Art Basel Day 3: Masters of Mystery Art Show wows guests by Betty Alvarez

On my third day celebrating Art Basel, I went to Miami Beach. The Ritz Carlton hosted an exhibition called Masters’ Mystery Art Show. Many fashion designers, international art lovers, socialites and celebrities gathered together in a private, glamorous Art Basel opening night soiree.

Cocktails such as Mango and Apple Martinis with scrumptious small bites were passed while previewing more than 1,000 exclusive and original 6X9-inch mini masterpieces and 25 one-of-a-kind celebrity designer tote bags whose name is revealed only after it is sold.
This mystery created an artistic “whodunit” as one perused the works of art. One could add a mini masterpiece for $50 and own a one of a kind designer tote bag for a starting bid of only $100. A bargain for Art Basel!

Photographs by Betty Alvarez

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