Amuka Performs Live at Muscle Beach 11/28/10

Amuka Performs Live at Muscle Beach

See Amuka and Kaci Battaglia perform live this year at Muscle Beach on Sunday November 28th at 12th Street Beach on Miami Beach. For tickets and passes, click here to visit the White Party Ticket Center.

White Party Week is pleased to announce that Amuka will perform live at the famed Muscle Beach Party on Sunday, Nov 28th. Once the sun sets turn towards the ocean as Amuka takes to the stage with her 2003 anthem, “Appreciate Me,” a hit that marked her with the number 1 song for the Top 200 Dance Songs of the year. Amuka’s talent like her stories are authentic proven on the world’s stage as a recording artist whose musical efforts traverse their way up Billboard’s dance, rock, international and pop charts. Her powerful voice has been behind several enduring hits of this era and she has now solidified her place in the Music Industry as a bona fide anthem singing Diva.

When songwriter and vocalist Amuka (Sheila Brody) sings, she transports to another place, as each chord of her voice touches a tender zone in the heart. Her tone is familiar – her words too, as they stir deep down in the soft part of your wounded soul. She makes your heart joyful, makes you shout, as she disperses soothing medicine to make everything all right through lyrics in which she tells the story of a woman whose spirit cannot be broken.

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