Gaming Rig is proud to present Workshop in Miami, FL 7/15/19

Gaming Rig is proud to present Workshop in Miami, FL
Monday, 07/15/2019 – 11:30 am – 05:30 pm
Miami, FL
2121 NW 24th Ave,
Miami, Florida 33142
Cost: Free

Video games are for kids, well not anymore. The video game market is expected to become a $300 billion industry by 2025. It’s one of the leading money making industries and we can say that because gaming is one of the leading categories in the Google Play store.
There are gaming tournaments happen in the world for pro gamers who spent hours and hours of playing. The winning amount is in thousands of dollars. The energy, intensity, and glory in gaming tournaments are as same as in the sports tournaments. Ever since the gaming industry expanded to the competition level, it has seen better days. The gaming community is growing bigger and bigger with each day.
To serve the gaming community, gaming rig brings you reviews about the latest gaming rigs. Gamers who are practicing to participate at home for bigger competitions need the perfect gear to polish their skills.
When it comes to reviewing gaming related products, we don’t limit ourselves with gaming pads. Our product reviews range from chair reviews, laptops, case fans, CPU coolers, tempered glass PC cases, motherboards, gaming keyboards, best triple monitor mounts, dual monitor mounts, graphics cards for gaming and much more. We have categorized the products as Monitors, Hardware, Accessories and more.
We want the gamers to have the best gaming accessories so we offer them genuine unbiased reviews of gaming related products. Gaming products are not that cheap and not everyone can buy super expensive gaming products. So, it is very crucial to find out the product that has a perfect balance of price and quality. Our experts thoroughly review the products considering all the points that a buyer looks.
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