ‘Labrys Frisae’ will be the largest installation of Fornes’ oeuvre to date. In the months leading up to show, he will face the intricate task of bringing his work to life, assembling – by hand – more than 80 nodes, 12,000 unique parts and 100,000 connectors. Once completed, ‘Labrys Frisae’ will span 30 feet and rise 16 feet above the floor, utterly transforming Midtown’s glass Rotunda space.

“Fornes’ technique and overall vision for ‘Labrys Frisae’ embody the philosophy of GGG,” said Shimon Bokovza, founder and managing partner of SUSHISAMBA and GGG visionary. “His approach to architecture speaks to the ever-evolving nature of GGG and is reflective of our appreciation for, and cultivation of, progressive forms of art that question conventional standards.”

Fornes will challenge his audience to understand his geometric morphology of surfaces and networks, reminding them that first appearances are not always what they seem. The design of “Labrys Frisae” will allow visitors to obtain a greater understanding of the installation through three entryways leading them ‘inside’ the structure. Moreover, the exhibiton space will permit viewers to experience Fornes’ work from multiple perspectives – from both the ground floor and the mezzanine level – while the visitor’s relationship with Fornes’ 3-D graffiti will shift according to their position in the Rotunda. Beyond the structure itself, Fornes will heighten and seduce the visitor’s visual and auditory senses with lighting and music, leaving them mesmerized by his ability to seamlessly transform mathematical cryptogram into a large-scale, art installation.

Since it’s inception in 2007, GGG has showcased an international ensemble of artists whose work transcends the boundaries of the street and gallery. In accord with the mission of GGG, Fornes has challenged traditional notions of urban contemporary design. From his Brooklyn-based studio, he identifies his work as subversive and embraces the grassroots and hands-on mantra of so many street artists who choose to express art in their immediate environment.

Fornes is inspired by his formal education at the School of Architecture in the United Kingdom and his practical experience as the project architect for Zaha Hadid Architects. In 2005, Fornes started his own label THEVERYMANYTM. Under this guise, he manufactures blueprints for his work with computational protocol – algorithms – which he then uses in the production of his designs. His trademark installations have been recognized internationally, by Museum of Modern Art in New York where he was invited to lecture, the Guggenheim in New York to show, and the Centre Pompidou in Parisand FRAC Centre in Orleans, to be part of France’s permanent collections.

GGG‘s mission is to celebrate and showcase the evolving art and culture of the street. Taking place annually during Art Basel Miami Beach, GGG is the only exhibit of its kind, showcasing the work of today’s most talented international graffiti and street artists. The project strives to break the barriers between the street and the gallery to bring the irrefutable influence of these creative energies on all aspects of design to light.
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