Just The Tip Pre Basel Show Ft. 1000 Fuegos 12/3/17

Just The Tip Pre Basel Show Ft. 1000 Fuegos
Sunday, 12/03/2017 – 07:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Yo Space Art Gallery
294 NE 62nd st,
Miami, Florida 33138
Cost: free

Hey Familia Adolfo Cuellar will be in town so YA TU SABES – PARTY and Booty Shaking TIME

Come out to Yo Space Gallery & Studios as we celebate Local talent at a cool local spot! Let’s share some laughs, good times, and drinks! Possible future Words And Wine Open Mic spot so come out and test drive the venue ;)

Adolfo is waiting for ALL THE HUGS ♥

Come out and join Danny Benavente and other comics as they collect tips throughout the comedy show! Make sure to bring some cash and make it rain on them as they work hard for the money (so hard for the money).

We give all the comics a bit longer set times, giving them a chance to try out their more developed matrial since they rarely get that chance in local rooms (think comedy specials you see on TV).

This month’s lineup includes:
-Addison Rex
-Paul P
-John Gregory

-Comedian Cisco Duran
-Musician 1,000 Fuegos

Stoked to have Pabst Blue Ribbon hooking you up with free beer this month! YES FREE BEER!

Come laugh it up with us and support our local comedians and musicians, before they all vanish into the smokey mist of Colorado, LA and NY.
(Plus N64, ping pong, local craft beer, and good vibez)